Seduction By The Stars: An Astrologcal Guide To Love, Lust, And Intimate Relationships by Ren LexanderSeduction By The Stars: An Astrologcal Guide To Love, Lust, And Intimate Relationships by Ren Lexander

Seduction By The Stars: An Astrologcal Guide To Love, Lust, And Intimate Relationships

byRen Lexander, Geraldine Rose

Paperback | January 1, 1995

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Offers suggestions for individuals to make themselves irresistible to any of the twelve sun signs.
Title:Seduction By The Stars: An Astrologcal Guide To Love, Lust, And Intimate RelationshipsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:272 pages, 8.98 × 5.98 × 0.59 inPublished:January 1, 1995Publisher:Random House Publishing Group

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Most astrology books are primarily geared toward self-knowledge: toward increasing your awareness of what makes you tick.   This one isn’t.   Seduction by the Stars is geared toward teaching you how to handle other people and their astrological peculiarities.   This book is an invaluable collection of tips and tactics on how to get the person you’re after or deal with the one you’ve got. It covers all phases of the relationship: from the first magical meeting of eyes across a crowded room to the final poignant “get lost.”   Within the covers of this book, you will discover:   What attracts you to Libras (they’re so well groomed and decorous, aren’t they?)   How to get a Leo interested in you (and destroy your credit rating in the process)   How to get an Aries into bed (run away until you catch them)   What a sexual relationship with a Sagittarius is like (pack your vitamin pills)   How to handle a relationship with a Cancer (keep the Kleenex and homemade soup on hand)   How to end a relationship with a Scorpio (and live to tell the tale)   Quite frankly, this book could be a dangerous weapon if it fell into the wrong hands. The wrong person could use it to cut a ruthless swath through the ranks of the opposite sex.   Of course, we would never condone lies or deception designed to get someone into bed. That could never lead to anything truly worthwhile.   Nevertheless, there is such a thing as putting your best face to the world and so maximizing your chances of success. We all have a solid, reliable side to our nature—which is what a Taurus needs to be reassured by We all have a fun, spontaneous side—which is what the Gemini needs to kindle the spark. We all have a part of ourselves that likes to be mothered—so why not let a Cancer do it? It’s a simple question of how best to present yourself to initiate interest.   Once interest is provoked, you face the often delicate question of how to move this abstract mental and emotional connection toward physical moaning and groaning. It’s here that this book becomes your best friend. Where else could you learn how and why to Vamp a Scorpio, how and why to Dare an Aries, how to execute the Public Provocation Proposition on a Gemini, how to commit Cogito Ergo Fornicatio with an Aquarius, how and why to Pig Out in the Park with a Taurus?   You will find outlines for more than a hundred seductions in Seduction by the Stars—ranging from the traditional Sickeningly Sincere Candlelit Dinner to such outrageous scenarios as the Gothic Thriller and the Twilight Zone Naughty.   Not only can these be used to move your relationship over the hump of the first sexual encounter, they are also invaluable aids for restimulating a relationship that’s sagging sexually.   Beyond the issue of getting a prospective partner into the sack and keeping them coming back for more, there is the very tricky question whether the two of you are sufficiently compatible to turn randiness into relationship: whether that bed prospect who initially had you melting at the knees will turn out two weeks later to be an inconsiderate slob who bores you silly. Seduction by the Stars will help you enter into such liaisons dangereuses with your eyes wide open—or at least as wide as lust-narrowed eyes can be pried.   Astrology in general—and this book in particular—can also help you to acknowledge the foibles of your lover and take the bad with the good. With understanding come acceptance and tolerance.   Finally, there is the vexed and thorny question of how to bail out of the decaying hulk of the relationship with as few scars as possible should tolerance sag or passion wilt.   To all such questions and more, you will find invaluable answers in Seduction by the Stars.   First, however, a brief astrology lesson will help you get the most out of this book.   Mini Astrology Lesson     Some people will read this book and think “Hold your horses, I know a stay-at-home Sagittarius. Wait a minute, I know a sex-mad, messy Virgo. Hang on, I know a submissive Leo, a quiet shy Gemini, an unreliable Capricorn, an organized Pisces, an independent-minded Libra, a Cancer who’s a lousy cook.”   Don’t bother writing to us. We know, we know, we know already. Maybe you even know an anorexic Taurus (hard to believe but anything’s possible).   Please remember that of necessity, this book investigates the archetypes of the Sun signs. The Sun sign is the one part of their horoscope that everyone knows. It is based on the Sun’s annual passage through the twelve signs of the Zodiac, during which the Sun spends about thirty days in each sign.   The truth of the matter is that each of us is a lot more than just our Sun sign. Each of us is a unique combination of influences from the Sun, the Moon and all the planets of the Solar System at the time of our birth. If you want to investigate to that depth, only a visit to a professional astrologer can help you. Nevertheless, your Sun sign remains the fundamental core of your character.   After your Sun sign, the next two most influential factors in your horoscope are the sign rising at the time of your birth (the Ascendant) and the sign occupied by your Moon.   The Ascendant   The Ascendant or Rising Sign is the sign of the Zodiac that was crossing the eastern horizon at the time of your birth.   This changes approximately every two hours. Accordingly, even twins born as little as five minutes apart could have different Ascendants, which would make for a critical difference in their horoscopes and therefore their personalities.   Your Ascendant determines many of the tactics you use in your interactions with other people; it affects the way you present yourself; it shapes the persona you build in interacting with other people and the external world. It’s your modus operandi.   If you find, for instance, that the gentle, caring man you’ve met doesn’t seem to fit the personality profile of the typical Aries—well, perhaps it’s because he has a Pisces Ascendant. Or, if you find that only about half of what you read in this book applies to your submissive Leo lady, perhaps accommodating Libra crossed the horizon at the time of her birth.   The Moon Sign   Your Moon sign is the sign of the Zodiac occupied by the Moon when you were born.   The Moon sign indicates the emotional conditioning you underwent in your formative years. It can be thought of as an imprint or legacy from your early home environment and especially from the way your mother related to you when you were a child.   As an adult, you experience the Moon sign as a bundle of deep-seated emotional needs that must be fulfilled. In times of stress and pressure, people tend to retreat into their Moon sign. They then exhibit the emotional needs and characteristics of that sign—often more than the characteristics of their Sun sign.   So if you are puzzled as to why that otherwise self-effacing Virgo you’re dating sometimes lashes you with a stinging tongue, it could be because she has Moon in Scorpio. Or if you can’t understand why your otherwise homebody Cancerian man is always planning a jaunt overseas, perhaps his Moon is in Sagittarius.   Finding out your would-be lover’s Ascendant and Moon sign will give you much greater understanding of how to handle them than you could obtain by researching their Sun sign alone.   To find out your lover’s Ascendant and Moon sign, you need to know the time of day and place of their birth. Then consult an astrologer or, more economically, have these details calculated by one of the many astrocomputing services (check your phone book or local New Age magazine).   Then, armed with not one but three key pieces of information, you will have a significantly better astrological profile of the object of your desire. Having found out, for example, that your Libra has a Scorpio Ascendant and Moon in Aquarius, you will read not only the Libra section but the Scorpio and Aquarius sections as well, and the three together should give you a very useful handle on how to enter into and carry on a relationship with your intended.   Ultimately, there is no substitute for having a complete horoscope cast by a professional astrologer. If you are contemplating a serious continuing relationship with someone, spare no effort to find out the exact location, date and time of their birth and rush to the nearest astrologer to have them vetted—even if you have to wine, dine and charm their mother to extract the data. It could save you months of fruitless pursuit and years of frustration—not to mention helping you avoid the agony of a broken heart, countless hours of psychotherapy and the decimation of your bank account.   On the Cusp of a Dilemma: Which Sign Do I Read?   Should the object of your desires happen to have been born on a day when the Sun changes signs, it’s possible they were not born under the sign they have been mistakenly reading for years in the magazines.   On March 20, for example, the Sun generally moves out of Pisces and into Aries. If they were born on this day you need to give their time of birth to an astrologer, who can make a calculation and tell you definitively into which sign their Sun falls.   Very, very few people are actually born at the precise moment when the Sun moves from one sign to the next. Unless they are one of these rare people born right “on the cusp,” they will be one sign or the other. Remember that the Sun sign reveals the true nature of a person, the essence of his or her character. Getting it right once and for all could turn out to be a major factor in the progress of your love life.  

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A playful, witty, and very sexy astrological guide to seducing any sign under the sun. For anyone planning their next move on a prospective new lover, looking to spice up an already existing relationship, or end a relationship gone flat, it's all here in the funniest and hippest astrological guide to come along in years