Sociology: A Canadian Perspective

Hardcover | December 17, 2015

EditorLorne Tepperman, Patrizia Albanese

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Still the most comprehensive and accessible Canadian introduction to sociological theory and issues available, this fourth edition encourages students to identify and analyze how sociology intersects with their own lives. With chapters contributed by over 30 renowned Canadian sociologistswriting in their areas of expertise, this book offers extensive Canadian and international examples and a unified voice throughout. New to this edition is a chapter on technology and society that examines a number of fascinating issues - from technology and inequality, to online identity, tocyberbullying and online deviance - giving students insight into how technology has affected their everyday lives. The text also includes a new "Researchers in Action" boxed feature that profiles Canadian sociologists, giving students examples of the exciting work that has been undertaken in varioussub-disciplines of sociology, right here in Canada. Incisive, authoritative, and engaging, Sociology: A Canadian Perspective offers an in-depth introduction to this dynamic discipline.

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Still the most comprehensive and accessible Canadian introduction to sociological theory and issues available, this fourth edition encourages students to identify and analyze how sociology intersects with their own lives. With chapters contributed by over 30 renowned Canadian sociologistswriting in their areas of expertise, this book o...

Lorne Tepperman is a professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto. He served as chair of the department from 1997 to 2003 and has won many teaching awards, including the Dean's Excellence Award, an Outstanding Teaching Award from the Faculty of Arts and Science, and an Oswald Hall Teaching Award given by the De...

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Table of Contents

Tables, Figures, BoxesPrefaceContributorsLorne Tepperman and Patrizia Albanese: Introduction: Why Not Become a Sociologist?IntroductionA Definition of SociologyHow Sociology Differs from Other Academic FieldsConclusionPart I: Theory and Methodology1. Anthony Thomson: Sociological TheoryIntroduction: Why Theory?The Birth of Sociology in the Age of RevolutionClassical SociologyMicrosociologyFeminist SociologyPower and ResistanceModernism and Post-modernismConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended Websites2. Bruce Arai: Research MethodsIntroductionSociology as a ScienceTheory and ResearchResearch TechniquesThe Context of Sociological ResearchConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended WebsitesPart II: Major Social Processes3. Shyon Baumann: Culture and Culture ChangeWhy Study Culture?What Is Culture?The Role of Culture in Social TheoryCultural RealmsCultural DynamicsCanadian CultureConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended Websites4. Brbara A. Mitchell: SocializationIntroduction: What Is Socialization?Human Behaviour-Nature or Nurture?Theorizing SocializationThe FamilyThe Peer GroupSchoolsMass MediaThe Life Course, Aging, and SocializationSocialization Processes: Pawns, Puppets, or Free Agents?ConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended Websites5. Dorothy Pawluch and William Shaffir: Statuses, Roles, Self, and IdentityIntroductionA Functionalist View of Statuses and RolesSymbolic Interactionism: Roles, Self, and IdentityConflict PerspectivesConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended Websites6. Lorne Tepperman: Groups and OrganizationsIntroductionSets of PeopleCliquesBureaucraciesHow Bureaucracies Actually WorkConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended Websites7. Vincent F. Sacco and Alicia D. Horton: DevianceIntroductionWhat Is Deviance?Deviance as a Sociological ConceptResearching DevianceThe Sociology of Deviant BehaviourMaking Sense of the "Facts" of Deviant BehaviourThe Sociology of Deviant CategoriesDeviance and Post-modernismConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended WebsitesPart III: Types of Social Inequality8. Sara J. Cumming and Ann D. Duffy: Class and Status InequalityIntroductionClass and Status Inequalities in Sociological ThoughtUnderstanding PovertyPolicies to Address PovertyConclusion: Social and Economic Inequalities - Future TrendsQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended Websites9. Janet Siltanen and Andrea Doucet: Gender RelationsIntroduction: Gender Relations and YouThinking SociologicallyLiving Gendered LivesOn to the Future: Gender Relations and Social ChangeQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended WebsitesNotes10. Patrizia Albanese: SexualityIntroductionSexuality over the CenturiesThe Scientific Study of SexSociology of Sex: Theoretical and Methodological ApproachesSexual Citizenship in Canada and ElsewhereSex and the WorkplaceCybersex, Pornography, and the InternetSexual OffencesConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended Websites11. Nikolaos I. Liodakis: Ethnic and Race RelationsIntroductionA Brief History of Ethnicity and RaceRecent Approaches: Critical Race Theory and Post-colonialismBuilding One Nation or Two: Canada's Development through ImmigrationThe New Mosaic: Recent Canadian ImmigrationMulticulturalism and Its DiscontentsPrejudice and RacismCulturalism and Political Economy: Explanations for Socio-economic InequalitiesThe Vertical Mosaic Then and the Colour-Coded Mosaic TodayEarnings Differentials within Ethnic Groups: The Roles of Class, Gender, and Place of BirthConclusion: The Future of Race and EthnicityQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended WebsitesNotes12. Lynn McDonald: The Social Aspects of AgingIntroductionThe Demographic ImperativeSocial Theories in the Field of AgingThe Basics: Health, Income, and Social ConnectednessConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended WebsitesPart IV: Social Institutions13. Maureen Baker: Families and Personal LifeIntroductionFamily VariationsExplaining Family Patterns and PracticesRecent Issues in Canadian FamiliesReforming Canadian Family PoliciesFuture FamiliesConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended Websites14. Terry Wotherspoon: EducationIntroductionThe Changing Face of EducationAlternative Accounts of Educational Growth and DevelopmentEducational ParticipantsEducational Policy, Politics, and IdeologiesEducation, Work, and FamiliesEducation and New TechnologiesEducational Opportunities and InequalitiesConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended Websites15. Pamela Sugiman: Work and the EconomyIntroductionWorld Economic SystemsThe Global EconomyThe Capitalist Economy: Where People WorkSocial ReproductionThe Social Organization of Work TodayThe Changing Face of Labour: Diversity among WorkersWorkers' Coping and Resistance: The Struggle for Dignity and RightsConclusion: Work in the Future, Our Future as WorkersQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended Websites16. Juanne Clarke: Health IssuesIntroductionTheoretical PerspectivesThe Sociology of Health, Illness, Disease, and SicknessSociology of MedicineConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended Websites17. Lori G. Beaman: Religion in CanadaIntroductionReligion in ProfileDefinitions of ReligionNew Religious MovementsTheories of Religion and SocietyThe Quiet RevolutionReligion and LawReligion and GenderConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended Websites18. Howard Ramos and Karen Stanbridge: Politics and Political MovementsIntroductionPowerThe StateCultural and Social ProcessesInstitutional ProcessesTransnationalismConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended Websites19. John Veugelers and Randle Hart: Social MovementsIntroductionWhat Is a Social Movement?Theoretical ApproachesThe Analysis of Social MovementsConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended WebsitesPart V: Canadian Society and the Global Context20. Pierre Beaudet: Challenges of GlobalizationIntroductionGlobalizations and GlobalizationThe Contested Impact of Neo-liberal GlobalizationBreaking Barriers: Culture and TechnologyThe Great DebateOne Global World: Prospects and ConstraintsFailing ProcessesWidening Gaps through the CrisisGlobalization into the Twenty-First CenturyAnti- or Alter-Globalization?Conclusion: Multitudes and "Glocal"Questions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended WebsitesNotes21. Frank Trovato: Population and SocietyIntroductionDemographic Change and Social ChangeWorld PopulationAge Compositions of Developed and Developing CountriesTheories of Population ChangeCanada's Population: An OverviewFertilityConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended Websites22. Louis Guay and Pierre Hamel: Cities and Urban SociologyIntroduction: Understanding CitiesUrban Sociology: Past and PresentThe Rise and Demise of the Industrial CityUrban Governance and Metropolitan IssuesCities, the Environment, and Sustainable DevelopmentConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended Websites23. David Young: Mass Media and CommunicationIntroductionSociological Theories of the MediaPolitical Economy of the MediaCultural Studies of the MediaThe Internet: Extending Political Economy and Cultural StudiesConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended Websites24. G. Keith Warriner: The EnvironmentIntroductionThe Basics of Environmental SociologyThe Environment and Ecological ScarcityThe Environment and Social TheoryThe Environment and Social MovementsConclusionQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended Websites25. Anabel Quan-Haase: Technology and SocietyIntroductionDefining TechnologyCommunity and TechnologyTechnology and InequalityPresentation of Self OnlineOnline Deception, Deviance, and BullyingRomantic Relationships OnlineA Society of OverloadConclusionsQuestions for Critical ThoughtRecommended ReadingsRecommended WebsitesGlossaryReferencesIndex