Sleep and Brain Plasticity by Pierre MaquetSleep and Brain Plasticity by Pierre Maquet

Sleep and Brain Plasticity

EditorPierre Maquet, Carlyle Smith, Robert Stickgold

Hardcover | January 8, 2004

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Sleep has long been a topic of fascination for artists and scientists. Why do we sleep? What function does sleep serve? Why do we dream? What significance can we attach to our dreams? We spend so much of our lives sleeping, yet its precise function is unclear, in spite of our increasing understanding of the processes generating and maintaining sleep. We now know that sleep can be accompanied by periods of intense cerebral activity, yet only recently has experimental datastarted to provide us with some insights into the type of processing taking place in the brain as we sleep. There is now strong evidence that sleep plays a crucial role in learning and in the consolidation of memories. Once the preserve of psychoanalysts, 'dreaming' is now a topic of increasinginterest amongst scientists. With research into sleep growing, this volume is both timely and valuable in presenting a unique study of the relationship between sleep, learning, and memory. It brings together a team of international scientists researching sleep in both human and animal subjects.Aimed at researchers within the fields of neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, psychiatry, and neurology, this book will be an important first step in developing a full scientific understanding of the most intriguing state of consciousness.
Pierre Maquet is at Cyclotron Research Center, University of Liege, Belgium. Carlyle Smith is in the Department of Psychology, Trent University, Ontario, Canada. Robert Stickgold is in the Department of Psychiatry, Boston University Medical School.
Title:Sleep and Brain PlasticityFormat:HardcoverDimensions:396 pages, 9.45 × 6.61 × 1.02 inPublished:January 8, 2004Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Howard Eichenbaum: ForewordPierre Maquet, Carlyle Smith, and Robert Stickgold: IntroductionSection 1: Human Behaviour1. Robert Stickgold: Memory, cognition, and dreams2. Robert Stickgold: Human studies of sleep and off-line memory reprocessing3. Jan Born and Steffen Gais: Roles of early and late nocturnal sleep for the consolidation of human memories4. Rebecca Nader and Carlyle Smith: A role for stage 2 sleep in memory processingSection 2: Animal Behaviour5. Elizabeth Hennevin: Expression and modulation of memory traces during paradoxical sleep6. Carlyle Smith: The REM sleep window and memory processing7. Subimal Datta and Elissa H. Patterson: Activation of phasic pontine wave (P-wave): a mechanism of learning and memory processing8. Antonio Giuditta, Paola Montagnese, Stefania Piscopo, and Stefania Vescia: The role of sleep in memory processing: the sequential hypothesisSection 3: Sleep and Neural Development9. Majid Mirmiran and Ronald L Ariagno: Role of REM sleep in brain development and plasticity10. Marcus G Frank and Michael P Stryker: The role of sleep in the development of central visual pathwaysSection 4: Systems level11. Philippe Peigneux, S Laureys, Axel Cleeremans, and Pierre Maquet: Cerebral correlates of memory consolidation during human sleep: contribution of functional neuroimaging12. Bruce McNaughton, CA Barnes, FP Battaglia, MR Bower, SL Cowen, AD Ekstrom, JL Gerrard, KL Hoffman, Y Karten, P Lipa, CMA Pennartz, and GR Sutherland: Off-line reprocessing of recent memory and its role in memory consolidation: a progress report13. Gyorgy Buzsaki, Daniel Carpi, Jozsef Csicsvari, George Dragoi, Kenneth Harris, Darrell Henze, and Hajime Hirase: Maintenance and modification of firing rates and sequences in the hippocampus: does sleep play a role?14. Mircea Steriade and Igor Timofeev: Neuronal plasticity during sleep oscillations in corticothalamic systemsSection 5: Cellular level15. Kevin M Hellman and Ted Abel: Molecular mechanisms of memory consolidation16. Constantine Pavlides and Sidarta Ribeiro: Recent evidence of memory processing in sleep17. James M Krueger, Ferenc Obal Jr., Joseph W Harding, John W Wright, and Lynn Churchill: Sleep modulation of the expression of plasticity markers