Sangre De Lobo

August 15, 2013|
Sangre De Lobo by Ethel Halstead
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Harri went back into the jungle to save her best friend who was scheduled for execution within the week. Unfortunately, she met with more deadly opposition than she had expected. After discovering what she suspected to be a terrorists’ killing ground, she immediately encountered two armed men who were set to add her to their growing pile of corpses.When the shooting had ceased, Harri stepped cautiously from her vine covered hiding place and found herself looking down the barrel of an assault rifle. On the other end of the rifle was the other ape from the airport—the one with the handlebar mustache.As she stood waiting for the bullet she fully expected would take her permanently out of action, she felt the hair begin to raise on the nape of her neck; this ape must be one of those kinky animals that plays with their food before eating it. Harri felt that her only choice was to force his hand. She still held the .9mm Glock, and all she had to do was raise it enough to get his attention, and she would too before she would allow him to torture her. The seconds ticked off and Harri’s arm began to slowly rise. Then she heard the man’s gravely voice speaking in perfect English, “You’re damned lucky I came along when I did. That sucker there had a bead on you, and he was pulling the trigger. And you can also be thankful I’m an excellent shot, because that one wouldn’t have missed like the first stupid jackal did. That first one couldn’t hit the side of a mountain with a cannon …and I didn’t kill him just because he was trying to kill you… I killed him because the creep just kept getting in my way!. Harri groaned silently, Oh God, this dude is just as crazy as the two apes he just took out…

Title:Sangre De LoboFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:August 15, 2013Publisher:Ethel M. HalsteadLanguage:English

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