Something in the Dark

November 30, 2016|
Something in the Dark by Michael Bray


'In the spirit of Stephen King, Michael Bray has created a page turning gem. If you love horror, you need to read this story.'

There is something in the dark. Billy can hear it, and knows it's coming for him.

From the critically acclaimed bestselling author of Whisper, Funhouse, Project Apex and The Island comes a disturbing new novella which pushes a man to the absolute extremes of his sanity.

Following a power outage, Billy sends his wife and son to stay with family whilst he awaits the arrival of the man from Trans- Energy to come and restore power to their isolated country home. Darkness draws near, and with it comes the engineer– a giant of a man who calls himself ‘Grant’.
Billy lets the man into his home, only to find that he is anything but normal. Without power or contact with the outside world, Billy is forced to deal with the extreme mental and physical torture from the increasingly unstable and volatile engineer, and is forced to go to the most extreme lengths in order to try and survive.

*'Digs into the depth of the readers fear and plays on it.'

'Wild, weird, and wonderfully imaginative!'*

Title:Something in the Dark
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:November 30, 2016
Publisher:​Michael Bray
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781540167460

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