Summary of CIRCE by Madeline Miller (Discussion Prompts)

March 19, 2019|
Summary of CIRCE by Madeline Miller (Discussion Prompts)


CIRCE by Madeline Miller

Madeline Miller, the author of the international bestseller The Song of Achilles, comes to another powerful tale Circe. Circe ranks high in the bestseller list of The New York Times. Inspired by Homer’s Odyssey, Madeline Miller tells the tale of the mythological witch born in the house of Helios. Circe may be the daughter of the god of the sun, but she is rejected by her kin. She did not have the look nor the voice characteristic of her divine blood. Rejection and isolation with her fellow caused Circe to turn to mortals for acceptance. As she explored the world of mortals, she discovered a forbidden power to the gods – witchcraft. Zeus was threatened of this newfound power so he banished Circe to the deserted island of Aiaia where Circe honed her witchcraft. This is where she encountered many of the prominent figures in all of mythology. Her visitors included Daedalus, the Minotaur, Icarus, Medea, and Odysseus. However, there is much danger for a woman who stands alone. Circe unwittingly drew the wrath of both gods and humans. She ultimately found herself pitted against one of the most terrifying and vengeful among the Olympians. She must protect those whom she loves the most, so Circe summoned all of her strength and chose once and for all where she truly belongs. She must choose between the gods whom she was born with or the mortals whom she has come to love. With Madeline Miller’s mesmerizing language, unforgettably vivid characters, and page-turning suspense, Circe is truly a triumph of storytelling. This novel an intoxicating epic of palace intrigue, family rivalry, love, and loss. Most of all, this novel is a celebration of the indomitable female strength in a man's world.

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