Silence Uttered: A Tale of Unity

May 15, 2015|
Silence Uttered: A Tale of Unity by Catherine Klinger
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This magical book solves the puzzle of life. It's destined to become classic reading for all ages. When Ego and his best friend Greed bring the world to the brink of destruction, Silence utters the only message worth hearing. The message is going viral around the world and it will change your life.

Find keys to inner harmony and global reconciliation in this one-of-a-kind literary work for all ages. Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, and Joseph Campbell influenced this spiritually profound tale. Pacific Book Review says: “Author Catherine Klinger has developed a sweet tale about human nature, told with deliciously clever turns of phrases, which will resonate with all those seeking to live mindfully and spiritually in a material world of seemingly base values…”

The book tells an amusing yet profound story about where we come from, how we got disconnected, and why it’s time for taking a more holistic view of our personal and collective next steps. Don’t let the simple story-line fool you; this is a book that presents a life-changing worldview veiled in many layers of meaning. Klinger conveys the recurring theme of simultaneous sameness and difference in captivating verse. Reviewer Erin Lund writes: “The chapter titles are as intriguing as the subject matter, providing shape to the running narrative, from The Beginning, to The File Box, The Game, Revolution, and finally resolving itself with Partners. The last chapter is telling, in hinting that Unity does not remain united throughout the tale, for only in separation can partners be had…What I really appreciate about this author’s message is that differences are a part of nature, and are not…inherently divisive…Too often today discussions are approached from this vantage point, and attempt to resolve all conflicts with rendering as many variances into sameness a possible, to quell problems…There is also a subtle lesson here in all that unity includes, and also what it does not—namely, uniformity. Unity as Oneness is very different from the idea of sameness, or singularity. While her original unity separates and begins to examine its various parts, and discover conflict among them, the parts themselves—which speak on their own—begin to see how they are a part of each other, defining each other, providing meaning for each other, that they work with one another resulting in partnership, rather than opposition…”

Title:Silence Uttered: A Tale of UnityFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:May 15, 2015Publisher:Catherine KlingerLanguage:English

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