Stay Naturally Healthy with Honey by Dueep Jyot Singh

Stay Naturally Healthy with Honey

byDueep Jyot Singh

Kobo ebook | December 29, 2016

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Table of Contents Introduction Heart Ailments Lung Problems Pneumonia Diabetes Erysipelas And Carbuncles Jaundice Tuberculosis Flu And Typhoid Canker Sores and Lesions Skin Dryness And Itching Through Dehydration, Reactions, or Allergies Sleep Aid Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction When some of my friends asked me why I had concentrated on the healing properties of honey, when I wrote my best-selling book, The Miracle of Honey (found here: and I had to tell them rather ruefully that I really did not know about the curative properties of honey, except for some common remedies, especially to cure skin diseases. Nevertheless, that got me interested in finding out how people have been using honey since ancient times, globally, as the best natural remedy in order to cure a large number of diseases known to mankind. So this book is going to concentrate on a number of common and not so common diseases, which are cured properly and permanently through honey. Honey being a complete food is predigested, so in ancient times, and even in many parts of the globe, a newborn baby is given a couple of drops of pure honey to lick. My own grandfather was definitely very annoyed with the nurse who had taken away this very personal prerogative and privilege from him, when I was born, but then, in the East, it is a belief that the person who gives the babe the first drops of honey to lick is the one who is going to love that baby the best and the baby’s nature will be like that of that person! The best thing about honey is that it is going to go through your system without even bothering about the digestive process. It is going to go straight into your blood and get assimilated. There is absolutely no hassle about digesting honey again in your stomach. That is why it was considered to be one of the best foods to be given to a person who was sick and who could not digest solid or semi solid foods, in ancient times. The medicines were always given in a spoonful of honey. The ancients knew that the older the honey was, the more powerful it grew. That is why they use to take pots of honey, and bury them under piles of grain, to be taken out after a year or so when the honey grew even more golden, rich, viscous, and powerful. They never heated honey, but if they had to warm it a little, while taking a medicine, the warming was done very very slightly. Because honey added to anything really hot meant all its beneficial qualities diminished properly, verily and forsooth. Thanks to the large amounts of iron, Vitamin A, B, and C, as well as maltose, sucrose, fructose, and glucose present in honey, people have been using it to prevent deficiencies in nourishment which are essential to keep your body functioning properly. The best honey is going to be golden yellow in color, heavy, transparent, rich in aroma, and not cloyingly sweet in taste. Honey is 79.5% carbohydrates and has 319 cal, for every hundred grams. Remember honey does not like hot weather and that is why you are going to store it away from hot direct heat. Also, if you have had a teaspoonful of honey, you're not going to follow it up with a hot cup of cha or coffee. Many people are in the habit of putting it in hot milk and gulping it down, or drinking it with lukewarm water. If you have the habit of doing so, I would suggest you cease and desist.
Title:Stay Naturally Healthy with HoneyFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:December 29, 2016Publisher:Mendon Cottage BooksLanguage:English

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