Restoring the Broken Places in an Unforgiving World

March 22, 2021|
Restoring the Broken Places in an Unforgiving World by Becky Cortino


The truth is things happen we will never understand. When the unimaginable intrudes into our lives, colliding with our hearts, we are left choosing how to handle it. Forgiveness is not a simple issue. The way to grace is filled with challenges and confusion. Common misconceptions about nurturing healthy relationships and extending forgiveness complicate troubling situations. The world's lies get in the way of forgiving, by promoting popular ineffective strategies like:

- Withholding forgiveness as personal power (chains everyone).

- Just "forgive and forget" (allows a wrong to remain, fester and grow).

- Silence (implies agreement accepting the unacceptable, lack of caring).

The Statistics Show:

A majority of people value relationships as highest priority.

They recognize relational challenges need to be addressed, but their attempts haven't been successful.

They would do anything to "fix" their relational breaks, but are unsure how.

The Facts Are:

We have to do something to repair our fractured relationships.

Restoring relationships takes effort, determination and dedication 24/7.

The things we're doing to "fix" a broken relationship aren't working - and never will.

The Truth Is:

The most effective way to repair relational breaks is by following a tried-and-true model.

The steps are time-tested and proven to be effective.

Inspirational Speaker-Author Becky Cortino has cast the widest tent possible to plead the case for the necessity of forgiveness to repair relationships and live your best life. In her book RESTORING THE BROKEN PLACES, she provides a deep-dive into biblical principles surrounding forgiveness, presents a fresh look at reasons common practices don't work, showing how to move toward restoring broken relationships by:

- Understanding what forgiveness is and what it is not.

- Realizing when extending grace is required and how to forgive.

- Recognizing an Unforgiving Spirit and loving beyond it.

By embracing grace, we release painful bondage and regain peace in our lives. Broken relationships can be mended, transforming all!

Title:Restoring the Broken Places in an Unforgiving World
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:March 22, 2021
Publisher:Becky Cortino
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780979909351

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