Rich Man, Poor Man by Cristian Butnariu

Rich Man, Poor Man

byCristian Butnariu

Kobo ebook | March 24, 2016

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Seven reasons you're not rich


If you have never become rich is because one or more of the following seven reasons. Can you pass over them and become rich if you really want. And you can start by being brutally honest with yourself when you decide if your reasons below match or not.

I personally promise you that I will be brutally honest with you, throughout this article, and I will not hide anything. I hope you do the same for you and you will say goodbye forever to poverty.


1. Do not know how to become rich

Becoming rich involves special knowledge and skill, but still see people who want to be rich and never spend even one day studying ways to get rich. When I ask about this I say the courses are very expensive.

How do you plan to become rich? If you are not convinced that you will recover money invested for a course or two if your financial ambitions are probably the lowest level.

It is hard to understand how intelligent people can sit without money year after year and not realize that investing a certain amount in accordance with the type of education could make investment in their lives.

No I could not allow me an education of prosperity when we started, but I did everything I could to raise money and get such training.


2. You don’t have the courage to set a goal big enough

Aim for the stars and you will get at least the Moon, but if you aim as high as it is the height of the couch that you sit up you may not even enough to meet that goal.

Becoming rich involves efforts over many years. You need a goal to inspire you to have so much energy to the effort and keep you on track long enough to get to reap the fruits.


3. You don’t share your goal into smaller pieces

A high goal gives you inspiration, but if you do not share in the tasks that you feel able to meet them you will realize that you are overwhelmed. This trick helps on the one hand to have an overview of things, on the other hand to watch the daily activities involving the small tasks that you have completed.

Whenever you meet a goal less alone and encourage you to say you're one step closer to the grand design. You will be surprised how much energy and enthusiasm will give these things to meet the next goal less.


4. You are waiting to solve all problems before starting

This is like a millstone hung around his neck people are attentive to detail. It completely destroys any hope of becoming rich will not find any good time to get to work. People who want to become rich will get to work right now, whether ready or not, and their actions will improve over time.


5. Not true to yourself

This is one of the most common barriers to wealth. Although not do anything significant to help you become rich, yet manage to convince yourself that you are heading towards your goal.

Be honest: what you did yesterday and represented a real step towards your goal of becoming rich?

A simple way to test this: if you are in the same financial situation as it was last year when there is an excellent chance that you have not directed toward the goal of becoming rich.


6. You are a control maniac

How rich do you think would be today if Bill Gates were a control maniac and he ought to do everything yourself? You cannot become rich if you learn to delegate tasks.

I thought I heard some of you saying: "But I cannot find anyone to work as well as me!" Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, so obviously no one in his organization does not know how to earn money as well as he does, but this did not stop him to build a huge organization.

A worry that no one can do things as well as you is the most complicated exercise that the human ego can be submitted. Try to think now that things can be delegated, made by others.


7. You don’t have the courage to do what is necessary

I left the most important thing in the end. This refers to people with all the words, goals and their terror, not daring to do things that talk. Maybe it's fear of failing, fear of being overwhelmed by what they say friends ... or many other things can be the reasons.

A flock out of courage involved. He climbs the ladder of success higher than everyone around you involves courage. To take risks and the risks involved courage fail. Or find the courage or accept that you will not succeed, and then you should look for a way to get resigned to a mediocre life.

This may sound too harsh, but it is truth and not does any good if you pretend that life arising by different rules than you just told them.

To summarize intro positive manner, you can do what you have to do without regard for the things you fear. All who have succeeded have had concerns and doubts. The difference is that they chose to do it anyway, with no fears or worries, and no pretext left any way to stop them.

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