Rune Of The Apprentice by Jamison StoneRune Of The Apprentice by Jamison Stone

Rune Of The Apprentice

byJamison Stone

Hardcover | November 1, 2016

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In a world where magic, technology, and nature have merged, the few who can control Runes hold dominance over all of creation. All believe that Aleksi, a sixteen-year-old orphan, was blessed to be born with a Rune embedded in his palm, but that's only because they don't know the truth-Aleksi's Rune is so powerful it's killing him.

Asura, a brutal emperor who uses Runes to conquer entire continents, will stop at nothing to kill Aleksi and claim the boy's power for his own. With Aleksi's Rune burning its way through his body and assassins hunting his every step, his survival depends on discerning ally from enemy and learning to tame the competing forces of light and dark within.

With the burden of his rune haunting his days and the prophetic whispers of a young captive priestess illuminating his nights, Aleksi will be able to unravel the mysteries of his past, rescue the girl in his dreams, and challenge the most powerful warlord the world has ever known only if the one thing keeping him alive-his Rune-does not kill him first.
Jamison Stone was born in Massachusetts and raised throughout New England on a healthy diet of magic, martial arts, and meditation. He lives with a loving wife and wolf, but expects to have their pack grow soon. When he is not getting distracted by video games, Jamison is the director of Apotheosis Studios.Rune of the Apprenticeis his ...
Title:Rune Of The ApprenticeFormat:HardcoverDimensions:500 pages, 9 × 6 × 0.98 inPublished:November 1, 2016Publisher:InksharesLanguage:English

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ISBN - 13:9781941758915

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Editorial Reviews

"Within just a few moments of beginning to read Rune, I was immediately drawn into the adventurous, magical world that Jamison Stone has created-my heartbeat pulsed, my breath grew shallow, my fingers trembled as I leap from page to page-and this was all in merely the first chapter! Stone has hit it out of the ballpark with this book, and you will not want to put it down. An epic read indeed." -Ben Greenfield, New York Times bestselling author of Beyond Training "Rune is an epic journey about transforming the darkness within so that we can achieve true peace in the world around us." -Chade-Meng TAN, New York Times bestselling author of Joy on Demand and Search Inside Yourself "Jamison Stone presents us with a fresh, superbly crafted fantasy epic that conquers both world and character building. Rune is tantalizing to the imagination, and invigorating for the soul." -Tal M. Klein, author of The Punch Escrow "Stone writes beautifully. The characters of Rune are alive and vibrant; the world in which they dwell is both exciting and rich; and the story which propels it all is not only engaging, but profoundly deep." -Stuart Calvin Lord, author of Common Good Common Ground "Rune of the Apprentice is an epic blend of anticipation, magic, and adrenaline. Lovers of huge worlds and heroic characters will feel right at home. With a solid foundation of deep characters and mythic storytelling, you won't want to miss Jamison Stone's breakout debut novel. Rune of the Apprentice is fantasy at its finest!" -Chris Cole, author of The Body of Chris "Jamison Stone has created a world of fantasy that can be matched by few others. His characters vibrate with life and the tension he creates is palpable. The story weaves its way through land and over sea, focusing on an ultimate adventure that is sure to be cataclysmic. I barnstormed through Rune of the Apprentice in a matter of hours and I'm desperately wanting to read the next in the series. Put this book in your 'must read' box!" -Peter Ryan, author of Sync City "Jamison Stone has created a vivid world filled with rich detail unlike any I've ever seen before. His diverse cast of engaging characters brings his vision to life so brightly that I cannot wait for the next installment. Don't deny yourself this guilty pleasure." -Terry Mixon, author of The Empire of Bones saga and The Humanity Unlimited saga "Through beautiful prose, Stone inspires the minds of our youth to choose a path which restores peace. Rune reminds us that we are not strangers, but instead, friends, peacemakers, and most importantly, need to dedicate our lives to protecting those who have lost so much due to cruelty and injustice." -AHM Mainuddin Ahmed, Founder of Fatema Matin Women's College and Charfassion Orphanage, and Advocate Lawyer at Supreme Court of Bangladesh "Jamison Stone conjures a seafaring pursuit with the fate of nations under the sails of the Illusive Diamond that instantly pulls you in. It's absolutely the perfect universe to geek-out over, built to satiate the desires of any epic fantasy fan. So dive in with Aleksi on a race from corrupt masters, assassins, and deadliest of all-his own magic." -Rick Heinz, author of The Seventh Age: Dawn "Jamison Stone's writing style is clear, engaging, and highly recommended! In just the first chapter alone, Rune of the Apprentice will provide immediate immersion into a mystical and mysterious world which will keep you coming back for more." -Erik A. Lenderman, author of Principles of Practical Psychology: A Brief Review of Philosophy, Psychology, and Neuroscience for Self-Inquiry and Self-Regulation "Stone is a masterful world-builder, and I felt like I was truly stepping onto Terra from the moment I started reading. There is a depth and complexity to the world and characters that breathes life into the narrative itself. Reading Rune of the Apprentice was a fun and magical adventure that left me thinking about the world and its characters long after I put the book down." -D. L. Wainright, author of The Hollow Sun and Fractured Masks "An engaging story filled with magic, swordplay, and even pirates! The world that Stone has imagined is vast, the political webs complex, and the interaction between the gods, magic, and men is well thought out and well described. Easy five stars" -Dave Barrett, author of It's All Fun and Games "Through Stone's eloquent prose, readers can feel Aleksi's heart pulsing race against time as we're drawn into a world of rich history and magic. I was on the edge of my seat, across oceans and over land, until the last page." -Zachary Tyler Linville, author of Welcome to Deadland "Stunning, engaging and epic! This is a one of kind sci-fi journey that you can't miss. Stone has masterfully evolved character development and Rune takes larger-than-life immersive world spaces to the next level. The future of fantasy is already here, Rune is your next read. Enjoy!" -Rob McNamara, author of The Elegant Self "As with all good fantasy, Rune of the Apprentice draws one into a world filled with compelling characters and ever-deepening mystery. While Aleksi searches for answers, we are pulled right alongside him through the inner and outer quests for understanding. Stone's debut leaves the reader eagerly awaiting the next installment." -Nataraja Kallio, author of Hatha Yoga: A Manual For Teachers "I was immediately captivated by the world created by Stone; the world of a teenage boy, Aleski, cast out of innocence into the machinations of adult politics and manipulation. Aleski is forced into a life of danger, uncertainty and the possibility for a hopeful, better future. He has the skills and the magic, does he have the courage?" -David Atekpatzin Young, Native American Storyteller and Healer, author of Chicansimo and A Magic Feather "Rune reminds us of enduring human values in a world of mystery. Especially appropriate for our culture and times." -Forrest Landry, author of The Theory of Magick, An Immanent Metaphysics, and The Effective Choice "Stone creates a striking, realistic world in Rune with alluring characters and exciting stakes, steeped with an original mythology that leaves you wanting more." -Paul Inman, author of Ageless & co-host of the WriteBrain podcast? "Jamison Stone's novel, Rune of The Apprentice, presents the reader with a detailed and beautifully crafted new world. The descriptions of Terra's geography and its inhabitants are so vivid that I could easily imagine myself walking through the avenues, squares, and marketplaces of Mindra's Haven. But this book is not only about a well-crafted fantastic world. Probably one of Stone's biggest achievements is his capacity to portrait his hero's internal struggle. Aleksi is young, powerful and good at heart but lost. Having the reader rooting for Aleksi from beginning to end requires the work of a skillful storyteller; Jamison Stone is definitely that person." -Ricardo Henriquez, author of The Catcher's Trap "Jamison Stone has created an enthralling read with a truly compelling cast of characters. For Rune of the Apprentice, it's the storytelling and the character development within a fully realized world that sets Stone's story apart. We have a young hero fighting for his own survival, his greatest threat an ancient power within him. But it's the fantastic secondary characters that will have scores of readers eagerly turning the pages. A seafaring adventure with masterful descriptions of the ship and the open ocean. This is high fantasy at its finest, and Stone follows in a tradition of storytellers who have taken fantasy to the high seas. Somewhere I imagine Abraham Merritt is smiling." -Matthew Isaac Sobin, author of The Last Machine in the Solar System "Rune is a big, sweeping fantasy with a super cool and unique mythology. Eagerly awaiting book 2." -Christopher Leone, author of Champions of the Third Planet "Rune is an intricate tale set in an even more intricate world that begs you to sip deeper on the hearty ale this story is. Jamison Stone weaves this tale like a master artist crafting the finest tapestry. Take your time, let the world and characters waft around you, drawing you in. You'll be very glad you did." -Brian Guthrie, author of Rise