Some Will Come Preaching The "Other" Jesus and The "Other" Gospel and The "Other" Spirit: The Doctrines I Never Knew by Robert Kinamon

Some Will Come Preaching The "Other" Jesus and The "Other" Gospel and The "Other" Spirit: The…

byRobert Kinamon

Kobo ebook | November 18, 2016

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Is "church" confusing to you or are you comfortable in it?

Have you found yourself reading the Bible and what is being revealed too you through the Holy Spirit and self-study is different than what you heard at "church?" Questions about those revelations and self-study are not being answered, are half-answered, or are incorrectly answered when you dare to question the "establishment" and its authorities.

Are you being "labeled" at "church" as one who asks too many questions and/or do you continually hear, "Oh boy, here he comes again with another question?" Is your faith increasing and others not "keeping up?" This is where I found myself years ago. I didn't realize I was being "called out" and "drawn" to the Master (John 6:44).

If you go into any grocery store here in the states you'll find an abundance of food in every isle. Although there is an abundance of food, if one looks closely and reads the small print which lists the ingredients, the food that is there is either GMO, synthetic, processed, and/or filled with VERY little nutrition if any at all. One has to take the time to study and search to find anything that is nutritious. Most don't care (Mark 4:19) or are too busy to consider the implications to their bodies. This is why the majority are sick and malnourished but don't realize it.

So it is today in religiousity. In Ezekiel chapter three God gives Ezekiel the word to eat. Then he sends him out to the "children of Israel." Notice here that Ezekiel was NOT sent to "the world" but to Israel. The church is filled with sick malnourished people. Everyone else is sick, so most don't care and the majority don't even realize that they are sick. They keep shopping at the same stores buying the same food and praying for "revelation." Even in the pagan world, we realize that insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. Synthetic, processed and modified manmade (GMO) Christianity is on every street corner. Everyone excuses and justifies their sickness. If one dares to even suggest or go against the establishment and its doctors they are quickly labeled “cult” and kicked out.

Man has polluted the Bible and allowed himself to be dependent upon religious doctors and their drugs and doctrines to stay sick. Down through the years I kept thinking that maybe I just needed to shut up and go with the status quo but my conscience just would not let me. Any and all attempts to conform to establishment doctrines left me continually dependent upon their doctors and drugs. I was becoming a non-conformist Truth seeker and didn't even know it at the time. Slowly, God was showing me what to do to get better and as I did what he showed me he showed me more. I was slowly being weaned off of the establishment’s doctrines and drugs. He started leading me to those other non-conformist who were also being healed. I found out there was an actual title to my nonconformity. It was called "the way" (Hodos) or "the called out." (ekklesia)

Today, the learning, revelation, and growing keep increasing. Since I am not being held back by all the sick people who are still in the organized hospitals continually using excuses to stay sick, I have found my faith to be getting stronger. Exercise is good for the body and the spirit but in order to get stronger you have to take the time to study and search to find the good nutritious food. I had to leave those who wanted to continue to stay sick behind whatever their affiliation. The doctors in the establishments wanted me to stay sick. There is no money in it for them if someone studies for themselves and finds the way (hodos) to be healed. There is no way I could go back nor do I desire. Why would I want to get sick again? The draw towards Truth keeps increasing in me along with the understanding of what that Truth costs...

If you are willing to do what I did then read on my brother or sister. There is good food out there that is not synthetic or processed and is free from manmade modifications. My prayer is that knowing others have been and are continuing to go through this process you will not feel alone. The flock and the gait is small and filled with justifications and desires to be pulled back with all of the sick people living for the flesh but overcoming is worth it. If you are an elect God will see to it that revelation and the strength to overcome will be given. Keep your eyes on the anointing and not on anybody, any man, or any organization. Called out brothers and sisters in Christ were put here to show us the way.  

One at a time, lets start knocking over dominos of perverted doctrines, modifications, and processed truths that have kept us sick and from growing in our Faith. It feels good to be free in Christ and be healed. I don't have all the answers nor am I supposed to. Maybe you can show me some of the Truth God reveals to you that he hasn't shown to me. First you have to know you are sick and be willing to repent and swallow Truth. You will have to stop shopping at those same super markets and eating that innutritious food. It’s hard to find Truth today, but it is out there. Are you willing to do what it takes to find it? Tastes have to change. Eternity and salvation is just one heartbeat away. Let us get busy while hearts are still beating...  


Title:Some Will Come Preaching The "Other" Jesus and The "Other" Gospel and The "Other" Spirit: The…Format:Kobo ebookPublished:November 18, 2016Publisher:Robert KinamonLanguage:English

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