Somesthesis and the Neurobiology of the Somatosensory Cortex by O. FranzenSomesthesis and the Neurobiology of the Somatosensory Cortex by O. Franzen

Somesthesis and the Neurobiology of the Somatosensory Cortex

byO. FranzenEditorR. Johansson, L. Terenius

Paperback | September 18, 2011

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This volume is a compilation of current research on somatosensation and its underlying mechanisms written by international experts from a broad range of disciplines. It is divided into six sections:· structural basis of information processing and neocortical neurotransmitters · psychophysics of somatosensation · cortical representation of somatosensation · sensory-motor interface · neuronal population behavior · cortical neurocomputation and modelling. It highlights not only important new findings but also novel methods and technologies applied to major unresolved issues in the field of neuroscience. The number of methods for investigating the neural mechanisms of soma-tosensory perception has grown substantially in the last decade. The book encompasses levels of inquiry from ionic channels, single unit recordings of neural activity, and functional brain imaging of the coordinated activity of large neuronal ensembles to human psychophysics of controlled somatic stimulation. This work is of great value for researchers and students interested in the dynamic neuronal mechanisms involved in the complex processes of sensory perception and provides a picture of our present understanding of the neural representation of the external world relayed through the somatosensory system.
Title:Somesthesis and the Neurobiology of the Somatosensory CortexFormat:PaperbackDimensions:424 pagesPublished:September 18, 2011Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Structural basis of information processing and neocortical neurotransmitters.- Divergence of thalamocortical projections and limits on somatosensory cortical plasticity.- Inhibitory circuitry in relation to the functional organization of somatosensory cortex.- Pain, temperature, and the sense of the body.- The functional role of a noninactivating sodium current in neocortical neurons.- Psychophysics of somatosensation.- Information processing channels in the sense of touch.- A novel approach for studying direction discrimination.- Tactile directional sensibility; theoretical and functional aspects.- Experimental assessment of the temporal hypothesis of velocity scaling.- Vibrotactile adaptation of the RA system: A psychophysical analysis.- Tactile neural codes for the shapes and orientations of objects.- Tactual discrimination of softness: Abilities and mechanisms.- Representation of the shape and contact force of handled objects in populations of cutaneous afferents.- Haptic object processing I: Early perceptual features.- Haptic object identification II: Purposive exploration.- Cortical representation of somatosensation.- The somatosensory cortex.- The organization of lateral somatosensory cortex in primates and other mammals.- Serial processing in the somatosensory system of macaques.- Parallel processing in somatosensory areas I and II of the cerebral cortex.- Linearity as the basic law of psychophysics: Evidence from studies of the neural mechanisms of roughness magnitude estimation.- Form processing and attention effects in the somatosensory system.- Functional plasticity of cortical representations of the hand.- Sensory-motor interface.- Somatosensory signals and sensorimotor transformations in reactive control of grasp.- Strain-sensitive mechanoreceptors in the human skin provide kinaesthetic information.- A second tactile system in the human skin with unmyelinated primary afferents.- Factors influencing the perception of tactile stimuli during movement.- Changing the intended direction of movement.- Disturbances of motor behavior after parietal lobe lesions in the human.- Neuronal population behavior: Imaging techniques.- PET and fMRI scans of the cerebral cortex in humans and single neuron responses from SI in monkeys to rubbing embossed dot and grating patterns across a fingerpad.- Magnetic resonance functional mapping of cortical activation associated with differing sensorimotor hand paradigms.- Whole-head neuromagnetic recordings of human somatosensory cortical functions.- Optical imaging of intrinsic signals in somatosensory cortex.- Somatosensory and frontal cortical processing during pain experience.- Cortical Neurocomputation and modelling.- Local receptive field diversity within cortical neuronal populations.- Functional segregation and integration in the nervous system: Theory and models.