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Reversal is the unique tale of an undying love set upon the tapestry of the science of genetic bio-technical advancements. In the world of pharmaceutical cosmetics, every company strives to find the fountain of youth for women. They never dreamt their endeavors would achieve a complete reversal to the womans own youth. In Reversal, Contessa Industries, finds this product and sends the reader on an emotional roller coaster of mystery where he/she will question the value of immortal life against a normal life filled with love and happiness. The companys CEO, Elena Hedwington, working in complete secrecy with her top bio-technician, Dr. Devin ORourke, experiment with a new formula given to her by her father on his deathbed. You will meet Elenas estranged husband, the egotistical Gar, driven by his lustful greed plotting to steal the formula. Gar is an unsavory character who is sought by the police and uses murder to achieve his ends. Devin is against the use of the formula until it is tested fully, but Elena for her own personal reasons wants to use the formula with herself as the guinea pig. He fears that Elena might lose memory, intellect, or even her life. Against Devins pleas, his advice, and her promise not to use the formula, Elena goes ahead. The phenomenal formula causes an amazing transformation. The sixty-four year old woman truly reverses into the beautiful thirty-two year old she once was. Using all her abilities as a cosmetician, Elena disguises her new youth and appears as her older self. Keeping all this from Devin, Elena creates an identity for her younger being; a younger half sister to take over her position in the company and in her life. This half sister, Electra becomes a major character as the suspenseful story builds. But the formula changes more than Elenas age. Elenas personality is also changing creating the Hyde version of the Jekyll she once was. Devin, a character study of loyalty, devotion, and commitment, has loved Elena since they met in college. Upon discovering the truth, in a fit of anger at her deception and betrayal, he leaves her and disappears to an upstate hideaway. Elena takes this opportunity to allow her half sister Electra to take over completely and Elena is seen no more. There is a massive search for Elena, which of course turns up nothing. After well over a month Devin returns to his only love to try to convince her to stop using the formula before it destroys her completely. He returns at the precise moment that Gar attempts to steal the formula. Devin is severely wounded and in an intriguing twist of fate the police arrive to save Devin, but they are really there only to arrest him for the murder of Elena Hedwington. A long suspenseful trial ensues. A dilemma develops for Devin; will he save himself by revealing Elenas hidden secret or will his love for her send him to prison for life? The dramatic suspenseful conclusion will surprise even the most astute reader. Although intrigue, lust, deception, and murder are all evident in this novel, it is basically a love story with several major twists which will keep the reader enthralled and guessing.

Title:ReversalFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:February 3, 2018Publisher:Xlibris USLanguage:English

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