Stranded: Fae Lovers, Book 1 by Siera Saunders

Stranded: Fae Lovers, Book 1

bySiera Saunders

Kobo ebook | September 29, 2013

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When her rental car dies leaving Kate stranded on a deserted country road, she's rescued by Connor and Lachlan.  Two delectable brothers living all alone in a grand house in the Scottish Highlands.  


But what Kate doesn't know is that her stranding was engineered by Fae magic and Connor and Lachlan are not at all what they appear to be.  For these two lusty Fae brothers are eager to play and lucky Kate is their playmate of choice.


**Please note that this is the first book in the "Fae Lovers" series. The series is available as individual stories or as a collection titled "To Play With The Fae - Fae Lovers Collection, Volume 1." The collection contains "Stranded," "Siobhan's Desire," and "Sister Mary Does A Faery."



This is an erotic, paranormal short story (approximately 8,900 words in length) featuring hot, graphic sexual situations involving the magical Fae (also known as faeries - though most definitely not of the Tinkerbell variety).  Enjoy!



Reclining in the ornate, footed tub—not quite large enough for three, but darn close—Kate closed her eyes and luxuriated in the languid warmth spreading through her body, driving away the chill.  Silken bubbles caressed her skin, scenting the humid air with lilac and jasmine.


Delightfully relaxed, she pondered the strange circumstances that had brought her to this house, a guest of two of the most delicious men she'd ever met.  Hard to believe they were brothers; there was no family resemblance beyond mutual attractiveness.  With nothing more pressing on her mind, Kate considered which she would choose, if given the opportunity.


In the past, she'd favored dark coloring over fair, but Connor had a certain boyishness that Kate found very appealing.  Still, she couldn't discount Lachlan whose merest touch reduced her to mush.  A choice between them would be difficult indeed.


But, then again, why choose?  How about a lovely male sandwich cookie with herself as the cream filling?


Kate smiled at the beguiling carnal thoughts, her skin flushing in imagined anticipation.  The water stirred sluggishly around her, teasing her nipples and swirling between her thighs like the soft questing touch of a lover's fingertips.


Liquid heat lapped at her skin and Kate shivered at the delightful sensation of firm lips nuzzling her breasts; nibbling the hard buds of her nipples.  Lost in sensual imagining, she parted her knees and the bathwater pulsed against her clit in erotic simulation of a clever tongue laving her tender flesh.


Flowing in and out of her pussy in slow seductive waves, the water assumed the arousing aspect of long male fingers priming her for penetration.  Desire fired her blood and Kate moaned softly.


The water surged with greater force, stroking her sensitized skin and winding the tension in her belly tighter and tighter.  Groin atingle with pent-up need, Kate opened her legs wider.  More.  Her hungry cunt demanded more than mere fingers.  And the living water complied.  Rushing to fill her, it thrust in and out, driving her higher with all the sensations of a hard cock wielded by a skilled lover.


Kate panted, the water sloshing as she drove her hips upward to meet each downward thrust.  Fondling her clit, she squeezed and caressed first one nipple and then the other while the slippery penis fucked her harder, driving her toward an explosive climax.  With a cry, the shuddering orgasm took her, muscles contracting around a hard cock that couldn't possibly be there.



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Title:Stranded: Fae Lovers, Book 1Format:Kobo ebookPublished:September 29, 2013Publisher:JSC PublishingLanguage:English

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