Spectroscopic Data of Steroid Glycosides: Volume 6 by Viqar Uddin AhmadSpectroscopic Data of Steroid Glycosides: Volume 6 by Viqar Uddin Ahmad

Spectroscopic Data of Steroid Glycosides: Volume 6

byViqar Uddin Ahmad

Paperback | October 29, 2010

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Spectroscopic Data of Steroid Glycosides serves as an essential reference guide containing spectroscopic, physical and biological activity data of over 3500 steroid glycosides, offering the structures and the data of the naturally occurring glycosides of steroids. All compounds are arranged according to the structure of the aglycone, and, in its own class, according to the increasing molecular weight, making Spectroscopic Data of Steroid Glycosides extremely useful for the structure elucidation of new natural products, particularly glycosides.

Spectroscopic Data of Steroid Glycosides offers a practical desk reference for all scientists and students interested in steroid glycosides and their biological and medicinal importance.

The following data of the steroid glycosides, as available in published literature, are included: - Name of the compound, Chemical name of compound and its structure, - Source, name of the genus, species, authors, family of the biological source from which the glycoside has been isolated, - Melting point, - Specific rotation, - Molecule weight, - Molecular formula, - UV spectral data : maxima, e or log e , solvent, - IR peaks in cm-1with medium in which the spectrum was taken e.g. KBr, nujol, etc, - Proton magnetic resonance (PMR) chemical shifts, multiplicity of the peaks, coupling constants with assignments, -13C-NMR (CMR) chemical shifts with assignments, - Mass spectral data with the technique used (e.g. Electron Impact (E.I.), Fast Atom Bombardment (FAB), positive ion or negative ion mode or any other technique, - CD or ORD data, - Biological Activity, - Full reference from which data have been taken.

Professor Viqar Uddin Ahmad has been associated with the HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry since its establishment in 1967. Prof. Viqar's currents interests are on isolation and structure elucidation of new natural products. Some of them have interesting biological activities. For example: VArious eudesmane sesquiterpenes which showe...
Title:Spectroscopic Data of Steroid Glycosides: Volume 6Format:PaperbackDimensions:696 pagesPublished:October 29, 2010Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Pregnane.- Gymnepregoside O.- Telosmoside A11.- Asclepias Fruticosa Saponin 12.- Asclepias Fruticosa Saponin 13.- Asclepias Incarnata Saponin 78.- Asclepias Incarnata Saponin 93.- Telosmoside A12.- Hoyacarnoside K.- Asclepias Incarnata Saponin 79.- Asclepias Fruticosa Saponin 16.- Hoyacarnoside T.- Asclepias Incarnata Saponin 92.- Cynafoside D.- Araujia Sericifera Glycoside 16.- Gymnepregoside L.- Leptadenia Hastata Saponin 25.- Causiaroside II.- Tacca Chantrieri Saponin 8.- Stephanoside P.- Gymnemaroside B.- Hainaneoside B.- Marstomentoside O.- Marstomentoside P.- Periplocoside F.- Auriculoside A.- Cynanchum Caudatum Saponin 61.- Cynanchum Caudatum Saponin 64.- Wilfoside C 1G.- Nigroside A.- Asclepias Fruticosa Saponin 14.- Asclepias Fruticosa Saponin 15.- Teikaside B-IVa.- Asclepias Incarnata Saponin 16.- Asclepias Incarnata Saponin 17.- Asclepias Fruticosa Saponin 17.- Asclepias Fruticosa Saponin 18.- Cynafoside C.- Leptadenia Hastata Saponin 30.- Araujia Sericifera Glycoside 20.- Leptadenia Hastata Saponin 14.- Hainaneoside A.- Dregeoside AO1.- Asclepias Incarnata Saponin 23.- Asclepias Incarnata Saponin 24.- Wallicoside.- Asclepias Fruticosa Saponin 19.- Asclepias Fruticosa Saponin 20.- Asclepias Fruticosa Saponin 21.- Asclepias Incarnata Saponin 90.- Cynauricuoside A.- Asclepias Incarnata Saponin 18.- Asclepias Incarnata Saponin 19.- Asclepias Tuberosa Saponin 10.- Telosmoside A5.- Araujia Sericifera Glycoside 21.- Metaplexis Japonica Saponin 24.- Hoyacarnoside M.- Asclepias Incarnata Saponin 25.- Leptadenia Hastata Saponin 15.- Leptadenia Hastata Saponin 32.- Leptadenia Hastata Saponin 10.- Leptadenia Hastata Saponin 27.- Alpinoside C.- Cynaphylloside H.- Telosmoside A3.- Cynafoside H.- Periplocoside E.- Teikaside C-IVa.- Hoyacarnoside O.- Gymnepregoside I.- Gymnepregoside J.- Alpinoside A.- Leptadenia Hastata Saponin 13.- Leptadenia Hastata Saponin 28.- Marstenacisside D.- Condurangoglycoside E3.- Condurangoglycoside A1.- Condurangoglycoside C1.- Anasteroside B.- Asclepias Tuberosa Saponin 8.- Cynanchum Caudatum Saponin 56.- Cynanchum Caudatum Saponin 57.- Cynanchum Caudatum Saponin 58.- Marstomentoside A.- Periplocoside K.- Asclepias Tuberosa Saponin 9.- Cynanchum Caudatum Saponin 62.- Wilfoside G 1G.- Cynanchum Caudatum Saponin 65.- Cynanchum Caudatum Saponin 67.- Cynanchum Caudatum Saponin 70.- Telosmoside A14.- Marstomentoside K.- Marstomentoside L.- Gymnepregoside B.- Gymnepregoside K.- Periplocoside D.- Leptadenia Hastata Saponin 11.- Leptadenia Hastata Saponin 17.- Leptadenia Hastata Saponin 29.- Cynanchum Caudatum Saponin 66.- Cynanchum Caudatum Saponin 68.- Cynanchum Caudatum Saponin 69.- Cynanchum Caudatum Saponin 71.- Sibiricoside E.- Asclepias Tuberosa Saponin 7.- Telosmoside A15.- Telosmoside A17.- Telosmoside A16.- Gymnepregoside E.- Metaplexis Japonica Saponin 25.- Metaplexis Japonica Saponin 26.- Marstomentoside Q.- Marstomentoside G.- Asclepias Tuberosa Saponin 11.- Telosmoside A18.- Asclepias Tuberosa Saponin 16.- Cestrum Nocturnum Saponin 8.- Periplocoside A.- Marstomentoside H.- Marstomentoside I.- Gymnepregoside P.- Leptadenia Hastata Saponin 33.- Gymnepregoside M.- Gymnepregoside N.- Gymnepregoside Q.- Cynanchum Caudatum Saponin 72.- Asclepias Tuberosa Saponin 12.- Cynauricuoside C.- Illustrol 3-O-?-D-Cymaropyranoside.- Hirundoside A.- Amaloside A.- Cynatratoside A.- Oleaside A.- Cynapanoside A.- Glaucoside A.- Paniculatumoside A.- Paniculatumoside B.- Tylophoriside A.- Oleaside B.- Cynaversicoside C.- Neocynaversicoside.- Atratoglaucoside A.- Amaloside B.- Oleaside C.- Komaroside A.- Oleaside D.- Atratoside D.- Cynascyroside A.- Cynascyroside D.- Cynatroside A.- Cynatroside C.- Atratoside A.- Cynatratoside B.- Cynatratoside C.- Cynatroside B.- Tylophoside A.- Stauntoside B.- Cynaforroside A.- Cynapanoside B.- Cynapanoside C.- Glaucoside C.- Glaucoside D.- Glaucoside G.- Cynanversicoside-A.- Cynatratoside F.- Glaucoside B.- Glaucoside E.- Glaucoside F.- Tylophoside B.- Tylophoside C.- Neocynapanoside A.- Tylophoside D.- Atratoglaucoside B.- Cynaversicoside D.- Komaroside C.- Oleaside E.- Komaroside B.- Oleaside F.- Cynascyroside C.- Cynascyroside E.- Cynascyroside B.- Atratoside C.- Atratoside B.- Cynatratoside D.- Cynatratoside E.- Stauntoside A.- Glaucoside H.- Cynanversicoside-B.- Glaucoside I.- Tylophoside E.- Glaucoside J.- Cynaversicoside E.- Tylophoroside.- Acetyltylophoroside.- Velutinoside A.- Androstane.- Ascandroside.- Androst-8-EN-Glycoside.- Vernonia Colorata Glycoside 2.- Latespinoside D.- Vernonia Colorata Glycoside 1.- Misc..- Carolinoside.