Subliminally Exposed: Shocking Truths About Your Hidden Desires In Mating, Dating And Communicating.  Use Cautiously. by Steven DayanSubliminally Exposed: Shocking Truths About Your Hidden Desires In Mating, Dating And Communicating.  Use Cautiously. by Steven Dayan

Subliminally Exposed: Shocking Truths About Your Hidden Desires In Mating, Dating And Communicating…

bySteven Dayan

Paperback | June 4, 2013

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Beauty is raw, powerful, and often dangerous, but when refined, harnessed, and mastered, it can be incredibly influential. Just as there is a good reason why all humans find sugar to be sweet and a growling beast intimidating, there is an evolutionary logic to why our appearances allow us to communicate and manipulate each other at a subconscious level. Who you choose to mate, befriend, or work with often pivots on a few critical yet subliminal decisions made within a fraction of a second.

The human brain has been evolving over 3.5 million years, and our thoughts, behaviors, and actions are rooted in a system that is evolutionary, adaptive, and unencumbered by political, social, or religious constraints. Evolution only cares about one thing: survival of our genes.

Subliminally Exposedwill reveal the how and why behind your actions and empower you to decode and translate others’ subconscious behaviors.


-What male facial feature correlates with a female achieving orgasms more quickly
-Why lips are so sexy to men
-Why being too thin turns men off, but being overweight if in the right proportions doesn’t
-What male facial feature suggests he is more likely to be successful in business or unfaithful?
-Why African men like bigger behinds
-What changes in a woman’s face occur when she is sexually interested
-What you can tell by a man’s hands
-Why a penis is shaped the way it is
-What one factor matters most in helping a woman to get a raise at work

Whether it is for political, employment, or relationship purposes, the knowledge and tools gained from the words in this book can be used for betterment or deceit. It is your choice. Regardless, be forewarned. The information you are about to read may affect every one of your relationships for better or worse in one way or another.
Dr. Steven Dayan, a native Chicagoan, is an internationally renowned board-certified facial plastic surgeon, frequent lecturer, physician educator, and active researcher in emerging cosmetic medicine technologies and techniques. He has published more than eighty articles in medical journals and authored four books. As a clinical assist...
Title:Subliminally Exposed: Shocking Truths About Your Hidden Desires In Mating, Dating And Communicating…Format:PaperbackDimensions:246 pages, 9 × 6 × 0.56 inPublished:June 4, 2013Publisher:Morgan James PublishingLanguage:English

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"Picture this: After a long day at work, you and your friends decide to meet up for a drink. You are a just about to finish your cocktail when you see him walk into the room. He’s tall and handsome with a chiseled jaw, deep-set eyes and a full head of hair. He confidently settles in at the bar, purposely unfastens the top button of his form-fitting designer suit and takes a sip of his martini. That’s when he notices you and shoots you a playful smile. Your heart flutters as you play coy, avert your eyes and resume conversation with your friends. Knowing that he is watching, you get up and seductively make your way across the bar for another drink. As you sashay across the floor, you feel his eyes scanning your hips and moving up to your lips and eyes. As you sit down and fluidly cross your legs, you casually flip your head, allowing your hair to be tossed through the air. You gently turn your chin downward and direct your gaze towards his eyes. He gets the message and rises from his seat to move toward you.While you were imagining that scene, real encounters very similar to it were happening all over the world, from a trendy club in Chicago to a dive bar in Berlin. Eyes met, hearts raced and potential mates were found. Using beauty to communicate a message matters! We may not like to admit it, but we all know and depend on it. The language of beauty is innate, consistent across all species and perhaps the rawest of all energies fueling evolution. It is evident in the above scenario that describes finding a partner, but an equally important parade of similar events occurs when interviewing for a job or encountering the in-laws for the first time. Regardless of the situation, the impression we make is lasting and consequential. Nature is big on efficiency, especially when it comes to sizing each other up.It seems obvious that impressions would be based on physical traits, but it actually goes deeper than that, much deeper."

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Woman In White
Chapter 2 The Sexiest Racist Alive
Chapter 3 Caution: Curves Ahead!
Chapter 4 Arnold, Maria and the Housekeeper
Chapter 5 Scents And Sensibility
Chapter 6 One-Nighter Or Soul Mate?
Chapter 7 Junk in the Trunk
Chapter 8 Is He Or Isn’t She?
Chapter 9 Do-It-Yourself Allure
Chapter 10 Sleep Like A Baby, Eat Like A Caveman
Chapter 11 Primal Medicine
Chapter 12 Cashing In
Chapter 13 What’s It All Mean? Conclusion

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