Simulation of Semiconductor Devices and Processes: Vol.5 by Siegfried SelberherrSimulation of Semiconductor Devices and Processes: Vol.5 by Siegfried Selberherr

Simulation of Semiconductor Devices and Processes: Vol.5

bySiegfried SelberherrEditorHannes Stippel, Ernst Strasser

Paperback | October 18, 2012

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The "Fifth International Conference on Simulation of Semiconductor Devices and Processes" (SISDEP 93) continues a series of conferences which was initiated in 1984 by K. Board and D. R. J. Owen at the University College of Wales, Swansea, where it took place a second time in 1986. Its organization was succeeded by G. Baccarani and M. Rudan at the University of Bologna in 1988, and W. Fichtner and D. Aemmer at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich in 1991. This year the conference is held at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria, September 7 - 9, 1993. This conference shall provide an international forum for the presentation of out­ standing research and development results in the area of numerical process and de­ vice simulation. The miniaturization of today's semiconductor devices, the usage of new materials and advanced process steps in the development of new semiconduc­ tor technologies suggests the design of new computer programs. This trend towards more complex structures and increasingly sophisticated processes demands advanced simulators, such as fully three-dimensional tools for almost arbitrarily complicated geometries. With the increasing need for better models and improved understand­ ing of physical effects, the Conference on Simulation of Semiconductor Devices and Processes brings together the simulation community and the process- and device en­ gineers who need reliable numerical simulation tools for characterization, prediction, and development.
Title:Simulation of Semiconductor Devices and Processes: Vol.5Format:PaperbackDimensions:507 pagesPublished:October 18, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Challenges to Achieving Accurate Three-Dimensional Process Simulation.- Modeling Nano-Structure Devices.- About Boltzmann Equations for Transport Modeling in Semiconductors.- Applied TCAD in Mega-Bits Memory Design.- Process Flow Representation within the VISTA Framework.- A Powerful TCAD System Including Advanced RSM Techniques for Various Engineering Optimization Problems.- Modeling of VLSI MOSFET Characteristics Using Neural Networks.- Coupling a Statistical Process-Device Simulator with a Circuit Layout Extractor for a Realistic Circuit Simulation of VLSI Circuits.- Simulation of Self-Heating Effects in a Power p-i-n Diode.- Impact of Cell Geometries and Electrothermal Effects on IGBT Latch-Up in 2D-Simulation.- On the Influence of Thermal Diffusion and Heat Flux on Bipolar Device and Circuit Performance.- 2-D Electrothermal Simulation and Failure Analysis of GTO Turn-off with Complete Chopper Circuit Parasitics.- 3D Thermal/Electrical Simulation of Breakdown in a BJT Using a Circuit Simulator and a Layout-to-Circuit Extraction Tool.- Nonlocal Oxide Injection Models.- Electron Transport in Silicon Dioxide at Intermediate and High Electric Fields.- Efficient and Accurate Simulation of EEPROM Write Time and its Degradation Using MINIMOS.- Influence of Oxide-Damage on Degradation-Effects in Bipolar-Transistors.- The Application of Sparse Supernodal Factorization Algorithms for Structurally Symmetric Linear Systems in Semiconductor Device Simulation.- Newton-GMRES Method for Coupled Nonlinear Systems Arising in Semiconductor Device Simulation.- Practical Use of a Hierarchical Linear Solver Concept for 3D MOS Device Simulation.- Further Improvements in Nonsymmetric Hybrid Iterative Methods.- Rigorous Microscopic Drift-Diffusion Theory and its Applications to Nanostructures.- Atomistic Evaluation of Diffusion Theories for the Diffusion of Dopants in Vacancy Gradients.- Self Diffusion in Silicon Using the Ackland Potential.- Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation for Low Dopant Diffusion in Silicon.- 3-D Diffusion Models for Chemically-Amplified Resists Using Massively Parallel Processors.- Improvement of Initial Solution Projection in Solving General Semiconductor Equations Including Engery Transport.- A Numerical Implementation of the Energy Balance Equations Based on Physical Considerations.- Construction of Stable Discretization Schemes for the Hydrodynamic Device Model.- Three-Dimensional Implementation of a Unified Transport Model.- Mixed-Mode Multi-Dimensional Device and Circuit Simulation.- Modeling High Concentration Boron Diffusion with Dynamic Clustering: Influence of the Initial Conditions.- Simulation of High-Dose Ion Implantation-Induced Transient Diffusion and of Electrical Activation of Boron in Crystalline Silicon.- Physical Modeling of the Enhanced Diffusion of Boron Due to Ion Implantation in Thin Base npn Bipolar Transistors.- Simulation of Denuded Zone Formation in CZ Silicon.- A Closed Hydrodynamic Model for Hot-Carrier Transport in Submicron Semiconductor Devices.- Critical Assessment of Different Hydrodynamical Models for Avalanche Multiplication Calculation in Silicon Bipolar Transistors.- Dual Energy Transport Model with Coupled Lattice and Carrier Temperatures.- Inclusion of Electron-Electron Scattering in the Spherical Harmonics Expansion Treatment of the Boltzmann Transport Equation.- Quantitative 2D Stress Dependent Oxidation with Viscoelastic Model.- Oxidation Simulation and Growth Kinetics of Thin SiO2 in Pure N2O.- Accurate Simulation of Mechanical Stresses in Silicon During Thermal Oxidation.- Mechanical Stress Simulation During Gate Formation of MOS Devices Considering Crystallization-Induced Stress of p-Doped Silicon Thin Films.- Monte Carlo Simulation of Carrier-Carrier Interaction for Silicon Devices.- Monte Carlo MOSFET Simulator Including Inversion Layer Quantization.- Three-Dimensional Monte Carlo Simulation of Submicronic Devices.- Monte Carlo Analysis of Voltage Fluctuations in Two-Terminal Semiconductor Devices.- Simulation of Sputter Deposition Process by DUPSIM.- Process Simulation for Nonplanar Structures with the Multigrid Solver LiSS.- Multizone Adaptive Grid Generation Technique for Multilayer Multistep Process Simulation.- Process Optimization in a Production Environment Using Simulation and Taguchi Methods.- Optimization of DMOS Transistors for Smart Power Technologies by Simulation and Response Surface Methods.- Improved Technology Understanding through Using Process Simulation and Measurements.- Hot Carrier Suppression for an Optimized 10V CMOS Process.- Electrical Parameter Sensitivity of Deep Submicron and Micron MOSFET Devices with Variation in Processing Conditions.- Predicting Manufacturing Variabilities for Deep Submicron Technologies: Integration of Process, Device, and Statistical Simulations.- An Investigation of Coupled and Decoupled Iterative Algorithms for Energy Balance Calculations.- On the Scharfetter-Gummel Box-Method.- A Spectral Method for the Numerical Simulation of Transit-Time Devices.- PARDESIM - A Parallel Device Simulator on a Transputer Based MIMD-Machine.- An Efficient and Accurate Method to Calculate the Two-Dimensional Scattering Rates in Heterostructure Semiconductors.- Two-Dimensional Numerical Analysis on the Diffusion-Induced Degradation of AlGaAs/GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors.- High Speed Performance of Si Homo-and Si/Si1-xGex Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors.- Analysis of a CMOS-Compatible Vertical Bipolar Transistor.- Finite Element Simulation of Recess Gate MESFETs and HEMTs: The Simulator H2F.- A Smallsignal Databased HEMT Model for Nonlinear Time Domain Simulation.- Noise in Si/Si1-xGex n-channel HEMTs and p-channel FETs.- Drift Velocities and Momentum Distributions of Hot Carriers in MOSFETs at Low Supply Voltages.- Numerical Simulation of MOSFETs Gate Capacitances for the Evaluation of Hot-Carrier Generated Interface States and Trapped Carriers.- An Analytical Device Model Including Velocity Overshoot for Subquartermicrometer MOSFET.- Numerical Modeling of Electrothermal Effects in Semiconductor Devices.- Analysis of Charge Storage in Polysilicon Contacts.- Simulation of the Conduction Mechanisms in Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Film Transistors.- Extraction of Parameters for Balance Equations from Monte-Carlo Simulations.- The Influence of Technological Parameters on Ultra-Short Gate Si-NMOS Transistor Performances.- Semianalytical Universal Simulation of the Electrical Properties of the Permeable Base Transistor.- The Static and Dynamic Behaviour of NPT-IGBTs with Different p+-Anode Designs.- Numerical Modeling and Simulation of Multi-Electrode Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers.- Simulation of Carrier Heating Induced Picosecond Operation of GaInAsP/InP Laser Diode.- Computer Simulation of Inverse Problems of Crystal Growth and Photoconductivity of Graded Band Gap Semiconductors.- Charge Distribution and Capacitance of Double Barrier Resonant Tunneling Diodes.- Generation and Amplification of Microwave Power in Submicron n+nn+ Diodes.- Modelling of IGBTs and LIGBTs for Power Circuit Simulation.- Physical IGBT Model for Circuit Simulations.- Model-Independent Distortion Analysis in SPICE Realized for Complex Modelled Bipolar and MOS Transistors.- A Newly Proposed Delay Improvement on CMOS/SOI Future Technology.- Simulation of a Novel Scheme for 700-1000 V Wiring Applications.- A General Simulation Method for Etching and Deposition Processes.- Two Dimensional Monte Carlo Simulation of Ion Implantation in Crystalline Silicon Considering Damage Formation.- MOSFET Two-Dimensional Doping Profile Determination.- Determination of EBIC Response by Two-Dimensional Device Simulation.- Radiative Heat Transfer with Quasi Monte Carlo Methods.- Numerical Simulation of Piezo-Hall Effects in n-Doped Silicon Magnetic Sensors.- Electro-Elastic Simulation of Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor.- Models for the Chemo-Physical Reactions at the Sensitive Layer of Semiconductor Gas Sensors and their Application in the Simulation of these Devices.- Two-Dimensional Numerical Simulations of High Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells.- Simulation in High Efficiency Solar Cell Research.- Modeling of Breakdown in SOI MOSFETs.- 3D Simulation of MOS Transistors with Inversion Condition in Two Directions.- Quasi Two-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of SiGe/Si MOSFETs.- Large-Signal RF and DC Performance of p-Type Diamond FETs.- 3D Grid Generation for Semiconductor Devices Using a Fully Flexible Refinement Approach.- Grid and Geometry Techniques for Multi-Layer Process Simulation.- Multigrid Becomes a Competitive Algorithm for some 3D Device Simulation Problems.- A 2D Analytical Model of Current-Flow in Lateral Bipolar Transistor Structures.- Consistent Treatment of Carrier Emission and Capture Kinetics in Electrothermal and Energy Transport Models.- Modeling of Electron-Hole Scattering in Semiconductor Power Device Simulation.- Modeling of Localized Lifetime Tailoring in Silicon Devices.- Analytical Model of the Metal-Semiconductor Contact for Device Simulation.- Nonlinear Contact Resistance and Inhomogeneous Current Distribution at Ohmic Contacts.- Simulations of Carrier-Blocking Effects on Cutoff Frequency Characteristics for AlGaAs/GaAs HBTs with Insulating and Semi-Insulating External Collectors.- Non-Stationary Transport HBT Modeling Under Non-Isothermal Conditions.- An Enhanced Two Dimensional Hydrodynamic Energy Model for Transient Time Simulation of Complex Heterostructure Field Effect Transistors.- Evaluation of Effective Device Parameters by Comparison of Measured and Simulated C-V Characteristics for Conventional and Pseudomorphic HEMTs.- Helena: A Physical Modeling for the DC, AC, Noise and Non Linear HEMT Performance.- Lifetime Calculations of MOSFET's Using Depth-Dependent Non-Local Impact Ionization.- Inverse Modeling of Impact Ionization Rate Formula Through Comparison Between Simulation and Experimental Results of MOS Device Characteristics.- The MicroMOS 3D Monte Carlo Simulation Program - a Tool for Verifying the MINIMOS Mobility Models.- Accurate Determination of Silicon Inversion Layer Mobility by the Monte Carlo Method.- Importance of Hole Generation on Modeling and Simulation of Schottky and MESFET Structures.- Thermionic Current in Direct-Indirect Energy-Gap GaAs/AlxGa1-xAs Interfaces.- Preliminary Results of Quantum Directional Coupler Simulation Using a Beam Propagation Method.- Numerical Simulation of Auger-Induced Hot Electron Transport in InGaAsP/InP Double Heterojunction Laser Diodes: Hydrodynamics versus Drift and Diffusion.- Author Index.