Sales Training Handbook: 52 Easy -to-Lead Mini Seeminars by Jeff MageeSales Training Handbook: 52 Easy -to-Lead Mini Seeminars by Jeff Magee

Sales Training Handbook: 52 Easy -to-Lead Mini Seeminars

byJeff Magee

Hardcover | June 21, 2001

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Includes downloadable, customizable handouts A Time-and-Money Saving Program Designed to Turn Every Sales Manager Into a Skilled Sales Trainer Experience may be a wonderful teacher...but it is only through ongoing sales training and coaching that most sales professionals will reach theirfull potential. The Sales Training Handbook filled with interactive exercises, participant handouts, coaching scripts, and more provides the educational and motivational tools you need to conduct performance-based training sessions with your sales force. Designed to help busy sales managers quickly and easily introduce proven methods to their sales teams,this time-and-money saving coursebook: Covers all major aspects of sellingand dealing with customers Focuses on selling skills for basic, intermediate, and advanced level sales professionals Provides sales managers and trainers with an effective, turnkey sales training curriculumDeveloping training programs is often a full time job in itself, while hiring outside consultants can be costly, inconvenient, and worst of all ineffective. From beginner techniques through advanced strategies, let TheSales Training Handbook furnish you with the proven training materials youneed to train your sales team yourself saving time and money while creating a controlled, effective, self-contained sales training program. "It is critical that sales professionals and customer service representatives at the front line have the tools of their craft continually sharpened. The Sales Training Handbook allows your sales professionals to compete head-to-head with sales professionals that have had the luxury of attending a structured sales course for weeks and attaingreater results. The 52 mini-seminars will give you the format necessary to guide and lead your team to success." From the Preface The Sales Training Handbook contains everything a sales manager or trainer needs to establish a successful, fundamentally sound sales team. Each mini-seminar is a focused, concise, hands-on tutorial on the finer points of sales and selling challenging enough to involve participants without leaving them frustrated or overwhelmed, yet straightforward enough to be completed in just 15-30 minutes. Getting the commitment and the order ... Dealing with objections ... Cross-selling, up-selling, and even down-selling to better serve the client ... Effectively using technology to complement sales efforts ... The Sales Training Handbook provides 52 ready-to-use, results-based training sessions complete with customizable trainer scriptsand participant handouts that can be easily downloaded from the Internet that provide in-depth information and innovative strategies for all major aspects of selling and dealing with customers. Whether you use them to provide a quick training component to a weekly training meeting, or combine selected seminars to create a customized training workshop focusedon specific selling skills, the end result will be the same measurable, bottom-line, and immediate sales improvements. By combining the best of today's innovative sales skills and technologies with strategies proven onthe front lines, Jeff Magee has become one of today's most respected, in-demand sales trainers. Use each of the 52 no-nonsense, technique-filledmini-seminars in his results-based The Sales Training Handbookto noticeably improve your skills as a sales trainer and dramatically impact the confidence and success of your sales force.
Jeff Magee, Ph.D., is a popular presenter of keynote and sales training seminars, the author of eight popular sales books and over 200 magazine articles, and the producer of three success oriented audiotape series. A certified management consultant, certified speaking professional, and certified professional direct marketer, Dr. Magee ...
Title:Sales Training Handbook: 52 Easy -to-Lead Mini SeeminarsFormat:HardcoverDimensions:300 pages, 11 × 8.7 × 0.99 inPublished:June 21, 2001Publisher:McGraw-Hill EducationLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Section I: Training Your Team in the Five Basics of Selling.

Mini-Seminar 1: Product IQ = Claims + Features + Benefits + Naildowns.

Mini-Seminar 2: Why Do "I" Care?: Defining Your Passion and Personal Buy-In Factor.

Mini-Seminar 3: Identifying the Five Steps to Selling.

Mini-Seminar 4: Building Your Sales Presentation Around the Five Steps.

Mini-Seminar 5: The Impact of Attitude on Sales Performance.

Mini-Seminar 6: Attention: How to Gain a Favorable Start.

Mini-Seminar 7: Interest: How to Capture It.

Mini-Seminar 8: Presentation: What's It All About?

Mini-Seminar 9: Desire: Building the Emotional Want in Your Offer.

Mini-Seminar 10: Close: Getting the Commitment and the Order.

Mini-Seminar 11: Building Relationships with the Stacking-N-Linking Conversational Model.

Section II: Increasing Your Team's Selling Effectiveness.

Mini-Seminar 12: Fine-Tuning Your Sales Presentation with the Five Enhanced Selling Steps.

Mini-Seminar 13: Overcoming the Sales Blahs and Negative Stereotypes.

Mini-Seminar 14: Using the Sales Funnel to Stay Sales Healthy.

Mini-Seminar 15: Qualifying Your Profile Customer and Understanding the 80/20 Rule.

Mini-Seminar 16: Designing a Qualified Suspect Profile for Increased Sales.

Mini-Seminar 17: Overcoming "No".

Mini-Seminar 18: Dealing with Objections for Constructive Outcomes.

Mini-Seminar 19: The Four Mental Decisions Associated with Every Purchase Transaction.

Mini-Seminar 20: Designing Core Dis-Qualifying Questions.

Mini-Seminar 21: Selling to the Five Different Age Segmentations.

Mini-Seminar 22: Selling to Gender-Specific Needs.

Mini-Seminar 23: Selling to Individuals in One-on-One Situations.

Mini-Seminar 24: Selling to Groups: Group Presentation Dynamics.

Mini-Seminar 25: Selling to Culturally Diverse Audiences.

Mini-Seminar 26: Differentiating Your Offer via Unique Selling Features/USF#1.

Mini-Seminar 27: Differentiating Your Offer via Unique Service Features/USF#2.

Mini-Seminar 28: Showing the Customer How Your Offer Excels.

Mini-Seminar 29: Seven Steps to Improved Listening Skills.

Mini-Seminar 30: Improving Your Communication Effectiveness: Sending the Correct Signal.

Section III: Professional-Level Selling Skills.

Mini-Seminar 31: Using Rule 1/12/50 to Continually Connect.

Mini-Seminar 32: Leveraging Existing Relationships for More Business.

Mini-Seminar 33: Getting Referrals from Every Client.

Mini-Seminar 34: Cultivating New Business: The BLENDS Model.

Mini-Seminar 35: Cross-Selling.

Mini-Seminar 36: Up-Selling.

Mini-Seminar 37: Down-Selling to Better Serve the Client.

Mini-Seminar 38: Identifying Your Target-Rich Environment (TRE).

Mini-Seminar 39: Cultivating Other TREs.

Mini-Seminar 40: Why Customers Love You or Leave You.

Mini-Seminar 41: Building Lasting Sales Relationships by Providing Reliable C.A.R.E.

Mini-Seminar 42: Three Keys to Follow-Up Success.

Mini-Seminar 43: Building Your Brand Recognition.

Mini-Seminar 44: Using Your Business Card As Your Number 1 Selling Instrument.

Mini-Seminar 45: Competitive Analysis: You Versus?

Mini-Seminar 46: Cultivating Advocates from Existing Clients.

Mini-Seminar 47: Mastering the Telephone.

Mini-Seminar 48: Using Other Forms of Technology to Complement Your Sales Effectiveness.

Mini-Seminar 49: Time Management Effectiveness with Quadrant Manager System.

Mini-Seminar 50: Using a Database Management System to Assist in Your Sales Efforts.

Mini-Seminar 51: Tracking Your Account Activity and Status.

Mini-Seminar 52: Becoming an Expert.

Appendix A: Professional Sales Skills Self-Assessment Inventory.