Secret Mission Gravity by Awakened Phoenix

Secret Mission Gravity

byAwakened Phoenix

Kobo ebook | September 20, 2017

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Referring to this illustration of space/time distortion below, let's assume the red ball 'A' can generate a strong gravitational field and lens that gravitational field or wave in this case.  Lensing a strong wave is sufficient to shoot a vector in any direction and therefore distort space-time in its path.  But to define a point in space-time and bring that point to the gravity source -- essentially compressing the space-time between 'A' and 'B' -- then the Red ball would need at least 2-or-3 separately generated gravity wave vectors.  This is due to the need to triangulate the 3 synchronized lensed beams of gravity to a distant point where they intersect.

One example of a triangulation program that uses separate-but-synchronized vectors exists in the 3-D motion capture industry which we use to do feature film effects.  Another example is seen in sound-based programs that can detect the exact point of origin of a sniper's position simply by listening to the gunshot from three to six different microphones.  When we generate and intense gravitational field, we can distort the space/time and in turn the distance between the point where we are and the "point" where we want to be.  We can then position ourselves at the point where we want to be -- a very small move at this stage -- and then stop generating the gravitational field, allowing space/time to return to its natural form.   We would now be at that new point, still millions of miles from where we started an instant ago.

With the effects of gravity from so many sources in space, its safe to assume light wouldn't travel in a straight line naturally.  So to shoot too far in the distance could be disastrously off the target by millions of miles.  These crafts travel in zig-zag patterns or "small chunks" to maintain a sense of its position in space.  Only the most sophisticated navigation system could keep track of these jump points.  Remember, our star charts are only valuable from our point-of-view.  One powerful jump into space and all those star charts would be void.  Distance from Earth to the star as a cross-reference would not be enough because that would be to assume that light is really traveling in a straight line, unaffected by gravitational forces.

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