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Jennelis Dance

by Elizabeth Denny

|September 19, 2008



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Jenneli is a shy young girl who feels that she is nothing special, until she learns about the Metis RedRiver jig from her Grandma Lucee. Jenneli loved to have fun with Grandma Lucee doing the RedRiver jig, until one day, Grandma Lucee entered Jenneli into the…

Omar on Ice

by Maryann Kovalski

|February 28, 1999



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Omar loves drawing pictures and wishes he could be as good at it as his classmate Elsie. But his teacher, Ms. Fudge, can never figure out what Omar's pictures are- no matter how hard she tries. When the whole class goes ice skating, however, Omar's true talent…


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When her brother goes off to school, Amanda finds new things to do, including ballet dancing, cleaning her room, and making a very sad, mad day go away, with the help of hugs from Mother Pig.


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Budge Wilson has created a heart-warming monster story that proves things are not always the way they appear. Manfred's parents are afraid he's not scary enough but Manfred knows that it's okay to be different and he figures out a way to break the stereotypes…