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(A5, 134 P.) - "Secrets of the Prosperity" is a work of financial education, liberating, to the extent that, at the same time addresses historically the catastrophic nature of the processes of socioeconomic exclusion, produced by ethics of imperialist capital, teaches us to create tools to  overcome it without, however, contribute to the increase of the same exclusion. 

In other words, while many other authors of this area they pretend not to want to see the perverse nature of capitalism, with regard to the ethics of the concentration of wealth increasingly in the hands of a few, causing social exclusion, defending the Individualism and Meritocracy; defending the theory of capital accumulation; defending the pursuit of profit at any price, this work is exactly the opposite, namely , defends the overcoming of capitalist ethics; to overcoming exclusion, from the renewal of the understanding of how this exclusion and the development of tools to face it toward prosperity.

As long as the defenders of savage capitalism understand the prosperity from the perspective of the accumulation and concentration of capital increasingly in the hands of a few, this work, however, defends the prosperity to "work to learn"; in the sense of "do what you like"; or in the direction of "learning to love what you do and so do better"; in the sense of "liberation from the slavery of consumption"; to "create investments in order to achieve the financial independence without, however, concentrate capital"; to  "help the other to free themselves from the slavery of capitalism also".

In other words, it would be able to treat the poison of snakebite from whey made the poison of their own charges. That is, be able to overcome the processes of social and economic exclusion of capitalism, both individual and collective, from the understanding of how it works the capitalism and the development of tools to not only support it, creating defense mechanisms, but also tools to look at it from the front, face it, overcoming it.

It is, therefore, of a work that defends the prosperity and at the same time the resumption of the processes of humanization and brotherhood; the resumption of the processes of respect to each other and to each other; to respect differences; to resume the process of preservation of life on the planet; of resumption of growth processes self-sustainable; resume of processes of social equity and economic.

In this work, they can thrive; be able to overcome the exclusion is as important as becoming more humane; as important as power to emancipate themselves intellectually.

Learn how to not be conformed to this world; Learn to renew and renew it by renewal of their own understanding of what is the prosperity, creating defense mechanism and action to cope with the social and economic exclusion, this is one of the main objectives of this work.

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