Stem Cells Handbook by Stewart SellStem Cells Handbook by Stewart Sell

Stem Cells Handbook

EditorStewart Sell

Paperback | December 9, 2010

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This survey on the "state-of-the-science" of stem cell biology explains the origins of stem cells and describes how they function, how they can cause illness, and how they might be employed to cure or ameliorate disease. In particular, the authors discuss the roles of stem cells in development and organogenesis, in normal tissue turnover, in the repair response to injury, and in carcinogenesis. They also explain how to obtain stem cells from different organs, culture them in vitro, and manipulate them for therapeutic use.
Title:Stem Cells HandbookFormat:PaperbackDimensions:522 pagesPublished:December 9, 2010Publisher:Humana PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Stem Cells: What Are They? Where Do They Come From? Why Are They Here? When Do They Go Wrong? Where Are They Going?Stewart SellStem Cells from Early Mammalian Embryos: Common Themes and Significant DifferencesVirginia E. Papaioannou and Anna-Katerina HadjantonakisEmbryonic Stem Cells: Isolation and Application of Pluripotent Cells from the Pregastrulation Mammalian EmbryoJoy Rathjen and Peter David RathjenFrom Stem Cells to Functional Tissue Architecture: What Are the Signals and How Are They Processed?Sui Huang and Donald E. IngberGermline Stem CellsHaifan LinStem Cells and CloningIan Wilmut and Lesley Ann PatersonGenomic Imprinting in Mouse Embryonic Stem and Germ CellsJeffrey R. Mann and Piroska E. SzabóStem Cells in Amphibian RegenerationDavid L. StocumStem Cells in Dermal Wound HealingWilliam J. LindbladBone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem CellsJames E. Dennis and Arnold I. CaplanNormal and Leukemic Hematopoietic Stem Cells and LineagesErnest A. McCullochDevelopmental Origin of Murine Hematopoietic Stem CellsLorraine Robb and Kyunghee ChoiStromal Support of HematopoiesisPierre CharbordHematopoietic Stem Cells: Identification, Characterization, and AssaysIan Ponting, Yi Zhao and W. French AndersonHematopoietic Stem Cells in Leukemia and LymphomaStephen M. BairdNeurons, Stem Cells, and Potential TherapiesFiona C. Mansergh, Michael A. Wride, and Derrick E. RancourtNeural Stem Cells: From In Vivo to In Vitro and Back Again-Practical AspectsMichael A. Marconi, Kook I. Park, Yang D. Teng, Jitka Ourednik, Vaclav Ourednik, Rosanne M. Taylor, Aleksandra E. Marciniak, Marcel M. Daadi, Heather L. Rose, Erin B. Lavik, Robert Langer, Kurtis I. Auguste, Mahesh Lachyankar, Curt R. Freed, D. Eugene Redmond, Richard L. Sidman, and Evan Y. SnyderMolecular Genetic Approaches in the Study of Retinal Progenitor Cells and Stem CellsTill Marquardt and Peter GrussEndothelial Progenitor CellsTakayuki Asahara and Jeffrey M. IsnerDevelopment of the Cardiovascular System in Embryoid Bodies Derived from Embryonic Stem CellsHeinrich Sauer, Maria Wartenberg, Agapios Sachinidis, and Jürgen HeschelerTranscription Factors, Growth Factors, and Signal Cascades Capable of Priming CardiogenesisAgapios Sachinidis, Heinrich Sauer, Maria Wartenberg, and Jürgen HeschelerStrategies Using Cell Therapy to Induce Cardiomyocyte Regeneration in Adults with Heart DiseaseSilviu ItescuGeneration and Stem Cell Repair of Cardiac TissuesKathyjo A. Jackson and Margaret A. GoodellStem Cells in Kidney MorphogenesisEmma M. A. Ball and Gail P. RisbridgerNephroblastoma: A Metanephric CaricatureAlan O. PerantoniStem Cells in Nonmelanoma Skin CancerWendy C. Weinberg and Stuart H. YuspaThe Stem Cell Plasticity of Aggressive Melanoma Tumor CellsMary J. C. Hendrix, Elisabeth A. Seftor, Paul S. Meltzer, Angela R. Hess, Lynn M. Gruman, Brian J. Nickoloff, Lucio Miele, Don D. Sheriff, Gina C. Schatteman, Mario A. Bourdon, and Richard E. B. SeftorStem Cells in Glandular OrgansKarin Williams and Simon W. HaywardGastrointestinal Stem Cells: Proliferation Kinetics and Differentiation HierarchiesSherif M. KaramStem Cell Origin of Cell Lineages, Proliferative Units, and Cancer in the Gastrointestinal TractMairi Brittan and Nicholas A. WrightSpecification of Liver from Embryonic EndodermHideyuki Yoshitomi and Kenneth S. ZaretAnimal Models for Assessing the Contribution of Stem Cells to Liver DevelopmentDouglas C. HixsonNormal Liver Progenitor Cells in CultureKatherine S. Koch and Hyam L. LeffertPermanent Lines of Stem Cells from the LiverHélène Strick-Marchand and Mary C. WeissBiology of Human Liver Stem CellsAlastair J. Strain, Sarbjit S. Nijjar, and Heather A. CrosbyTransplantation of Hepatic Stem Cells and Potential Applications for Cell TherapySanjeev Gupta and Jae-Jin ChoPlasticity of Adult-Derived Pancreatic Stem CellsAmmon B. Peck and Vijayakumar K. RamiyaIslet CellsLuc BouwensMammary Epithelial Stem CellsGilbert H. SmithMorphogenesis of Prostate CancerHelmut BonkhoffStem Cells in Lung Morphogenesis, Regeneration, and CarcinogenesisAnk A. W. ten Have-Opbroek, Scott H. Randell, and Barry R. StrippNoninvasive Imaging in Stem Cell Therapies: Current State and Future PerspectivesJuri GelovaniWhat Is the Future for Stem Cell Research?: Whether Entity or Function?Regis Doyonnas and Helen M. BlauIndex

Editorial Reviews

"Truly outstanding descriptions of the fields of early mammalian development, DNA methylation, neural stem cell biology, and imaging technologies help round the reader's knowledge through the use of perspicuous language and concepts." - Developmental Cell