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Max Weber believed that, in the processes of change, the new should coexist with the old; Karl Marx, on the other hand, believed in change as a process of rupture, where the new and the old should suddenly be jobs, each one, in their proper places.

However, the dynamism of capitalist society makes us realize that, today, in the 21st century, we need concepts and arguments, about changes that are more significant for the paradoxical world in which we live, being marked this: 

By competition. 
By Individualism. 
By Meritocracy. 
For manufacturing , as a product, the dehumanization, by way of social exclusion, on a planetary scale.

In other words, what is considered to be new or old, today, are only fruit of reflection of a kind of programd obsolescence in which man is the who have suffered the most with its impacts. Learning Concepts, ignorance and change, like so many others, need to be re-significates, as far as paradigms that relate to the preservation of life, not only human life, but also of all other beings, on the planet.

"SECRETS OF THE OVERCOMING", in this sense, it is a complete work on the development of the capacity to overcome human, precisely because it deals with ten (10) essential phases of the overrun, namely:

The overrun as regards "the renewal of themselves" - by structural renewal and essential understanding - on the need to overcome.
The overcoming of possible family trauma, occurring in childhood, in relation to the development of self-esteem; self-confidence, which prevent the "be" to develop social, emotional and cognitively in adulthood. 
Overcoming trauma School that prevent the individual from being able to develop intellectually; to be able to understand how not only can learn thoughts, but also to learn how to think.
The overcoming of traumas occurring in romantic relationships ; socio-affective; that prevent the be to establish relationships of trust and healthy relationships and lasting with possible new pairs.
The overrun in order to  be able to learn to emancipate themselves intellectually; i.e. , to be able to learn what you want to learn and/or what if you have the need.
The overrun in relation to the understanding of the meaning and value of work  ; how to look on it aimed at learning and prosperity;
The overrun with regard to understanding of finance; the understanding of the forms of modern slavery, toward his release. 
The overrun on the aspect of the development of the capacity to learn how to learn; as regards the incorporation  , in itself, of learning techniques. 
The overrun in the sense of "being able to respect and be able to live together with our differences", developed in group activities and collective ;
The overrun in the sense of "it can become an active citizen, transformer of itself and of the society in which they live", contributing to the systematization of equity and/or socioeconomic justice on a planetary scale. 

In other words, "Secrets of the overrun" is a book that seeks to tackle complex subject of post-modern world, but, on several glances: 

The overcoming not only in the sense of being able to move forward toward the goals and objectives when it was interrupted by some tragic, occurred during this path, such as diseases, loss socio-affective, economic losses and other, but also: 
The overrun in the sense that man  , while "be" man, must be overcome, humanized and, as a subject, to be overcome, it needs to increase its predicates.

We hope, in this sense, this work can be useful to all those who are looking for some kind of result in any area; and also as a contribution and theoretical support for human development. 

In other words, that is not work understood as a Cookbook ready for life, such as a content of canned ways to "be, to feel and act " to achieve certain purposes previously planned, nor as a work of self help those who teach thoughts and not thinking. 

It is expected that, from this work, we shall be able to seek, by reflection, by the renewal of the understanding; by the exercise of thinking; by the need of making attitudes, new possibilities of "be", to exist and to do so, from the development of new skills, new ways of seeing and interacting with the world, building, becoming and, at the same time, transforming it.

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