Running for Dogs: Unleashing Your Best Fitness Partner

March 21, 2016|
Running for Dogs: Unleashing Your Best Fitness Partner by Olga Zuberg
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Is it possible to:
Give your dog a job, a hobby or simply a way to relax?
Get your dog exercised without spending 1 hour in a dog park?
Spend more time with them without changing your schedule?

Definitely – and much more! This is not just another dog training book…
Running for Dogs is the result of hundreds of miles Olga run with her dog, on a quest for a physically and mentally fulfilled canine. From puppies to seniors, from Huskies to Spaniels, the author has been passionately engaged on the mission of answering this one question for the dog-owner:

“With all the challenges of our busy lifestyles, is there one small thing I can do to completely change my dog?”

Thousands of workouts later, this book contains the answer to this question and an exploration of the pains and problems of our most loyal partner.

In it, you will learn:
• How to prepare for your first run
• How to get the partnership balance right and become a leader in your running duo
• How your dog’s body works during running and how it makes them either good or bad distance running material
• How your breed of dog tends to perform in running performance
• How to set up your puppy for a running career
• How to run with senior dogs
• How to go from running for 1 minute to 30 minutes in just 12 weeks
• How to design your training plan, including speed and strength exercises, and sample routines
• How to prevent injury and common mistakes

And that’s just some of the contents. You don’t need a better dog or more discipline – you need immediate results, and a calm, balanced canine friend.

And that’s exactly what Running for Dogs delivers.

Title:Running for Dogs: Unleashing Your Best Fitness Partner
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:March 21, 2016
Publisher:Olga Zuberg
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780993990908

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