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       It is a known fact that today our brain applies only a small portion of its potential. And now imagine that they have succeeded to change this situation... And only within some decades the mankind learned to use the biological and nano-technological developments to improve the potentialities of the brain. But it all happens to be not so easy and safe… There will always be people vested with power and striving to abuse it for mercenary ends.

       Alto Marini is a senior prison guard of the cyberjail built for custody and tortures of the violaters of the political regime under the United Government of the planet Earth. It’s already for eight years that Alto has been looking in vain for his older missing brother. And when Alto seems to approach the answer to the mystery of his disappearance, the life and the social status of Alto Marini change drastically…

       He finds himself out of the regime and out of the law and his biochip «the intellectum» has been nulled. Now the destiny itself gives him an opportunity to revise his life values and priorities. What obstacles, adventures and revelations are expecting the characters of this story on their way of opposition to the evil system? All this you will learn when reading the book «Softman» published by DistribBooks!

Format:Kobo ebook
Published:February 5, 2014
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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