Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1: Precious Little Life by Bryan Lee O'malleyScott Pilgrim Vol. 1: Precious Little Life by Bryan Lee O'malley

Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1: Precious Little Life

byBryan Lee O'malleyBy (artist)Bryan Lee O'malley

Paperback | August 14, 2004

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Scott Pilgrim's life is totally sweet. He's 23 years old, he's in a rock band, he's "between jobs," and he's dating a cute high school girl. Nothing could possibly go wrong, unless a seriously mind-blowing, dangerously fashionable, rollerblading delivery girl named Ramona Flowers starts cruising through his dreams and sailing by him at parties. Will Scott's awesome life get turned upside-down? Will he have to face Ramona's seven evil ex-boyfriends in battle? The short answer is yes. The long answer is SCOTT PILGRIM, VOLUME 1: SCOTT PILGRIM'S PRECIOUS LITTLE LIFE.
Title:Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1: Precious Little LifeFormat:PaperbackDimensions:168 pages, 7.5 × 5 × 0.5 inPublished:August 14, 2004Publisher:Oni PressLanguage:English

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ISBN - 10:1932664084

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from Very fun! This book is very accessible and a good graphic novel for beginners. It's well paced and has awesome visuals, and the story is fun and high energy. The rest of the series is a bit more engaging, but i feel this was a good intro to get people slowly introduced and intrigued. Really good all in all!
Date published: 2018-06-23
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Good Such a funny story. Pretty good intro to Scott Pilgrim.
Date published: 2017-06-30
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Awsome graphic novel! I loved it! The graphics are one of a kind amazing and the storyline is funny!
Date published: 2017-03-03
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Not a great opener Not a very strong start to the series. I read the second one immediately after on a recommendation which was a good idea because just reading the first one didn't make me want to read any more
Date published: 2017-01-30
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Meh Superficial and trying too hard. Target audience probably more suitable for YA.
Date published: 2017-01-29
Rated 3 out of 5 by from A solid graphic novel This is very accessible for those that don't often read graphic novels and is overall a good story #PlumReview
Date published: 2016-12-19
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Just Ok I read this series a while back. I liked the art work, but the story and character's not so much. There's is not one character in these books that is what you would call a good role model.
Date published: 2016-12-12
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Scott Pilgrim 1: They Meet This is the start of a Love Story for the ages. A couple who are made for each other. They are Scott and Ramona. Welcome to the surreal real world they inhabit. For those who exist in a cave, much like I did for far too long a time, Scott Pilgrim Volume 1 Precious Little Life is the first book in this graphic novel series. Five more adventures chronicle this tale of true love, all brilliantly created by Canadian talent Bryan Lee O’Malley over the past few years. The success this series enjoyed was so massive that a movie version starring Michael Cera came out shortly after the final book premiered. The film was a wonderful birthday gift last year from my friends Victoria, Katherine, and Gianna, and it became my introduction to good old Scott. After multiple viewings, much enjoyment, and constant babbling about its greatness, Victoria then continually cajoled me into reading the source material in order to feel the bigger picture. So I finally did. And thank you lovely ladies for the smack to the head. Ouch. But back to the love story filled with beauty. In the beginning of this odyssey is our hero Scott Pilgrim. He is an early twenties living in Toronto slacker to the nth degree who might someday land a job as long it doesn’t interfere with band practice. His friends love him, foibles and all, but kinda wish he would get some semblance of a life. They also disprove of Scott “dating” a high schooler named Knives, who is madly in love with him and oblivious to his disinterest. Even his openly gay roommate and confidante Wallace wishes Scott would grow up. At least a little bit. Entering this world of routine daily ritual is The Most Entrancing Girl In The World, the mysterious and enigmatic Ramona Flowers. She has roller skates. She is American. She has a job. And she shatters Scott’s little world into tiny little pieces. Much to his enjoyment. Discarding Knive’s feelings, Scott sets out after Ramona and they begin dating. This kicks off the parallel storylines that thread throughout all volumes of this tale. The real life ups and downs that Pilgrim and Flowers have to enjoy and endure as their relationship grows and matures is one component. The second trip is the action packed, mostly surreal, epic battles that Scott has to fight against Ramona’s Seven Evil Ex Boyfriends!!!!!!! Whenever we see the drama of their daily relationship, and how their friends lives intersect and interact with them, it is a grounded story encompassing all types of emotions. Love, hate, envy, passion, and feelings that cause glowing are all explored. Seeing supporting characters Stephen and Julie argue constantly while drummer Kim speaks the truth about all she surveys while the one known as Young Neil seeks an identity. These parts of the story bring the human element to the fore and makes Scott and his cohorts people to us. Scott is a jerk to Knives and this causes a fervent desire to smack him. Stacey his sister loses yet another boyfriend for the exact same reason as the last time. Kim might still have a flame for Scott. Everyone can relate to what goes on in the daily drama of Scott. We have all lived it. Reality leaves the story when the secondary plot takes over. Ramona has all these powerful and exotic ex-boyfriends who have joined together in an attempt to destroy our favourite Pilgrim. His first warnings of these impending attacks are ignored and not understood by him, which means at the conclusion of this volume when he battles Ramona’s earliest ex, it is a complete surprise. This epic battle, like all epic battles in this series, quickly become surreal over the top wacky video game inspired craziness where the rules of logic and function do not exist in any form. Mix Naked Gun with Street Fighter to create this demented love child. This uniqueness infiltrates sometimes out of these segments, oozing it’s bits and pieces into the normalcy of Scott’s mundane existence. But as a rule, these divergences are minor compared to the flights of fancy exhibited during Scott’s monumental conflicts. Yes, you will believe a man can fly. By the end of this volume Precious Little Life, Scott and Ramona are dating with all the turbulence that entails, and with six evil ex’s still out there plotting away, attempting to destroy our couple’s happiness. This saga continues in the next volume, when Scott takes on the World. And learns more about himself. Hopefully. And by the way Scott’s band, called Sex Bob-Omb, really does suck. Like really.
Date published: 2012-05-31
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Rating: Totally Sweet I really wish that I had read Scott Pilgrim sooner. I first heard about the book back in March or April, though I thought that Pilgrim was the author. When I learned what Scott Pilgrim really was, I couldn't believe how much I didn't want to read it. For those of you who don't know yet, Scott Pilgrim is a faux-manga series about a 23-year-old Canadian slacker who must defeat a girl's seven evil ex-boyfriends before he can date her. I came up with nearly every excuse I could think of to avoid reading this book. The plot sounded dumb, the visuals were influenced by manga, it was black and white. However, I couldn't help but notice how much praise it got from both comic reviewers and mainstream publications. Not only that, but two of my friends like it, and one of them doesn't read any other comics. Eventually, I decided that I should just give it a try, and I was barely 5 pages into Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life before I realized that all of the hype was completely true. Scott Pilgrim is 23 years old and has no direction in life. He is "between jobs", is in a crappy band (with an awesome name), and as the series starts, he has just started dating a 17-year-old high school girl named Knives Chau. He lives with his gay roommate Wallace, whom he always introduces as being totally awesome and gay. Most of the things in the apartment belong to Wallace, and the two share a bed, but that is because they are too poor to afford a second. Based on how you look at life, Scott is either completely awesome or a total loser. His time with Knives is just ok; the only things she can ever talk about is the high school drama she is immersed in and how her mother wants her to find a nice Chinese boy. All they ever do is get pizza or listen to Scott's band, Sex Bob-omb, practice. However, when Scott meets Ramona Flowers, an American girl now working for, his whole life is thrown into a tailspin. Suddenly, he can't get her out of his mind, and when he accidentally creeps her out at a party, he orders some CDs from Amazon (using Wallace's credit card) just so she can deliver them to him. Eventually, he gets her to go out with him, and he invites her to a Sex Bob-omb concert. Now, all this time, things have been fairly normal. Nothing too out-of-the-ordinary has occurred. But when Ramona's ex-boyfriend from high school shows up, things get bizarre, and yet the characters don't seem to notice at all. Matthew Patel, who dated Ramona for a week and a half, challenges Scott to a fight during the concert, and without missing a beat, Scott and his friends enter a melee. Scott Pilgrim is hilarious. Before things even get weird, the dialogue and bizarre, though somewhat believable, situations keep the reader in stitches. But when outlandish events occur, the humor is ratcheted up a notch. It is helped by the fact that Scott and his friends act as if a manga-style brawl with Ramona's "evil" ex-boyfriend is as normal as going to work (though for Scott, I guess it is more normal than work). Other sources of humor include ratings when new characters are introduced, such as Scott's rating of awesome, his sister Stacey's rating of T for Teen (a video game reference), and Wallace's rating of 7.5/10. There is also the room break-down, giving us a detailed look at what belongs to Scott and what belongs to Wallace, Scott's terrible physical description of Ramona's hair, and the fact that sometimes the characters seem to be addressing the reader (Scott says that an anecdote is better for another volume). The book also introduced the term "attack hug" into my lexicon. There are also great references to comic books and video games. Scott wears an X patch on his jacket reminiscent of the X-Men, all the bands are video game references, and a discussion of dreams leads Scott to think about Super Mario Bros. 2. I can't stress enough how great this book is. If you have any reservations, especially the ones that I mentioned above, ignore them at all costs. Scott Pilgrim is like nothing you've read before, and will definitely keep you entertained.
Date published: 2011-07-30
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Good series The art sucks but the story is funny as hell! I reccomend.
Date published: 2010-08-30
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Amusing and charming A good start to the series--you'll definitely want to run out and start #2.
Date published: 2010-08-12
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Pretty Good Bought this out of anticipation for the upcoming movie in August. It's like a Canadian Manga, except you don't have to read it backwards (thank god). The only issue is that it's short if you read it all in one sitting. The art is great though, and the story is pretty cool, so if it seems like your style you'll probably read it more than once. I suggest buying it, especially if you're a 23-year old bass player who's band is called "Sex Bob-omb".
Date published: 2010-07-30
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Man, how I love this book When I bought Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life, I was very sick with pneumonia. I bought the first one while coming back from the doctor's office and figured it'd be something light to read while I recovered miserably in the dark comfort of my home. Upon opening it up, however, I read precisely maybe 20 pages before I had to put the book down, get my coat and shoes on, brave the rainy windy weather and walk down to my local comic shop to purchase the next three volumes of the series, because I knew I couldn't wait. Yes, the book is that good. It's a charming blend of real life and video game sensibilities, a delightful, open tale about young twenty-something Scott Pilgrim, who's life is currently drifting. He's dating a 17 year old high school girl, and yes, all his friends make fun of him for it. But then one day he meets the girl of his dreams (literally) at a party... and that sets him off on a story that will cause him to both grow up and have an unforgettable time as he must defeat--in true videogame fashion--her seven evil ex-boyfriends in one-on-one combat. The style is rather manga-inspired but it works remarkably well, and O'Malley uses real Toronto locations (some of which I've actually even been to) for the story. My favorite character would have to be Scott's wise, sarcastic gay roommate, Wallace. Why? Well, he's cute, gay, and witty--plus he and Scott platonically share a bed. The rest of the cast, though, are just as great; I swear, all of them seem like real friends of my own. Bottom line: If you like graphic novels, or even just good, charming stories about aimless twenty-somethings finding love in today's mixed-up world, start reading the Scott Pilgrim books. You won't regret it.
Date published: 2008-08-30
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Better than expected O'Malley get the voices going in a witty and realistic manner in this graphic novel. A time or two, I thought he was going to lose me with the plot direction, but I stuck with it, and really enjoyed this quick read. Seeing bits of Toronto was a plus, too. Well written, and well drawn.
Date published: 2008-03-15
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Let's Start with Launchpad McQuack Scott Pilgrim is 23 and dating a high-schooler. He’s between jobs, but that’s alright because his rock band (Sex Bob-omb) is gaining potential. Everything is going great until Ramona Flowers skates through his dreams onto his doorstep and he suddenly can’t think of anyone else. Scott Pilgrim is about a guy fighting for love, beating away Ramona’s seven evil ex-boyfriends in order to sweep her off of her feet. If you have ever spent an afternoon playing any Mario game, reading comic books, playing guitar, if you’ve ever listened to a band play in a bar, or thought about how awesome your friends are, Scott Pilgrim is a book for you. The characters are goofy, and the themes juggle between realistic and unrealistic but it all manages to hit home somehow. The back of the first volume perfectly proclaims “You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. This is Scott Pilgrim. This is your life.” By the time you hit the third volume, one page can have you laughing out loud while the next will leave you with an incredible sense of despair. Writing isn’t easy, and writing and drawing to give your reader a sense of something is even more difficult. O’Malley has full control over the reader with his narrative prowess, and there’s nothing you can do to escape once he has you.
Date published: 2007-11-16
Rated 4 out of 5 by from scott pillgrim ROCKS!!!! this is one of the best book I have ever read......well almost. it is like the best book in my school library and my school library doesnt usualy have good books. it has somthing for everyone i like this book exept for the part were he gets like super powers then it just gets weirde. but if you ignore that part it is a preaty awsome book. i give it a 4.5-5
Date published: 2005-10-31