Stone Breaking the Object Sniping Combat Power Game and the Religious Magic Show by Bear Berserk

Stone Breaking the Object Sniping Combat Power Game and the Religious Magic Show

byBear Berserk

Kobo ebook | May 3, 2014

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I am a writer. The same nonfiction books are available on both Kobo (at free $0) and Amazon (setting to free $0). All of them are my original works, and the first editions of these books uploaded are complete with more updates to come in later editions for both online and offline. Sometimes, I quote myself but there is no excerpt, and it is clearly introduced as a quotation and a reference to my own book. Quotations to other academic books as reference are cited with book title, author and the published date, and I intend to use APA citation format for future updates on the books on much later editions.

This book contains only the solid facts presentable with accordant references. Any other fact, whether it is a fact or not, is not included in this book if no such accordant reference can be provided. As for the rule of inference, modus ponens is used throughout the book because it is the form of logic most people can perceptibly recognize.

After each key content, it will be broken down into direct facts and a logical truth following the direct facts with Modus Ponens which has to be true no matter what if the given premises, in this case the direct facts, are true.

All the references will be made using APA citation, and all the accordant documents will be in the appendix which can be cross referenced with indexes. This book will be published first as an ebook with only online references; then this book will be republished offline and online after I can get a hold of both offline references and online references for maximum rich texture of references. Most of the references will be in English and Korean, but with clear citation such that the track is very easy.

The history and the methods of breaking rocks with bare hands originating from Korea before any part of the world will be explained in this book.

Table of Contents, Appendixes, and Citations will be filled out either later or on offline publishing.

First, it is a lie that Breaking Game needs other sport or game to be made. Horned helmet gods' creation Yong, the system of sweat holes (muscles and joints like elbow extension) and abdominal, alone breaks stone. Chipping stone alone breaks stone; hard-knocking hand shapes replace the stone in your hand for non-damaged strikes with no hindrance. They alone work; it is a lie that you need some other sport or game to make Breaking Game instead of creating all techniques on its own while the others can. Yong is universal in Korea even in archery's Yong chapter with all Yong muscles and joints, or Charyuk's Breaking, the original Breaking, passed down incessantly with track records, easy for NK Charyuk or Chungsan Doldan.

Second, it is a lie that Breaking Game, which is not forged out of another sport but is created on its own from the scratch like other sports and games like chipping stone or hard-knocking-breaking, cannot create a technique on its own unlike the other sports. Failure in logical consistency means false. What applies to one should apply to the others. Hence, it is a lie that Breaking Game cannot create any technique on its own. Breaking Game creates any technique it needs to use on its own to add. Open hand and fist Breaking or Charyuk's limitless body part rules including hands are historical results.

Third, it is a lie that if a game is forged out of another sport, the techniques and the rules have to be identical. Lie means lie. An independent game has independent different rules that have to be checked by the game itself, and the non-existing techniques are added, existing inferior techniques are removed and existing flawed techniques are modified. If an independent game's rules or techniques are dictated by another game or sport, then this contradicts the definition of being independent rather than inclusive, which is wrong for the independent games such as Breaking Game and its source Charyuk. An example is rugby and soccer. By definition, i

Title:Stone Breaking the Object Sniping Combat Power Game and the Religious Magic ShowFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:May 3, 2014Publisher:Bear BerserkLanguage:English

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