Sixth IUTAM Symposium on Laminar-Turbulent Transition: Proceedings of the Sixth IUTAM Symposium on Laminar-Turbulent Transition, Bangalore, India, 200 by Rama GovindarajanSixth IUTAM Symposium on Laminar-Turbulent Transition: Proceedings of the Sixth IUTAM Symposium on Laminar-Turbulent Transition, Bangalore, India, 200 by Rama Govindarajan

Sixth IUTAM Symposium on Laminar-Turbulent Transition: Proceedings of the Sixth IUTAM Symposium on…

EditorRama Govindarajan

Paperback | January 2, 2013

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The dynamics of transition from laminar to turbulent flows remains to this day a major challenge in theoretical and applied mechanics. The subject is of significance in diverse areas like gas turbines, underwater applications, flow control etc. This volume contains 67 papers on instabilities, transition, flow control, etc., of presentations made during the sixth IUTAM symposium on laminar-turbulent transition, Bangalore 2004. It thus equips the reader with the latest in research in this area.
Title:Sixth IUTAM Symposium on Laminar-Turbulent Transition: Proceedings of the Sixth IUTAM Symposium on…Format:PaperbackDimensions:478 pages, 9.45 × 6.3 × 0 inPublished:January 2, 2013Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

INVITED lectures: Laminar separation bubbles, by M. Gaster; Transient growth with application to bypass transition, by Dan Henningson;The role of external disturbances in laminar-turbulent transition, by Xuesong Wu; Modeling the effects of two-dimensional steps on boundary-layer transition, by Jeffrey D Crouch, V.S. Kosorygin, L.L. Ng; Recent observations in the transition to turbulence in a pipe, by Tom Mullin, J. Peixinho; Localised instability in unsteady separation bubbles, by Jaywant H. Arakeri, S.P. Das, Usha Srinivasan; Interaction of separation and transition in boundary layers: Direct Numerical Simulations, by Herman F. Fasel, Dieter Postl; INSTABILITY I: On fundamental instability mechanisms of nominally two-dimensional separation bubbles, by M. Simens, L. Gonzalez, V. Theofilis, R. Gomez-Blanco; A new stability approach for the flow induced by wall injection, by G. Casalis, F. Chedevergne, Th. Feraille, G. Avalon; INSTABILITY II: The pecularities of development of forerunners on longitudinal structures fronts in the boundary layer of a straight wing, by V.N. Gorev, M.M. Katasonov, V.V. Kozlov; Observation of nonlinear travelling waves in turbulent pipe flow, by B. Hof, Casimir W.H.van Doorne, J. Westerweel, Frans T.M. Nieuwstadt; INSTABILITY III: A strange instability with growth normal to a boundary layer, by J. J. Healey; Numerical studies of streak instability in boundary layers, by Luca Brandt, Carlo Cossu, Dan S. Henningson, J.M. Chomaz, P. Huerre; A possible linear instability mechanism in small-scale pipe flows, by Kirti Chandra Sahu; Effects of strong adverse pressure gradients and incident wakes on transition and calming, by J.P. Gostelow, R.L. Thomas; INSTABILITY IV: Effect of free-stream turbulence on a compressible laminar boundary layer, by Pierre Ricco, Xuesong Wu; Effect of viscosity stratification on secondary and nonmodal instabilities, by A. Sameen; Spectral element stability analysis of vortical flows, by Michael S. Broadhurst, V. Theofilis, S.J. Sherwin; INSTABILITY V: Experimental study of resonant interactions of instability waves in an airfoil boundary layer, by D. Sartorius, W. Wurz, T. Ries, M. Kloker, S. Wagner, V.I. Borodulin, Y.S. Kachanov; Klebanoff modes in swept boundary layers, by Karen Kudar, P.W. Carpenter, Christopher Davies; Effects of compressibility and nose radius on instabilities near the attachment line of swept wings, by J. Sesterhenn, R. Friedrich; INSTABILITY VI: Two-dimensional local instability: complete Eigen value spectrum, by Jean-Christophe Robinet, Chloe Pfauwadel; Instability of flow past a cascade of circular cylinders, by Jitesh S.B. Gajjar; A wave driver theory for vortical waves propagating across junctions between rigid and compliant walls, by P.K. Sen, P.W. Carpenter, S. Hegde, C. Davies; FLOW CONTROL I: Optimal suction design for hybrid laminar flow control, by Jan O. Pralits, Ardeshir Hanifi; Transition control in a flat-plate boundary layer, by Seichiiro Izawa, Takeshi Sakai, Ayumu Inasawa, Ao-kui Xiong, Yu Fukunishi; Linear feedback control of transition in shear flows, by Jerome Hoepffner, M. Chevalier, T. Bewley, Dan S. Henningson; Effects of ambient viscosity on the entrainment and dynamics of a buoyant jet, by Manikandan Mathur, K.R. Sreenivas; FLOW CONTROL II: Disturbance development in boundary layers over compliant surfaces, by Christopher Davies, P.W. Carpenter, Reza Ali, D.A. Lockerby; Suppression of wall turbulence based on stability and turbulence analysis using compliant surfaces, by P.K. Sen, P.S. Josan, S.V. Veeravalli; Roughness induced transient growth: nonlinear effects, by Meelan Choudhari, Paul Fischer; Feedback control in spatially growing boundary layers, by Mattias Chevalier, J. Hoepffner, E. Akervik, D.S. Henningson; FLOW CONTROL III: Effect of elastic supports on the critical value of Reynolds number past a cylinder, by Sanjay Mittal, Saurav Singh; Improvement of lift-to-drag ratio of the aero-train, by Yasuaki P. Kohama, Dong-hee Yoon; In-flight and wind tunnel measurements of natural and of controlled instabilities on a laminar flow airfoil, by Inken Peltzer, Wolfgang Nitsche; TRANSITION I: Inherent mechanism of breakdown in laminar-turbulent transition, by Luo Ji-sheng, Wang Xin-jun, Zhou Heng; Experimental and numerical analysis of unsteady boundary layer transition using continuous wavelet transform, by Gilles Studer, Daniel Arnal, R. Houdeville, A. Seraudie; Nonlinear nonlocal analysis of crossflow-dominated transition scenarios using DNS-like resolution, by Stefan Hein; TRANSITION II: The effect of length scale of free stream turbulence on boundary layer transition, by Toshiaki Kenchi, Masaharu Matsubara; Unsteady disturbance generation and amplification in the boundary-layer flow behind a medium-sized roughness element, by Ulrich Rist, Anke Jager; TRANSITION III: Experimental study of the stabilization of Tollmien-Schlichting waves by finite amplitude streaks, by Jens H.M. Fransson, Luca Brandt, A. Talamelli, C. Cossu; Development of streamwise streaks in a quasi-laminar boundary layer downstream of localized suction, by Masahito Asai, Yasufumi Konishi, Y. Oizumi, M. Nishioka; TRANSITION IV: The transition to turbulence of the torsional couette flow, by Anne Cros, Patrice Le Gal; Nonlinear wave packets in boundary layers, by Marcello A.F. Medieros; Applicability of LES models for prediction of transitional flow structures, by Philipp Schlatter, Steffen Stolz, Leonhard Kleiser; TRANSITION V: Turbulent spots in a compressible boundary-layer flow, by L. Krishnan, N.D. Sandham; Active boundary layer tripping using oscillatory vorticity generator, by Tal Yehoshua, Avi Seifert; Resonant mode interaction in a canonical separated flow, by Rajat Mittal, Rupesh B. Kotapati; Stability and transition in the flow of polymer solutions, by Paresh Chokshi, V. Kumaran; COMPRESSIBLE FLOW: Experimental study of turbulence beginning and transition control in a supersonic boundary layer on a swept wing, by N.V. Semionov, A.D. Kosinov, V.Ya. Levchenko; Transition investigation on hypersonic flat-plate boundary layer flows with chemical and thermal non-equilibrium, by Christian Stemmer; CROSS FLOW: Characteristics of unsteady disturbances due to streamline-curvature instability in a three-dimensional boundary layer, by Shohei Takagi, Naoko Tokugawa, Nobutake Itoh; Receptivity of swept attachment line boundary layer to free-stream vorticity, by Maxim V. Ustinov; Observations of crossflow transition on a swept wing with GAW-2 airfoil section, by V. Krishnan, R. Mukund, P.R. Viswanath; SEPARATED FLOW: DNS of separation-induced transition influenced by free-stream fluctuations, by Jan Wissink, Wolfgang Rodi; The effect of sweep on laminar separation bubbles, by Tilmann Hetsch, Ulrich Rist; On the bursting criterion for laminar separation bubbles, by S.S. Diwan, S.J. Chetan, O.N. Ramesh; POSTER SESSION: Non-linear interaction of Goertler vortices and Tollmien Schlichting waves, by Leandro F. Souza , Marcio T. Mendonca, Marcello A.F. Medeiros; Experiments on streamwise vortices in a swept wing boundary layer and their secondary instability, by V.V. Kozlov, Valery G. Chernoray, A.V. Dovgal, L. Loefdahl; Breakdown of a streak via development of varicose secondary mode on the straight wing with pressure gradient, by V.V. Kozlov, Valery G. Chernoray, Yury A. Litvinenko, L. Loefdahl; Linear optimal control of transition in plane channel flows using different objective functions, by K. Rajesh, Manmohan Pandey, Anoop K. Dass; Estimator-based control of transition in plane channel flows using various covariance matrices, by K. Rajesh, Manmohan Pandey, Anoop K. Dass; Control of turbulent boundary layers by uniform wall suction and blowing, by Shuya Yoshioka, P. Henrik Alfredsson; Stability of compliant pipe flow to axisymmetric and non-axisymmetric disturbances, by P.K. Sen, Munendra Kumar, A.K. Raghava; Large Eddy simulation of rotating channel flow by using a new dynamic one-equation subgrid scale model, by R.K. Akula, A. Sadiki, J. Janicka.