Simple Balanced Self Reliance by Dave Author

Simple Balanced Self Reliance

byDave Author

Kobo ebook | January 1, 2014

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We have looked at why the need to prepare, now the rest of this book is how to prepare.  
"Assume the worst, hope for the best, and be prepared for whatever happens." Dave Author.
How to prepare : the 4 B's : Bible, Beans, Bullion and Bullets.
In that order. First priority is understanding the truth from the Bible. This is the best advice anywhere because its from our designer and creator. The advice never changes because it was the best in the first place. Many so called experts who write books later change their mind, including dare I say it this very author. I'm sure I will revise some thoughts in this book over the years. That's the difference with the Bible its the only book ever not written by humans it was written by God. 
Next is having food and water stored before a crisis, more on that next chapter. Once you understand about monetary history the next priority is to turn your depreciating paper or digital currency units into real money, the next B is for bullion, specifically silver bullion. Silver, next to oil, is the single most important commodity and strategic resource on the planet. Take your boat out of the financial water before the storm hits. This means selling ALL of any paper investments of any kind including retirement funds you have and ordering real bullion that you take delivery of. Last of all is bullets, well in the UK guns are highly illegal and that makes it a great place to live, there are hardly any guns compared to other countries. Air rifles are legal and pellets can be bought or made very cheaply. Modern PCP air rifles can be quickfire multishot semi automatic with infra-red sighting and much better value than other firearms that need bullets. Instead of gunpowder your using air which is free. You can get a good hand pump to fill your compressed air cartridges and use them for hunting, as well as your trapping for meat. You can carry 1000 rounds in your pockets and at very low cost compared to other firearms and ammo. A tactical lamp / laser can also be fitted. You can fix your night vision scope then it can also be used for self defence as well as hunting especially if using home made exploding ammo which is ideal for home defence (read more on this later), although not lethal well not likely to be fatal but will cause serious damage and more importantly fright which is what I want because I do not want to kill anyone just scare them away, so would much more be inclined to use it over another firearm. A few shots in quick succession should be enough to make any intruders think again about not turning around and never coming back.
So the first B is for Bible and is by far the most important. If you have not already studied the Bible and even if you have in the past I strongly encourage everyone to arrange a free home Bible study course. If you log on to almost where ever you are in the world a free home Bible study can be arranged. In over 400 languages someone can meet with you and regularly study the truth with you for free with no obligations. This sounds too good to be true but it really is true almost anywhere in the world in any language, Maybe stealthily in places like N,Korea and a few other paces but this is the only organisation who can do this globally in any language for free with no obligation. Just as was prophesied in the Bible when it says in Matt 24:14 this good news will be preached in the entire inhabited Earth.
Chris Duane was the originator of the silver bullet against those causing the global crisis and the silver shield to protect yourself from the coming collapse and he started the silver bullet silver shield movement. He says what you need to concentrate on are - real friends, real skills and real assets.  As apposed to virtual friends, virtual assets and virtual skills (computer only). 
Real friends are those you can talk to happily for hours until the early hours. Friends that you can trust. Not facebook friends who you do not interact with in the real world. The reality of the whole Face book experience, is that it never really seemed real.  Despite how many friends you may have on Face book or similar program, the fact is we're very lucky to have a handful of real friends in our lives.  Having more superficial ‘look at me’ contact with others, does not improve our lives.  If anything, it detracts from it, as life becomes less human. “LOL” pales in comparison to the real laugh out loud of sharing experience with a friend. The more “LOL's” we share online, the less it means.  Sooner or later everything is just an electronic dance of acronyms trying to fulfil some missing part of your soul.
Friendships where you both share a love of the truth and the only true God are the deepest. Jesus said this is how you will know who his true followers are in the time of the end. He said those who have a love among themselves. This would be a way of identifying the only true religion. There is only one global true religion in all the inhabited Earth made up of every national group that are truly united and truly have love among themselves. They are the only ones doing what Jesus said to "go therefore and make disciples of people of every nation." So next time they knock on your door take the time to listen to what they say. Or go to and arrange to talk to someone.
Once you have real friends, it is time to get real skills to be self reliant in a simple balanced way. Real skills now are crucial. It is too late when the temporary international monetary system started in 71 ends and the supply chains are affected for who knows how long. Knowledge and experience you hold between your ears is transportable and can never be taken from you. As I often say in this book be prepared for everything to be taken from you, you could lose everything in the coming collapse. But nobody can take your knowledge and experience. As its held between your ears it is transportable so in the event you are a refugee or similar situation you may not be able to take anything with you. Your knowledge is always with you, in the event you are down to what you can take on your back, you are limited but there is no limit to what you can take in your brain. Our creator has designed our brains to be able to store an infinite amount of data so use as much of it as you can.


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