Stoneskin: The Prequel to the Deep Witches Trilogy

September 20, 2017|
Stoneskin: The Prequel to the Deep Witches Trilogy


Three thousand years from now, galactic transportation relies on the sentient energy field known as the Deep. Its immortal human emissaries call themselves Witches, and they control how the Deep is used. When eight-year-old Tembi Moon wakes on an unfamiliar world, she knows the Deep has to be involved, but to leave her home planet and become a Witch herself? No, that life isn’t for her.

Or so she thought.

At sixteen, Tembi takes her rightful place with the other Witches. They believe the Deep is a tool; Tembi knows it’s a person with its own hopes and dreams, and a wicked sense of humor! With a war coming that could cost the lives of millions, Tembi has to find a way to convince the Witches that the Deep wants them to join the fight.

Because something worse than war is coming, and the Deep needs its Witches to be ready.

STONESKIN is a prequel to the DEEP WITCH TRILOGY, coming soon.

Title:Stoneskin: The Prequel to the Deep Witches Trilogy
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:September 20, 2017
Publisher:K.B. Spangler
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780998431727

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