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Saucers & Aliens UFO eMagazine #7


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Vietnam UFO Crash Metal May Be The Smoking Gun
According to Officials at the state run Vietnam News Agency, “An unidentified flying object exploded at about 10am on May 27 over the northern part of Phu Quoc Island.” Colonel Nguyen Van Qui, a military commander on the island was the source of the report and no civilian, commercial or military aircraft are said to be missing in that area of southern Vietnam or nearby Cambodia.

The UK UFO Disinformation Machine Is Churning and more Flying Disc Sightings Occur
As credible UFO witnesses pile up and theories involving Sky Lanterns fade, the UK disinformation machine has kicked into high gear. Their latest attempt to explain the continuing sightings in Wales involves spreading a story about one witness that allegedly called the Police to report the Moon as a UFO. Like the Sky Lanterns story, this leaves witnesses and others with the impression that all the talk about UFOs being seen over Wales is much ado about nothing

The Welsh ‘Roswell’
It's been thirty-four years since an amazing and still unexplained event occurred in North Wales which involved strange lights in the sky, odd tremors, ‘Men In Black’ types sweeping the countryside for information and something that crashed somewhere in the Berwyn mountains. It’s been called the Welsh ‘Roswell’ because just like the event that allegedly occurred in New Mexico, USA, in 1947, the North Wales case may have involved a crashed UFO, dead Aliens and a government cover-up.

UP IN THE AIR - Commentary
Debunkers are fond of “explaining” ufos as ball lightning, swamp gas, etc., but, inasmuch as we have next to no understanding of such phenomena, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that, for example, ball lightning is a ufo. After all, the term”ufo” doesn’t mean Pleiadian beam ship or Sirian mother ship; it means “unidentified flying object,” and is an admission of the fact that there are objects or phenomena flying around in the sky that we don’t even begin to understand. In fact, there are a multitude of luminous phenomena in and beyond our atmosphere that we don’t even begin to understand, and they all seem to be interrelated in some fashion; indeed, they may be different forms of the same thing.

The REAL KGB UFO Files by Philip Mantel
On October 24th, 1991, documents were provided to former Soviet cosmonaut Pavel Popovich, the then President of the All-Union Ufological Association in Russia. These files contained copies of UFO reports sent to the infamous KGB. An accompanying letter was written by the Deputy Chairman of the Committee for State Security USSR, N.A. Sham.

How the Press Handles UFOs by Tim Swartz
It was a press conference that should have had reporters lining up for sound bites and quotes. The press is always searching for something new and interesting, or something that uncovers information that is new and deserving of in-depth investigation.

The Tunguska Disaster: 100 Years of Mystery and Facts Not Easy To Face
By most accounts the huge blast that flattened 500,000 acres of pine forest in what is known as the Tunguska (River) region of Central Siberia occurred on June 30, 1908. One hundred years later, we still do not know what caused it. Theories abound, but answers have been few. Ironically, the explanation that might make the most sense also is one least likely to be believed by anyone.

Project Signal Found! By Philip Mantel
This long-term study project looks entirely at UFO landing cases in the UK & Ireland. The idea behind it is simple. Most UFO researchers argue that the vast majority of UFO sightings can be explained in conventional terms. It is the contention of this project that UFO landings should be more difficult to misidentify than ‘ordinary’ UFO sightings.

Did Howard Hughs See Crashed Aliens?
Did Howard Hughes ever get a chance to view a captured or crashed UFO and its occupants? I have long pondered this question and there may now be an answer to it. According to a former employee of Hughes Aircraft, he did. The visit allegedly occurred not long after the crash of an alien spacecraft near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. You may think this story belongs in the BELIEVE OR NOT file and you may be right, but I feel compelled to pass it on to you anyway.

ROSWELL and the ’47 Wave
Something very important happened in July of 1947, something that will ultimately be life-altering. It was an event that was covered up so well that not even seasoned UFOlogists touched it until the 1970’s, a quarter of a decade later. It was 1980 before the first book about the events at Roswell was written. The cover-up worked.
IT HAS BEEN over two years since the puzzling death of Captain Thomas Mantell. Mantell died mysteriously in the skies south of Fort Knox. But before his radio went silent, he sent a strange message to Godman Air Force Base. The men who heard it will never forget it. It was January 7, 1948. Crowded into the Godman Field Tower, a group of Air Force officers stared up at the afternoon sky. For just an instant, something gleamed through the broken clouds south of the base. High above the field, three P-51 fighters climbed with swift urgency. Heading south, they quickly vanished.

Alien Installations and Underground Bases
The U.S. Air force conducted joint training exercises with the NSCA. The association with the East Sale secure RAAF base was a close one and is often used by NASA U2 flights and other unexplained U.S. aircraft. It is also the repository of secret UFO information and Frederick Valentich attended for a special course relating to UFOs before he disappeared over Bass Strait in 1978 while reporting a close encounter with a large UFO.

Three teams of astronomers are proposing that Mars once survived the impact of some giant object from space that divided the entire planet’s surface into two totally distinct regions: It must have been the biggest blast in the history of our solar system - the impact of a planetary bomb as powerful as a billion tons of TNT that scarred Mars nearly 4 billion years ago

Jackie Gleason’s UFO Encounter
Everything Gleason did, he did with great passion. Every script for the TV shows had to be just the way he envisioned it. No one was ever allowed to step out of character. Camera shots and angles were always set up the way he wanted them. The passion also extended into his personal life. Fascinated by Flying Saucers and the unexplained, he ultimately assembled one of the world’s greatest parapsychology, UFO and occult libraries. The bulk of it resides today at the University of Miami Library.

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