Sex Toys

January 3, 2012|
Sex Toys


Sex toys are stimulating ways to explore new possibilities in the bedroom. After all, it's fun,and perfectly natural, for both men and women to experiment with sexual potential, whether alone or with a partner. While sex toys are out there in catalogues, shops and on the Internet and have been around for thousands of years,people still find it embarrassing to discuss them openly and to choose from the plethora of intriguing-looking objects all of which are accompanied by extravagant promises.This where this handy book comes in! For some people sex toys can be pleasurable adjuncts to already satisfying sex lives; for others, one or other toy could transform an unsatisfactory sex life. So, in the first section, Bare Essentials, readers will get an overview of how sex toys can add to and possibly spice up their sex lives,while the following three sections Personal Playmates, Lashings of Strappings and Condomania provide road-tested reports on the various items and their alternatives as well as Annes insights into use. The last section, Sex Matters, can ensure that more satisfying and exciting sex can still remain safe.

Title:Sex Toys
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:January 3, 2012
Publisher:Carroll and Brown
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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