Starting Points: A Sociological Journey by Lorne TeppermanStarting Points: A Sociological Journey by Lorne Tepperman

Starting Points: A Sociological Journey

byLorne Tepperman

Paperback | August 7, 2014

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Starting Points offers introductory students a roadmap to the problems, theories, and approaches at the core of sociology. With engaging discussions of the investigations, theories, and researchers shaping the field today, this text encourages students to step back and interpret their worldfrom a sociological perspective.
Lorne Tepperman is professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Toronto. He served as chair of the department from 1997 to 2003 and has won many teaching awards, including the Dean's Excellence Award, an Outstanding Teaching Award from the Faculty of Arts and Science, and an Oswald Hall Teaching Award, given by the soc...
Title:Starting Points: A Sociological JourneyFormat:PaperbackDimensions:592 pages, 11 × 8.5 × 0.79 inPublished:August 7, 2014Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to SociologyStarting Off: Understanding the High Suicide Rate among Canada's Young InuitIntroduction: What Is Sociology- Origins- Five Approaches- What Sociology DoesCritical Themes and Ideas Marx, Weber, and the Study of Social ConflictWays of Looking at . . . Sociology- Functionalism- Conflict Theory- Symbolic Interactionism- Feminism- PostmodernismClassic Studies Emile Durkheim's Suicide- The Legacy of Durkheim's Suicide- How Functionalism Relates to Conflict TheoryClassic Studies John Porter's The Vertical Mosaic- The Legacy of Porter's The Vertical MosaicClassic Studies Erving Goffman's StigmaCritical Themes and Ideas The Definition of the SituationCritical Themes and Ideas Social ConstructionismComing into Focus Navigating Sociology-2. Sociological Research NEWStarting Off: (Mis)Using Statistics to Guide Policy DecisionsIntroduction: Why Social Research Is Important- The Research Process Begins with a Theory- From Theory to Hypothesis to ResearchWays of Looking at . . . Social Research- The Origins of Quantitative Methods- Principles of Quantitative and Qualitative Research- Qualitative and Quantitative Data - Which Are Better?- Surveys for Qualitative and Quantitative ResearchCritical Themes and Ideas Quantitative Research Methods- The Quantitative SurveyClassic Studies Samuel Stouffer's The American Soldier- Sampling- The ExperimentClassic Studies Roethlisberger and Dickson's Management of the Worker- Other Types of Quantitative Research DesignCritical Themes and Ideas Qualitative Research Methods- The Qualitative Survey, or Interview- Ethnographic ResearchClassic Studies Richard Ericson's Reproducing Order- Document AnalysisClassic Studies Kai Erikson's Wayward Puritans- Analyzing Qualitative Data: Content Analysis and Grounded TheoryCritical Themes and Ideas Feminist Research MethodsComing into Focus Navigating Sociological Research-3. Population, Urban Life, and the EnvironmentStarting Off: Are You Lonesome Tonight?Introduction: What Demography Can Tell Us about Cities, the Environment, and the Way We Organize- The Study of Humans as Material Beings- The Importance of Population CompositionWays of Looking at . . . Population, Urban Life, and the Environment- Functionalism- Conflict Theory- Symbolic Interactionism- Feminism- PostmodernismClassic Studies Meadows, Meadows, Randers, and Behrens: The Limits to GrowthCritical Themes and Ideas Population Growth and Fertility DeclineClassic Studies Ulrich Beck's Risk Society: Towards a New ModernityCritical Themes and Ideas The Natural EnvironmentCritical Themes and Ideas Built Environments and UrbanizationComing into Focus- The Political Economy of the Environment- Population and Fertility- The Links between Population and CrimeNavigating Population, Urban Life, and the Environment-4. Social StructuresStarting Off: Where Are All the Single Ladies and Gentlemen?Introduction: Finding Our Place in the Social Structure- Defining Social Structure- Social Scripts and RolesClassic Studies Howard Becker's OutsidersWays of Looking at . . . Social Structures- Functionalism- Symbolic Interactionism- PostmodernismCritical Themes and Ideas Roles, Role Sets, and Identities- Taking on and Exiting Roles- The Importance of Community Membership- Embracing the Role- Role StrainClassic Studies Georg Simmel's The Sociology of Secrecy and of Secret SocietiesCritical Themes and Ideas The Study of Small Groups- The Division of Social Roles in Teams, Bands, and Gangs- Social Networks- Cliques- Organizations and Bureaucracy- Social Control and ObedienceComing into Focus Navigating Social Structures-5. Socialization and Culture NEWStarting Off: China Lines up for Queuing DayIntroduction: There's Nothing "Natural" about Good Manners- Defining Socialization- Defining Culture- The Socialization ProcessWays of Looking at . . . Socialization and Culture- Functionalism- Conflict Theory- Symbolic Interactionism- Feminism- PostmodernismCritical Themes and Ideas Topics in the Study of Socialization- Agents of Socialization- Socialization over the Life CycleClassic Studies Theodor Adorno's The Authoritarian Personality- Parenting Styles Today- Racial, Ethnic, and Class SocializationCritical Themes and Ideas Culture- Processes of Cultural ChangeClassic Studies Thorstein Veblen's Theory of the Leisure Class- Diffusion and AcculturationClassic Studies Gabriel Tarde's The Laws of Imitation- Cultural Experience and KnowledgeComing into Focus Navigating Socialization and Culture-6. Deviance, Crime, and Punishment NEWStarting Off: The Trial of a Norwegian MurdererIntroduction: Rules Are Made to Be Broken- The Selective Punishment of Deviance- Varieties of Deviant BehaviourClassic Studies Edwin Schur's Crimes without Victims 180- The Social Construction of Crime: The Moral PanicWays of Looking at . . . Deviance- FunctionalismClassic Studies John Hagan and Bill McCarthy's Mean Streets- Symbolic Interactionism- Conflict Theory- Feminism- PostmodernismCritical Themes and Ideas Crime as a Special Case of Deviance- Violent Crime- Non-violent Crime- Trends in CrimeCritical Themes and Ideas VictimizationCritical Themes and Ideas Controlling and Punishing Criminal Deviance- Approaches to Punishment- Aims of Punishment- Overrepresentation in Canada's PrisonsComing into Focus Navigating Deviance, Crime, and Punishment-7. Gender Relations and SexualityStarting Off: Single Chinese Women "Unwanted" after 27Introduction: Have Men Become the "Second Sex"?- The Difference between Sex Roles and Gender Roles- Sexism and Gender InequalityWays of Looking at . . . Gender and Sexuality- Functionalism- Conflict Theory- Symbolic Interactionsm- Feminism- PostmodernismCritical Themes and Ideas Sex and Gender Influences in the WorkplaceClassic Studies Rosabeth Kanter's Men and Women of the CorporationClassic Studies Pat Armstrong and Hugh Armstrong's The Double GhettoCritical Themes and Ideas Women's "Second Shift"Critical Themes and Ideas Sex and SexualityClassic Studies Edward Laumann's The Social Organization of SexualityCritical Themes and Ideas Prostitution and PornographyCritical Themes and Ideas Homosexuality and Heteronormativity- Normalizing Sexuality- HomophobiaComing into Focus- "Doing" Masculinity- Prostitution: Oppression or Empowerment?Navigating Gender Relations and Sexuality-8. Racial and Ethnic GroupsStarting Off: When Is Online Dating Racist?Introduction: We're All Immigrants- Race, Ethnicity, and RacializationWays of Looking at . . . Racialized Groups- Functionalism- Conflict Theory- Symbolic Interactionism- Feminism- PostmodernismClassic Studies Emory Bogardus's Social Distance- Other Measures of Social DistanceClassic Studies Everett C. Hughes's French Canada in TransitionCritical Themes and Ideas ColonialismCritical Themes and Ideas Canada's Immigration Policy through HistoryClassic Studies Thomas and Znaniecki's The Polish Peasant in Europe and AmericaCritical Themes and Ideas Ethnic Communities and Inter-Ethnic InteractionClassic Studies Karl Gunnar Myrdal's An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern DemocracyCritical Themes and Ideas Racism, Prejudice, and DiscriminationComing into Focus- Racialization and Canada's Aboriginal Peoples- Ethno-Racial Minorities: To Assimilate or Segregate?- Testing for Racist BeliefsNavigating Racial and Ethnic Groups-9. Classes and WorkplacesStarting Off: Federal Employees Take Twice as Many Sick DaysIntroduction: How Work, Class, and Inequality Are RelatedCritical Themes and Ideas Two Main Approaches to Class Conflict- Marx and Class Conflict- Weber and Class ConflictWays of Looking at . . . Classes and Workplaces- Functionalism- Conflict TheoryClassic Studies Harry Braverman's Labor and Monopoly Capital- Symbolic Interactionism- Feminism- PostmodernismCritical Themes and Ideas Class SocializationCritical Themes and Ideas The Organization of Work in Canada TodayClassic Studies Emile Durkheim's The Division of Labor in SocietyCritical Themes and Ideas Topics in the Study of Labour and Poverty- Alienation and Collective Action- The Working Poor and the Culture of Poverty- InequalityComing into Focus Navigating Classes and Workplaces-10. Regions, Nations, and EmpiresStarting Off: UN Report Accuses Canada of "Complicity" in TortureIntroduction: Finding Common Ground in a Fragmented World- Territorial Alliances and Conflict- Empire-Building and GlobalizationWays of Looking at . . . Regions, Nations, and Empires- Functionalism- Conflict Theory- Feminism- PostmodernismClassic Studies Immanuel Wallerstein's The Modern World-System- The Legacy of Wallerstein's World-Systems Theory- Dependency TheoryClassic Studies Marx and Engels' The Manifesto of the Communist PartyCritical Themes and Ideas Global Conflict- Types of Violence and WarCritical Themes and Ideas Globalization and Culture- Social Distance and TechnologyComing into Focus- The Consequences of Globalization- Policy Diffusion: Four Approaches- Standardization- Social MobilityNavigating Regions, Nations, and Empires-11. Families and Age GroupsStarting Off: Europe's Lost GenerationIntroduction: How the Canadian Family Is Changing- Types of FamiliesWays of Looking at . . . Families and Age Groups- Functionalism- Conflict Theory- Symbolic Interactionsim- Feminism- PostmodernismClassic Studies William Goode's World Revolution and Family Patterns- The Legacy of Goode's Study and Changes in the Canadian FamilyCritical Themes and Ideas Intimate Partner Violence- Causes of Family ViolenceCritical Themes and Ideas Family Dynamics- Dealing with Problems and Change- Managing the Work-Life (Im)BalanceClassic Studies Philippe Aries's Centuries of ChildhoodCritical Themes and Ideas Changing Age RelationsClassic Studies Glen Elder's Children of the Great DepressionComing into Focus- Prospects for Children in Single-Parent Families- Links between Family and HealthNavigating Families and Age Groups-12. Schools and Formal EducationStarting Off: Fundraising in Schools Creates a "Two-Tiered" SystemIntroduction: Are We Underfunding Education?- What Is Education?Ways of Looking at . . . Schools and Education- Functionalism- Conflict Theory- Symbolic Interactionism- Feminism- PostmodernismClassic Studies Christopher Jencks and David Riesman's The Academic Revolution- The "Academic Revolution" in Canada- Jencks and Riesman: Critical ReceptionCritical Themes and Ideas Educational Trends and Inequalities- The Rise of Education- Graduation Rates Today- Education and InequalityClassic Studies James Coleman's The Adolescent Society 407- Has Coleman's "Adolescent Society" Survived?Critical Themes and Ideas Separating Students- Ability Grouping or Streaming- Segregation or Distance in SchoolsClassic Studies John Seeley's Crestwood Heights- Crestwood Heights: Critical Reception and Relevance TodayCritical Themes and Ideas Isolation, Integration, and Networks in Schools- Bullying- Social Integration in School Settings- School Networks: Coleman's Social Capital TheoryComing into Focus- Education and Reform in the Post-industrial World- The Achievement GapNavigating Schools and Formal Education-13. Churches and ReligionStarting Off: The Tim Tebow ExperienceIntroduction: How Religion Changes, and Why This Interests Sociologists- How a Sociologist Approaches the Study of Religion- What Is Religion?Classic Studies Emile Durkheim's The Elementary Forms of Religious LifeWays of Looking at . . . Churches and Religion- Functionalism- Conflict Theory- Symbolic Interactionism- Feminism- PostmodernismCritical Themes and Ideas Religion in Canada TodayClassic Studies Sigmund Freud's Civilization and Its DiscontentsCritical Themes and Ideas Secularization- Religion versus Science and the Origins of Secularization- Mechanisms of SecularizationCritical Themes and Ideas Religion in Political Life- Civil Religion- American Fundamentalism- Religion in Canadian Politics- New Religious MovementsComing into Focus- Religion and Science: Equals or Adversaries?- The Rise of Fundamentalism- The Spread of Religiosity through ImmigrationNavigating Churches and Religion-14. Media and Mass CommunicationStarting Off: The Sexualization of Little Girls in the MediaIntroduction: How the Media Make Us Consumers- The Sociology of MediaWays of Looking at . . . Media and Mass Communication- Functionalism- Conflict TheoryClassic Studies Herbert Gans's Deciding What's News- Symbolic Interactionism- Feminism- PostmodernismCritical Themes and Ideas The Business of Mass Media- Commodification- Media Ownership and Media Concentration- Media Concentration and the News- Media Concentration and GlobalizationCritical Themes and Ideas Media, Conflict, and Crime- Baudrillard on War and Reality TVCritical Themes and Ideas The Internet and Its Effects on Social Life- The New Knowledge Producers- Changing Social Relations- Romance OnlineComing into Focus- New Insights on the Printed Word- Television Today- The Problem of GamingNavigating Media and Mass Communication-15. Politics and Social MovementsStarting Off: Batman Movie Parallels the Occupy Wall Street MovementIntroduction: How a Movie Can Become Political- The Nation-State and the AlternativesWays of Looking at . . . Politics and Social Movements- Functionalism- Conflict Theory- Symbolic InteractionismClassic Studies Joseph Gusfield's Symbolic Crusade- Feminism- PostmodernismCritical Themes and Ideas Political Sociology versus Political ScienceClassic Studies S.M. Lipset's The First New NationCritical Themes and Ideas Political Authority and the State- Models of Authority- The Role of the State- Different Forms of Political Power- The Liberal-Democratic State in CanadaCritical Themes and Ideas Ideology and Opposition- The Role of Ideology in Politics- Types of Social Movements- Political Violence- Peaceful ProtestComing into FocusNavigating Politics and Social MovementsNote: All chapters end with:- Summary- Questions for Review and Critical Interpretation- Recommended Readings- Review Articles- BooksGlossaryReferencesCreditsIndex