Second Chance by Gregory Yowell

Second Chance

byGregory Yowell

Kobo ebook | May 17, 2011

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This is strikingly original, terrific book, filled with interesting information, and unexpected depth. You will be glad you read this book and its content will stay with you long after the last page is turned.

The story centers around an individual named Josh Holloway who lives in the year 2150. He describes the world in which he lives and his efforts to lead a team of time travelers back into the late 1500s to prevent humans from launching their terrifying environmental assault upon the Earth that would eventually make life on this planet impossible.

The world in 2150 had become overwhelmed due to problems associated with environmental damage, overpopulation, terrorism, and problems thrust upon them by previous generations. The World had become more of nightmarish representation of Hell rather than the paradise God had entrusted unto humanity to protect and enjoy.

Given the above situation, world leaders developed three alternatives that should be explored. The first was building biospheres that would house humans indefinitely in the future and allow them to develop new scientific processes that might correct environment damages. The second alternative was increase the understanding of the human brain and eventually copy the contents of any brain on a synapses by synapses, neurotransmitter by neurotransmitter basis and then download the essence of an individual into androids that could survive irrespective of what happened on the planet. The third alternative was to travel to some point in the past and make humans view life through a different lens; where humans had a reverence and respect for the Earth.

The novel concentrates on the time travel alternative where extensive research was undertaken to find a people in the past that respected, understood, and protected the balance of nature. After much study it was determined that the indigenous people who lived in the northeastern portion of the Western Hemisphere, a people we now call Native Americans, were the most logical choice.

A plan was then developed to get these peoples to unite into a strong single nation that could stop European colonization and make the rest of the world embrace their social and philosophical views of life. A team of six highly trained experts is to be sent back in time to represent themselves as messengers sent from the Great Creator to save the Native Americans from the Europeans and to protect the earth from being destroyed.

This novel shows how these peoples worshiped the spirit of the living Earth, had sophisticated democracies, promoted religious freedoms, and had an almost mystical bond between themselves and nature. They felt God had put all things on earth for a reason and humans, being the highest form of life on the planet, were supposed to honor all of the forces of nature and to ensure the balance of nature continued. All humanity had to reconnect with these indigenous beliefs and knowledge.

The novel sets up the conflict between the time travel and mind transfer project. The head of that effort believes God wants humans to evolve from a carbon to a silicon based life force and will stop at nothing to ensure this next step in human evolution happens.

You will definitely want to read the novel to see how the effort progresses. The discussion guide at the end of the book makes the reader consider the most interesting aspects of the story. Enjoy!

Title:Second ChanceFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:May 17, 2011Publisher:Gregory YowellLanguage:English

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