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Social media made it easy to find your ex, insult your enemies, and virtually punch someone in the face. In 1999 you had to go to your high school reunion.

High school doesn't matter? High school is no big deal? Lies. What screwed you up? Your first crush? An asshole teacher? That embarrassing locker room incident? It still haunts you, and it may haunt you for the rest of your life. This is a cautionary tale.

Surrounded by porcelain decor and lemon-scented urinal cakes, three friends from the Class of ’89 confront the high school baggage that has their lives stuck in neutral. For Rory, it's the object of his teen lust, Alice, who slips him a sex-charged note demanding they finish what they started ten years ago. But Rory's nerves send him burrowing into a bathroom stall, besting him again like they did at prom. Todd's shaky marriage to Stacy, his high school sweetheart, hinges on an impossible deal struck the night before. Their tenuous arrangement crumbles when Stacy's ex-boyfriend, Lewis, unleashes a cunning plan to topple their marriage in the hopes of winning his girl back. Brent was voted most likely to succeed, but never graduated from college and can't hold a job. Tonight he's consumed with unmasking the mysterious hater whose ten-year-old graffiti holds the secret to his stalled life.

Set in the men's bathroom at a ten-year high school reunion, "Stalled" is a humorous story about regret, grudges, falling behind the curve, and having the guts to change your world when the chance presents itself. But don't look for selfless heroes and heroines in this story. Cheaters, liars, jerks, manipulators, and black widows. That's who's here. If you're squeamish or too PC, walk away. Stay, and you can root for their redemption, or hope for their public hanging.

Format:Kobo ebook
Published:July 14, 2015
Publisher:C.R. Bruce
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780993969409

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