Star Family Excursions: Telepresence Conferences With ETs & Celestials by Julie Loar

Star Family Excursions: Telepresence Conferences With ETs & Celestials

byJulie Loar, Ted Denmark, Ph.D.

Kobo ebook | March 15, 2016

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Volume 1 of the Five Star Series, The Star Table Trance Missions, was an attempt by Julie Loar and myself, Ted Denmark, to introduce the extraordinary conference participants we encountered in our first experimental hypnotic trance sessions, who revealed to us why we had had more unusual lives than many people of our era: we happened to be part of an extraterrestrial genetic experiment to surreptitiously produce Pleiadian/ Earthuman hybrids having terrestrial mothers and ET fathers. We were naturally surprised to hear this but had been aware of being “contactees” for a number of years—without knowing why—and it was being explained to us that, after careful grooming our whole lives, we would now be instructed—if we were interested—about our own and various world circumstances, giving us continuing access to our ET handlers who would answer many of our questions and in the process, provide greater public information about their complex presence on our planet at the current strategic time, much of which had not yet been revealed in sufficient detail. It would be another “high strangeness” explanation to a confused and skeptical world about various aspects of the continuing ET enigma, but it has nonetheless been a huge breakthrough for us and opened a new phase in our lives, now spending as much time together as we could manage while still living the major part of the year in different places. The format of our sessions, which we have chosen to call “Telepresence Conferences” because they usually involve photorealistic awareness on Julie’s part of a group of familiar extraterrestrials we refer to as “dear friends and family” with their own varying consultants usually called for guest appearances to present more specialized knowledge, plus a few “new faces,” as well as highly-advanced celestial guides who only appear as more veiled or abstract entities rather than physical beings with faces of the usual sort, all seated together around a table of some kind, often in an amphitheater with an ET audience. Looking back over the past five years and trying to assimilate the often quite amazing contents of these recorded, numbered and carefully transcribed sessions, I can now say the result for me has been a most pronounced identity shift—and one that is ongoing. Attempting to integrate these recurring feelings of amazement with what I heretofore believed to be true about the nature of reality, has seemed to accelerate my personal growth process—not always in a completely comfortable way—even though my own awareness of what we are reporting is less immediate than that of Julie, whose gifted subjective psychic awareness forms the articulated basis for most of what we are reporting. My part in our process has typically involved discussing and formulating our questions and issues beforehand; conducting and participating in the trance sessions; then, interacting with Julie afterwards in a recorded “debrief” discussion to clarify what she experienced; and finally editing the nearly verbatim transcripts for the five volumes of this “Five Star Series” of which this Star Family Excursions is the second one to be published. I have never directly witnessed the ETs or exotic places she describes in hypnotic trance, though I have had sightings and intense close encounters on several occasions in earlier years. My own contactee experiences will be described in the forthcoming book entitled Winged Messengers (expected mid 2016) that will include accounts of my White Eagle Initiation experiences which began at about age thirty-three (I am currently aged seventy-two). Like most people, I’ve been through a few major “recalibrations” along life’s way, particularly from these varied contact experiences, but this current breakthrough with Julie, timed for a retirement career, has resulted in an unprecedented life review and revaluation—in which my running collection of beliefs, attitudes and ideas have self-assembled into a deeper and more unified “life convergence.” This has undoubtedly been a good thing for my sense of self and state of mind; however, yet today, because what we are reporting is so unusual—if not unique—any serious attempt like ours to report contact and collaboration with ETs is still regarded as admitting to a mental breakdown rather than an exciting breakthrough. But after initial uncertainty, we have nonetheless decided to continue offering our unusual story for publication … because it is truly amazing—and true (!)—and because our dear friends and family wish it to be shared at this time of Disclosure and Ascension for those who are ready to know more about the unique transformative process that is really going on in our world today.
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