Running to WIN!: Idea-rich Strategies for Leadership and Career Success

May 15, 2015|
Running to WIN!: Idea-rich Strategies for Leadership and Career Success
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We live in an increasingly hectic and demanding world. The demands of running a business or having a career, overlap and conflict with the demands of having a life, being a spouse or parent, and enjoying the fruits of our labor. Many of us are already running as fast as we can – and we’re not keeping up. This e-manual is designed for those who are “Running to WIN!” It is written by someone who has learned the value of leveraging his time investment for greater success and productivity. You can too!

If you are like me, you may occasionally find yourself with too much on your already “full” plate. You’ve said “YES” a few too many times, without counting the cost, or estimating the time actually needed to do what you’ve just promised. As a writer and speaker I am constantly tempted to take on "just one more client", "just one more engagement", or "just one more writing project." In doing so, I often find myself staying up late to meet commitments or rushing from airport to venue.

Sound familiar? Welcome to the over-committed club! If this is just a momentary or temporary overload, you can dig in and work your way through it; or wait until you can get a handle on the commitments you’ve made. Then, you can relax, and get back to a more normal schedule.

But, if this is your “life”, then this little e-manual is for you! I’d suggest a long pause… to reflect and refocus; may be d*e*s*p*e*r*a*t*e*l*y in order.

Take hope – take action! You can make the necessary changes to free up your time for the important people and priorities in your life.

First, let’s clear up the misnomer of “time management.” Time cannot really be managed. We can manage others and ourselves in relation to time, but we cannot manage time itself. It will keep ticking along, slipping through our fingers like the sands in an hourglass, even when we wish it wouldn’t.

We can control how and where we spend or invest our time. Life or SELF-management based on value-based judgements is what is meant when we use the words “time management”. The time management techniques briefly shared here can easily save you an hour or more each day. The real question is...”What will you do with those extra hours?” Where will you invest them?

“No doubt over-committed people find help in better time management techniques, but many of them will use their new-found skills to pack more obligations into their lives, rather than step back from their madcap pace.”

Take a moment... Decide right NOW where the extra time you free up will be invested. Will your family reap the benefits of your better management of your time? Will you spend more effective time building your self-esteem by preparing yourself to meet the challenges of our quickly changing world? Will you choose to invest this recaptured time in helping others? Will you actually invest time doing something fun?

It’s your time. Why not choose to invest it more wisely? When you are Running to WIN! – why not learn how to finish YOUR race and still have a life.

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