Seeds of Hope: A Prairie Story by Mary Harelkin BishopSeeds of Hope: A Prairie Story by Mary Harelkin Bishop

Seeds of Hope: A Prairie Story

byMary Harelkin Bishop

Paperback | September 15, 2008

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Seeds of Hope: A Prairie Story by Mary Harelkin Bishop<_o3a_p>


In her sixth children’s novel, the author of the best-selling Tunnels of Moose Jaw Adventures series has come above ground to focus on the fields of rural Saskatchewan and 10-year-old Danny, who wants to be the next-generation farmer in his family. In Seeds of Hope, Mary Harelkin Bishop shares her love of the Canadian Prairies with their wide open spaces, endless potential and optimism despite constantly-threatening problems. Danny experiences not only the joys of life on a family farm but the sorrows of a drought, low crop prices and the worry of a farm in trouble. On top of that, the town bully won’t leave him alone. How can he protect himself and help his family?<_o3a_p>


Seeds of Hope: A Prairie Story was awarded Honourable Mention in the Teenage category of the 2008 <_st13a_city _w3a_st="on">London (<_st13a_country-region _w3a_st="on"><_st13a_place _w3a_st="on">England) Book Festival, Honourable Mention in the 2009 Nashville Book Festival and was a Finalist in the Children’s Literature category of the 2009 Saskatchewan Book Awards.<_o3a_p>

Seeds of Hope: A Prairie Story by Mary Harelkin Bishop  Mary Harelkin Bishop is a Saskatoon teacher and author of the best-selling Tunnels of Moose Jaw Adventures series.  Seeds of Hope is Harelkin Bishop’s first novel about farming but she is sure it will not be her last. Although she has spent most of her life in the city, she has fa...
Title:Seeds of Hope: A Prairie StoryFormat:PaperbackDimensions:176 pages, 7.5 × 5.25 × 0.44 inPublished:September 15, 2008Publisher:DriverWorks InkLanguage:English

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ISBN - 10:0981039413

ISBN - 13:9780981039411

Appropriate for ages: 9 - 12

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Seeds of Hope: A Prairie Story by Mary Harelkin Bishop  Chapter One “Hurry, Jade!” Danny Cameron urged his sister as they raced down the gravel road on their bikes. His legs pumped furiously as his feet slammed down on the pedals. He was out of breath. His chest strained and his throat was dry and sore. Fear gave him extra strength but he stayed beside his little sister. He couldn’t leave her to face the bullies alone.“I’m coming,” Jade cried. Panic clenched her throat, and her words came out high and squeaky. “Wait for me!”Gravel crunched under their spinning tires and sent rocks flying into the ditch. Together, they turned down the last gravel road before the approach to their farm. Their land stretched out on either side and wheat, short and spiky, waved in the wind. The farmhouse was visible across the field. If only they could have gone cross-country, it would have been so much shorter.Frightened, Danny chanced a look over his shoulder. Zach and the boys were fading back, their bikes gleaming in the bright sunlight. “Looks like they’re too scared to come any closer,” Danny panted. He was glad that he and Jade had seen them first, and had gotten such a good head start. He didn’t know what would have happened if those boys had caught up. Zach, the school bully, had never liked Danny and it was becoming a bigger problem, especially this summer. Zach and his gang had begun to come farther out of town and nearer to the farm, always looking for trouble.“We’ll get you next time!” Zach’s voice echoed in the distance. “You better watch out!”Slowing their bikes, their breathing laboured, Danny and Jade pedalled toward home. “I’m glad they’re gone,” Jade said angrily. “They’re so mean! I wish Mama and Papa would buy us a cellphone. Then we could call whenever Zach bothered us.”“You know we can’t afford those kinds of luxuries,” Danny said, repeating a phrase he had heard his parents use over and over lately. “What with the drought and all, the farm’s not doing that well. You know that.” He sighed as he wiped sweat off his forehead. “Come on, let’s get home.”“I’m tired,” Jade complained, stopping her bike and flopping down on the tall grass beside the road. “This old bike is hard to pedal, and the wind is getting stronger. I need to rest.”Danny started to argue. He was afraid that Zach and his gang might come back, but he could see their dusty trail as the four bikes raced back toward town. They were probably off to bother someone else. “All right,” Danny agreed, jumping off his bike and sitting down beside his sister, “but just for a minute. Mama will wonder where we are if we don’t get home soon.” Chapter Six After getting the feed for the chickens, Danny and Jade walked over to the chicken coop. Jade had to carry the heavy pail with both hands, but she managed without dropping one bit of feed. She banged the pail down beside the fence and Danny showed her how to unhook the gate. “Remember to latch it up, even when you’re inside,” he told her. “We don’t want to have to chase all those chickens back inside again.”Jade nodded, chewing her bottom lip. She was taking her job very seriously. “I’ll remember,” she said solemnly. Picking up the feed pail, she moved into the chicken yard and scattered the feed on the ground, then Danny called her over to the chicken house.He showed her how to release the latch on the chicken coop door to let the chickens out. “Here, you try it,” he said. He watched while she did as she was instructed and opened the door. The chickens, eager to be out, squawked noisily and flapped their wings as they half-ran, half-flew into the morning air. In their eagerness to be free, some of the birds flew right at Jade’s head.“Help!” Jade yelled, covering her head with her hands and racing for the fence. “They’re attacking me!”“No, they’re not,” Danny called, but he could see why she’d run away. It was scary to have these crazy winged things flapping around your head.