Sex-Steroid Interactions with Growth Hormone by Johannes D. VeldhuisSex-Steroid Interactions with Growth Hormone by Johannes D. Veldhuis

Sex-Steroid Interactions with Growth Hormone

byJohannes D. VeldhuisEditorAndrea Giustina

Paperback | October 23, 2012

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Sex-Steroid Interactions with Growth Hormone presents the proceedings of an international symposium held from October 22-25 in Naples, Florida. The proceedings provide new insights and concepts gained by molecular, cellular and neuroendocrine research into mechanistic interactions of the reproductive and somatotrophic axes. Chapters include discussions of the impact of sex steroids on growth hormone secretion in both children and adults; sex steroids, growth hormone releasing factor, and somatostatin; how sex steroids modulate growth hormone action on target issues; and differential effects of growth hormone secretagogues in men and women. This volume is designed for physicians, scientists and other health professionals interested or trained in clinical and basic endocrinology, growth or reproduction.
Title:Sex-Steroid Interactions with Growth HormoneFormat:PaperbackDimensions:356 pagesPublished:October 23, 2012Publisher:Springer NatureLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

I. Clinical Impact of Sex Steroids on Growth Hormone Secretion.- 1. Sex-Steroid-Growth Hormone Axis Interactions in Normal Female Puberty.- 2. Sex-Steroid-Growth Hormone Interactions During Normal Male Puberty.- 3. Impact of Testosterone Replacement on the Maturation of the Growth Hormone-IGF-I Axis.- 4. Sex-Steroid -Hormone Modulation of the Somatotropic Axis During Normal Male Puberty.- 5. Influence of Testosterone on the GH-IGF-I Axis in Healthy Elderly Men.- 6. Effect of Estrogen on GH Secretion and Action in Postmenopausal Women.- 7. Menstrual Cycle Interaction with the Growth Hormone Axis.- 8. Growth Hormone Axis Response to Superovulation.- 9. Androgenic Modulation of the Growth Hormone-IGF Axis and Its Impact on Metabolic Outcomes.- 10. Proposed Mechanisms of Sex-Steroid-Hormone Neuromodulation of the Human GH-IGF-1 Axis.- 11. The Growth Hormone Axis in Precocious Puberty.- II. Sex Steroids and GHRH-Somatostatin.- 12. Hypothalamic Control Mechanisms of Sexually Dimorphic Growth Hormone Secretory Patterns in the Rat..- 13. Sex Differences in Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GHRH) and Somatostatin Neurons.- 14. Sex-Steroid Interaction with Somatostatin and GHRH in the Rat.- 15. Sex-Steroid Effects on Primate Somatotrophs.- 16. Sex-Steroid Effects on Perifused Pituitary.- 17. Somatotrope Heterogeneity and Its Involvement in Growth Hormone (GH) Regulation.- III. How Sex Steroids Modulate GH Action on Target Tissues.- 18. Sex-Steroid and GH Interactions in the Regulation of Lipid Metabolism.- 19. Estrogen Replacement Therapy and the Response to Human Growth Hormone.- 20. Influence of Gender on Response to Growth Hormone Substitution Therapy in Adults with Growth Hormone Deficiency.- 21. How Sex Steroids Modulate GH Action on Target Tissues: Long-Term Follow-up in GH-Deficient Adults.- 22. Growth Hormone Treatment in Turner Syndrome: Rationale for Therapy.- 23. Practical Issues of Clinical Growth Hormone Therapy in Turner Syndrome.- IV. GH Secretagogues: Differential Effects in Men and Women.- 24. Influence of Gonadal Function on GH Secretion.- 25. Endocrine Responses to GH Secretagogues in Relation to Sex and Age in Humans.- 26. Gender Impact on the GH Response to Exercise.- 27. Stimulated Release of GH in Normal Younger and Older Men and Women.- V. Novel Techniques in Investigating the Reproductive and GH Axis.- 28. Genetic and Transgenic Models to Investigate the Growth Hormone Axis and Sexual Dimorphism.- 29. Estrogen Receptor Expression in the Pituitary Gland.- 30. Metabolic Effects of GH/IGF-I, Testosterone, and Estrogen: Studies in Children and Adults.- 31. Innovative Quantitative Neuroendocrine Techniques.- 32. Sexual Dimorphism of Liver Cytochrome P-450 Gene Expression: GH Pulse-Activated STAT Signaling Mechanisms.- 33. Intracellular Signaling Networks.- Author Index.