Sovereign's Journey

April 30, 2015|
Sovereign's Journey


The year is 2084. After decades of warfare between Western nations and the Islamic cultures of the Middle East, the savage battle of civilizations abruptly concludes following a horrifying nuclear exchange. Exhausted and horrified, Earth’s war-weary populations succumb to their increasingly totalitarian government's solution to ban religious practices of any kind. Now ruthlessly persecuted, men and women of faith have only one option to regain their freedom— They must escape! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Against all odds, Lieutenant Rachael Shumway and her pair-bond and love of her life, Jaden, finally made it back home to Earth. She didn't expect or need a hero’s welcome for saving her ship and the thousands of colonists on board—but she didn't anticipate the Directorate blaming her for what happened. The last thing she expected was to be forced into becoming an operative for the Directorate to thwart a desperate intrigue that would change the course of human history. With few viable options, Rachael must learn whom she can trust when everyone seems to have an agenda of their own. With thousands of lives on the line—and her own freedom at stake—Rachael must overcome challenges thrown at her from every vector to once again defy impossible odds and survive.

Title:Sovereign's Journey
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:April 30, 2015
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781483552040

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