Soothed by Magic

January 16, 2020|
Soothed by Magic by Kim McDougall


Something is wrong with Bobbi’s new boyfriend.

Where did she find such a loser?

Her new romance completely blindsided Quinn.

Is he jealous?

Hell, yes.

And with the demon’s agent loose in Ashlet, he’s scared too.

Now he has to bring four powerful witches and two civilians together. Can he convince them that the threat is real, and not just to his love life? Or will Bobbi be forced into a deadly blood rite that will unleash a demon on the world?

Quinn will break all the rules to make sure the coven stays hidden… make sure Bobbi is safe.

Even if it’s in the arms of another man.

You’ll love this romantic suspense because it reveals the twisted family secrets that set Bobbi and Quinn’s stories in motion long before they were born.

Title:Soothed by Magic
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:January 16, 2020
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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