Ruth, Love and Understanding In a Troubled World

March 22, 2019|
Ruth, Love and Understanding In a Troubled World
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I followed her rapid pace along the alleyway and saw her slip into the old-city Jerusalem1 café. Pausing for a moment, I caught my breath and pushed the door open. “May I share your table?” I said in as calm a voice as I could muster.
The woman that looked back at me was stunningly beautiful in a handsome way with bright dark eyes in a face the color of café-au-lait.
She smiled invitingly and said “Yes, please do. I know who you are and why you have come. My name is Ruth.”

“I’m Charles.” I said extending my hand. I knew this woman, radiant in every visible way, was special, but her grace and aplomb in this high stress situation was amazing. Her gesture and movement were of a person who owned Jerusalem not of a fugitive from the authorities trying hard not to lose her cover.
“Sit down, Charles.” She said, “We will not stay long with the situation in the streets as it is.”
The data I used to select her from the many possible resurrected people told me that she was surely picked from history by the DI to be a part of the new government. There are only about ten of these ambassadors to date. It is hard for her to escape notice, as beautiful as she is. As these thoughts were in my mind a feeling of warmth and peace enveloped me and my fingers and toes tingled. I wondered, “Is this from Ruth?”.
“I was instructed that you would contact me.” She said in a very smooth and charming voice. “You have a lot of valuable information about people and technology in the US and Canada that will help us deal with their resistance to our new government. The world-wide revolution is being violently suppressed by the those still in power in the US.”
“Thanks for the vote of confidence. However, I thought I found you. How do you know I sought you?”
“This could take a minute so make yourself comfortable.” She said, “I will start at the beginning.

The Dayspring, that is Jesus Christ and the saints, who are His bride, received authority from the DI to build the new world government’s spiritual ark in the late 1800s. That’s soon after the devil and his agents lost their lease to govern. It is when the 120 year construction period began on the spiritual Noah’s ark; the same number of years that it took Noah to build the original ark. The spiritual ark finally launched not long ago to preserve, through this time of trouble, the technology and infrastructure that we need for the new world government.”
“It is good to hear confirmation of my research.” I thought.
“When the spiritual ark” she continued, “metaphorically will run aground on the mountaintop very soon, we will be given the authority to take over the government and make our Lord’s government real in the natural Earth. I, with others like me, are the vanguard of the resurrected ones to exercise that authority. We would not have even a slim chance to govern anything without the extra-terrestrial power of the resurrected Jesus and his Saints. I can speak directly with our spirit guides to help us in creating and running this new government. They are the source of my vision and my power. I can ask them to open your thoughts to me. And, by the way, thanks for all the tender things you think of me.” a sample. JMK

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