Simulated Evolution and Learning: 8th International Conference, Seal 2010, Kanpur, India, December 1-4, 2010, Proceeding: 8th Interna by Kalyanmoy DebSimulated Evolution and Learning: 8th International Conference, Seal 2010, Kanpur, India, December 1-4, 2010, Proceeding: 8th Interna by Kalyanmoy Deb

Simulated Evolution and Learning: 8th International Conference, Seal 2010, Kanpur, India, December…

byKalyanmoy DebEditorArnab Bhattacharya, Nirupam Chakraborti

Paperback | November 16, 2010

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evolutionary - gorithms. Manindra Agrawal's talk on "PRIMES is in P" provided a mu- improved version of his celebrated and ground-breaking 2002 work on poly- mial time algorithm for testing prime numbers. The theoretical computation work presented in this keynote lecture should be motivating for the evolutionary optimization and machine learning community at large.
Title:Simulated Evolution and Learning: 8th International Conference, Seal 2010, Kanpur, India, December…Format:PaperbackDimensions:719 pages, 0.01 × 0.01 × 0.02 inPublished:November 16, 2010Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Invited Paper.- Beyond Convexity: New Perspectives in Computational Optimization.- Theoretical Developments.- Optimal ?-Distributions for the Hypervolume Indicator for Problems with Linear Bi-objective Fronts: Exact and Exhaustive Results.- A Parallel Algorithm for Solving Large Convex Minimax Problems.- Towards Efficient and Effective Negative Selection Algorithm: A Convex Hull Representation Scheme.- To Handle Real Valued Input in XCS: Using Fuzzy Hyper-trapezoidal Membership in Classifier Condition.- Development of Optimal Control System for Safe Distance of Platooning Using Model Predictive Control.- A Comparative Study on Theoretical and Empirical Evolution of Population Variance of Differential Evolution Variants.- Generating Sequential Space-Filling Designs Using Genetic Algorithms and Monte Carlo Methods.- Evolutionary Algorithms and Applications.- MP-EDA: A Robust Estimation of Distribution Algorithm with Multiple Probabilistic Models for Global Continuous Optimization.- A Bi-criterion Approach to Multimodal Optimization: Self-adaptive Approach.- On the Flexible Applied Boundary and Support Conditions of Compliant Mechanisms Using Customized Evolutionary Algorithm.- Intensification Strategies for Extremal Optimisation.- Comparing Two Constraint Handling Techniques in a Binary-Coded Genetic Algorithm for Optimization Problems.- Evolving Stories: Tree Adjoining Grammar Guided Genetic Programming for Complex Plot Generation.- Improving Differential Evolution by Altering Steps in EC.- A Dynamic Island-Based Genetic Algorithms Framework.- Solving the Optimal Coverage Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Evolutionary Computation Algorithms.- A Comparative Study of Different Variants of Genetic Algorithms for Constrained Optimization.- Evolutionary FCMAC-BYY Applied to Stream Data Analysis.- UNIFAC Group Interaction Prediction for Ionic Liquid-Thiophene Based Systems Using Genetic Algorithm.- HIER-HEIR: An Evolutionary System with Hierarchical Representation and Operators Applied to Fashion Design.- A Population Diversity-Oriented Gene Expression Programming for Function Finding.- Learning Methodologies.- Evolutionary Optimization of Catalysts Assisted by Neural-Network Learning.- Dominance-Based Pareto-Surrogate for Multi-Objective Optimization.- Learning Cellular Automata Rules for Pattern Reconstruction Task.- Evolving Fuzzy Rules: Evaluation of a New Approach.- A Niched Genetic Programming Algorithm for Classification Rules Discovery in Geographic Databases.- Artificial Neural Network Modeling for Estimating the Depth of Penetration and Weld Bead Width from the Infra Red Thermal Image of the Weld Pool during A-TIG Welding.- Swarm Reinforcement Learning Method Based on an Actor-Critic Method.- XCS Revisited: A Novel Discovery Component for the eXtended Classifier System.- Supplanting Neural Networks with ODEs in Evolutionary Robotics.- Parallel Distributed Implementation of Genetics-Based Machine Learning for Fuzzy Classifier Design.- Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Feature Selection: Application in Bankruptcy Prediction.- Tile Pasting P System with Multiple-Edge Pasting.- Modeling and Automation of Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetes.- The Evolution of Fuzzy Classifier for Data Mining with Applications.- PID Step Response Using Genetic Programming.- Divide and Evolve Driven by Human Strategies.- A Genetic Algorithm for Assigning Individuals to Populations Using Multi-locus Genotyping.- Extended Q-Learning Algorithm for Path-Planning of a Mobile Robot.- An XML Format for Sharing Evolutionary Algorithm Output and Analysis.- Car Setup Optimisation.- Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms and Applications.- Robustness of Multi-objective Optimal Solutions to Physical Deterioration through Active Control.- Non-dimensional Multi-objective Performance Optimization of Single Stage Thermoelectric Cooler.- Multi-Objective Optimization of Particle Reinforced Silicone Rubber Mould Material for Soft Tooling Process.- Comparative Application of Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms to the Voltage and Reactive Power Optimization Problem in Power Systems.- Bayesian Reliability Analysis under Incomplete Information Using Evolutionary Algorithms.- Optimisation of Double Wishbone Suspension System Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm.- Self-Controlling Dominance Area of Solutions in Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization.- Optimum Design of Balanced SAW Filters Using Multi-Objective Differential Evolution.- Optimizing the Risk of Occupational Health Hazard in a Multiobjective Decision Environment using NSGA-II.- Tuning Process Parameters of Electrochemical Machining Using a Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm: A Preliminary Study.- The Optimization versus Survival Problem and Its Solution by an Evolutionary Multi Objective Algorithm.- Synthesis of Difference Patterns for Monopulse Antenna Arrays - An Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization Approach.- Performance of Lognormal Probability Distribution in Crossover Operator of NSGA-II Algorithm.- Metamodels for Fast Multi-objective Optimization: Trading Off Global Exploration and Local Exploitation.- Integrated Location-Inventory Retail Supply Chain Design: A Multi-objective Evolutionary Approach.- Multi-Objective Job Shop Scheduling Based on Multiagent Evolutionary Algorithm.- A Preference Oriented Two-Layered Multiagent Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi-Objective Job Shop Problems.- Using an Adaptation of a Binary Search Tree to Improve the NSGA-II Nondominated Sorting Procedure.- A Hybrid Method for Multi-Objective Shape Optimization.- Evolutionary Multi-Objective Bacterial Swarm Optimization (MOBSO): A Hybrid Approach.- Multi-Objective Optimisation of Web Business Processes.- Multi Objective Optimization of Planetary Gear Train.- Multi-objective Control Systems Design with Criteria Reduction.- Probabilistic Based Evolutionary Optimizers in Bi-objective Travelling Salesman Problem.- Hybrid Algorithms.- Automatic Shape Independent Shell Clustering Using an Ant Based Approach.- Hybrid Search for Faster Production and Safer Process Conditions in Friction Stir Welding.- Hybrid Optimization Scheme for Radial Basis Function Neural Network.- Modified Levenberg Marquardt Algorithm for Inverse Problems.- Constrained Engineering Design Optimization Using a Hybrid Bi-objective Evolutionary-Classical Methodology.- Industrial Applications.- A Many-Objective Optimisation Decision-Making Process Applied to Automotive Diesel Engine Calibration.- A Modular Decision-Tree Architecture for Better Problem Understanding.- Virtual Manufacturing Cell Design Using a PSO Approach with Alternative Neighbourhood Topologies.- Energy Saving System for Office Lighting by Using PSO and ZigBee Network.- EcoSupply: A Machine Learning Framework for Analyzing the Impact of Ecosystem on Global Supply Chain Dynamics.- A Data-Mining Method for Detection of Complex Nonlinear Relations Applied to a Model of Apoptosis in Cell Populations.- An Implementation of Pareto Set Pursuing Technique for Concept Vehicle Design.- EPIC: Efficient Integration of Partitional Clustering Algorithms for Classification.- Toward Optimal Disk Layout of Genome Scale Suffix Trees.