Sniper Missions - The Business of War and the War of Business or J'accuse... Encore une fois! by Bruce L Erasmus

Sniper Missions - The Business of War and the War of Business or J'accuse... Encore une fois!

byBruce L Erasmus, D Robert Bruce

Kobo ebook | January 8, 2012

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Judgement Day is here! But what if everything that you have ever been taught is wrong? What if it is Lord Satan who judges you, and not God, or Allah, or JHWH?

Set against the backdrop of the potential early onset of the ravages of advanced climate change, comes the story of the meltdown of the mind of a very special kind of fighter.  In every army on Earth, there is a tiny elite: The men who fight using no more than their minds.  The men who control how YOU think.  When any normal veteran snaps, he takes up a gun and kills a few civilians, and possibly one or two members of the Law Enforcement team sent to stop him.  When a disgruntled military propagandist goes rogue, his hunting ground is YOUR mind, and the results for humanity are catastrophic.  Billions will die.  And no one can stop him.

What if the solution to climate change is genocide?  This is the inescapable conclusion that the protagonist of this book comes to, and the target is the 1%

The world's ubermoneyed.

Do you remember Marlon Brando as Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now?  The good soldier, from an upper class background, gone native.  Sitting in a temple surrounded by wozza-wozzas.  Reading his poetry. Surrounded by death and blood.  Didn't you every wonder why?  What snapped?  Well here are the answers to your questions.

This Apocalypse is Now!  In this one soldier's madness, all of the Biblical prophecies in the Book of Revelation are fulfilled.  He proves himself to be the Antichrist revealed.  This he does by showing you how climate change means the end of the world as we know it.  Not content with completing all of the prophecies given in the Book of Revelation, the protagonist then proceeds to complete all of the prophecy in the hadith, or sayings, of Islam's Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as well as those in the Torah and the Talmud as well.

This book is the completion of every true prophecy given by every true prophet including Nostradamus.  This means that the author of this tale within a tale, is Lord Satan incarnate, who is here to herald the worldwide catastrophe that we know as Armageddon and also to trigger the massive loss of life known as The Tribulations.

Drawing on his experiences as a soldier who served alongside the Bushmen in one of the Cold War's hot conflicts, and as an award winning businessman, as well as his true passion, which is as a social scientist, the protagonist leads you to the logical conclusion that the solution to climate change is the systematic, mechanised slaughter of the seventy million wealthiest people on this planet.  Who in turn will slaughter the rest of us.

Military skills are combined with a comprehensive philosophical sociobiology of the human race that leads you, like him, to one horrific conclusion.  Kill the ubermoneyed.  Our planet demands it.  Your life depends on it.  And, more importantly, so do your children's children.

This is life through the eyes of a paranoid, schizophrenic, psychopath.  The lone gunman, the serial killer, the terrorist, who incidentally is also a sexual deviant: In short, he is the most evil man alive. Yet is also a man who stands head and shoulders above the best alive today.  A truly moral man.  A soldier who returned from the Heart of Darkness to say “J'accuse... Encore une fois!"

A man whose message, his Broken Arrow, is simply that: Earth expects that every woman and man will do their duty.


Title:Sniper Missions - The Business of War and the War of Business or J'accuse... Encore une fois!Format:Kobo ebookPublished:January 8, 2012Publisher:BE BooksLanguage:English

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