Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention: A Practical Handbook, Second Edition by Steven Di PillaSlip, Trip, and Fall Prevention: A Practical Handbook, Second Edition by Steven Di Pilla

Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention: A Practical Handbook, Second Edition

bySteven Di PillaEditorSteven Di Pilla

Hardcover | July 28, 2009

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More than one million people suffer from a slip, trip, or fall each year and 17,700 died as a result of falls in 2005. They are the number one preventable cause of loss in the workplace and the leading cause of injury in public places. Completely revised,Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention: A Practical Handbook, Second Editiondemonstrates how, with proper design and maintenance, many of these events can be prevented.

This well-illustrated and carefully researched volume covers standards and best practices for facility design, effective management control programs, test methods and standards relating to pedestrian safety, and slip resistance methods in the U.S. and abroad. It includes checklists, handouts, case studies, rich online resources, and an extensive bibliography.

See what's new in the Second Edition:

  • Enhanced photographs and tables, profiles of online resources, updated examples, case studies, and sidebars
  • A new chapter on the unique hazards and controls to protect staff and patrons in food service
  • A new chapter on known parameters and causes of patient falls, assessment methods, and methods for reduction of staff falls
  • Discussion of flooring and floor maintenance, cleaning products and methods, outsourcing, and maintenance
  • Coverage of management controls, a holistic approach to integrating slip/fall prevention controls into existing functions, hazard mapping, and electronic inspection systems
  • Physical aspects of rubber walkways surfaces, expanded floor mats, new stairway statistics, visibility, and design
  • Roughness measurements, perception of slipperiness, overseas standards, profiles of high risk industries, and accident investigation

Contrary to popular belief, most slips and falls are not due to carelessness. This handbook examines the many options available in the design and maintenance of facilities that can reduce or eliminate the potential for slips and falls.

Title:Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention: A Practical Handbook, Second EditionFormat:HardcoverDimensions:480 pages, 9.2 × 6.1 × 1.2 inPublished:July 28, 2009Publisher:Taylor and FrancisLanguage:English

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ISBN - 10:1420082345

ISBN - 13:9781420082340


Table of Contents

Physical Evaluation




Level Walkway Surfaces

Level Walkway Surfaces and Water

Parking Areas

Changes in Levels



Guards (or Guardrails)


Floor Mats/Entrances and Exits







Reference Standards


Slip and Fall Self-Assessment Checklist

State Mandated Building Codes

Management Controls


Engineering Precept

Integrate Controls

Behavioral Safety and Pedestrian Traffic Flow

Building Inspection and Maintenance Programs

Slip/Fall Hazard Self-Inspection Programs

Spill and Wet Program

Recommended Practices for Snow Removal


Contractual Risk Transfer

Construction, Renovation, and Special Event Planning

Loss Analysis


Facility and Parking Lots: Hourly Inspection Log

Sample Snow Removal Report

Slip Resistance Test Results Format

Sample Walkway Surface Design Audit

Sample Walkway Surfaces Inspection

Principles of Slip Resistance


Principles of Friction

Slip Resistance Defined

Slip Resistance Factors

The Mechanics of Walking

Causation Between Incident and Injury

Slip Resistance Scale

Surface Roughness

Wet Surfaces

Human Perception of Slipperiness

Classes of Tribometers

Hunter Machine

US Tribometers


James Machine

Horizontal Pull Slipmeter (HPS)

Horizontal Dynamometer Pull-Meter (C21 Ceramic Whitewares and Related Products)

Brungraber Mark I Articulated Strut Slip Tester (PAST)

Brungraber Mark II Portable Inclinable Articulated Strut Slip Tester (PIAST)

English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer (VIT)

Test Pad Material

Uses for Tribometers

Operator Qualifications of Competency

Equipment Calibration and Maintenance

Progress on the ASTM "Gold" Standard

Other Groundbreaking Research


Comparison Chart: US Slip Resistance Test Methods

Comparison Chart: Slip Resistance Test Methods Not Recognized in the US

Neolite Patent

US Standards and Guidelines


Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Access Board Recommendations

Federal Specifications

US Military Specifications (Navy)

ASTM International

NFPA International

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Underwriters Laboratories

Model Building Codes

Obsolete Standards

US-Based Industry Associations Involved with Slip Resistance


OSHA Report on Slip Resistance for Structural Steel

Flooring and Floor Maintenance


The Threshold of Safety

Identifying Types of Flooring and Their Properties

Floor Finishes and Their Properties

The Impact of Wear

Floor Cleaning

Carpet Maintenance

Assessment of Floor Treatment/Cleaning Products and Methods

Floor Maintenance Certification

Floor Treatment Study


Slip Resistant Floor Treatment Study

Overseas Standards


Slip and Fall Statistics Overseas

Overseas Standard Development

Ramp Tests

Pendulum Testers

Digitized Dragsleds

Other Dragsleds

Roller Coaster Tests

Portable Friction Tester

International Standards

Overseas Organizations Involved in Slip Resistance


National Standards Bodies

Approaches to Standards Development



Footwear Design for Slip Resistance



Other Selection Guidelines

Other Protective Features


Footwear Programs

Federal Specifications ' USPS No. 89C

Consensus Standards

International Footwear Standards for Slip Resistance

German ' DIN 4843-100

Food Service Operations


Exposure Overview

Pedestrian Flow and Slips, Trips, and Falls

Floor Surfaces/Housekeeping

Floor Mats


Multiple Intervention Study


Floor Mat Cleaning Matrix

Kitchen Slip/Fall Hazard Assessment

Healthcare Operations


Known Parameters of Patient Falls

Causes of Patient Falls

Calculating Fall Rates


Reducing Employee Falls


Psycho-Social Aspects of Falls

Profiles of Other High Risk Industries


All Occupancies

Hospitality (Lodging)

Mercantile (Retail)




Stadium-Style Seating (Theater)

Sample Footwear Policy for Trucking Fleets

Theater Inspection Log ' Common Areas

Accident Investigation


Pitfalls of Accident Reporting and Investigation

Theories of Liability

Accident Investigation

Incident Reporting

Occurrence Analysis

Claim Mitigation

Fraud Control Indicators

Fraud Control

Admissibility of Expert Testimony


Staff Issues


Accident Reporting and Investigation Guide

Ramp Fall Accidents

Slippery Surfaces

Stairway Fall Accidents

Sample Accident Investigation - Parking Company