Sexy Back: A Proven (& Sexy) Path To A Pain-free, Fitter & Sexier You!

October 25, 2019|
Sexy Back: A Proven (& Sexy) Path To A Pain-free, Fitter & Sexier You!


Millions of Americans suffer from back pain and try all sorts of remedies to ease their suffering. It's unlikely many of them have turned to sex to ease that aching back. Dr. Michel Rice aims to change that. Sexy Back will take you on a journey you never thought possible. This book will teach you the how-tos and the don't-even-think-about-its of becoming a sexier and younger you. That's his promise. In Sexy Back, Rice presents an irreverent, often side-splitting regimen for laying back pain to rest while, umm, getting laid. Rest assured, there is no hype here, just a clear explanation of what causes back pain and the steps to follow a workable program for relief. Remedies involve sharing secret tricks to instantly look and feel sexier, sexercises for your back and core and, for some, it just happens to involve sex! While the tone is light and the exercises have cheerily suggestive names, the science behind them is sound and fully explained, also in a very user-friendly style. He states, "Sexy Back is a hands-on list of activities for better back health, for pain-free sex, and for sex to be pain-free." What about those people who don't currently suffer from back pain? The book is also for people without back pain who want to learn the program in order to go out there and heal the world (get laid). As a Sexy Back reader, you can also consult with Rice and his Sexy Back trainer team directly, receive a signed copy of Sexy Back with a personalized prescription to have more sex to help you heal back pain (yours or someone else's), and receive a special price on the upcoming online sexercise video streaming program. Join the Sexy Back Club to share your personal challenges and gains on a private or community level. Trainers, pay attention! Sexy Back can certify you as a specialist to help back pain sufferers (with sexercises, of course) and once certified you can receive direct patient referrals from our growing member's list. Client referral licenses are GPS-based.

Title:Sexy Back: A Proven (& Sexy) Path To A Pain-free, Fitter & Sexier You!
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:October 25, 2019
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780993839450

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