May 10, 2015|
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Snuff, a first person point of view-journal styled story based in a small Indiana town, known for two things - it's fields of nothing but weeds and sadly, it’s methamphetamine problem. Narrating us through this tale of woe, the root of many innocent lives turned upside down, Hank Bonacci – America’s number one dealer and bad guy (in his eyes).

During a deal gone wrong and facing the beating of his life, Hank had suddenly found himself intertwined within the drama of a family of junkies. A family full of junkies, that is in exception to the sole daughter and soon to be high school graduate, Samantha Tuffer. Intrigued by this young female, Hank has an uncontrollable desire to grow close with the young female.

Samantha, young and bright, had promising future clear ahead of her. She had every intention to leave her embarrassing disgrace of a family in the dust once the time came. Unfortunately for her, blood turns out to be thicker than water, and the young female finds herself bare-backed against a wall with a decision that will throw her future down the drain no matter which road chosen. Both of these newly formed roads have been paved by none other than, Hank...

Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 10, 2015
Publisher:Benjamin Dickson
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780983982920

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