Summer is all about getting outside, having fun, and soaking up the sun! That’s why all the best summer activities for kids take place outdoors. Kids love to move, explore, and can make any activity an adventure. Whether it’s a destination like the pool or beach, travelling for a day to an amusement park or a week-long road trip, connecting with nature at camp, while camping, or just in the neighbourhood, the best outdoor activities, games, and toys not only engage, they also inspire.

There are so many types of summer activities your kids will love, if you want to encourage more outdoor play, or if you want to have everything at their disposal for them to grow and discover with, Indigo and have the best outdoor games and toys for:
  • Pool Days or Days at the Beach
  • A Picnic in the Park or an Adventure to an Amusement Park
  • Family Road Trips or a Stay-away Summer Camp
  • Camping
  • Backyard Fun & Gardening

Pool Days or Beach Days

Splish splash, there’s fun to be had at the pool and beach! For kids with active imaginations, just being at the pool or beach can make for hours of fun. But parents know that these summer activities for kids can require a little bit of preparation in order for everything to run smoothly. Beach towels can help you stake out a spot on the sand, but they’re also an important accessory when trying to keep kids sun-safe and dry after a dip. Cool patterns and colours are perfect for big kids, while hooded towels can help them get in the habit of drying off when they get out of the water. Sun hats are also important for active kids who need to stay sun safe, with full coverage for their faces.

With their SPF on, sand toys can transform the beach into sandcastles, tidal pools, and other totally awesome imaginary landscapes. Kids love to dig and build, which makes sand toys at the beach a fantastic summer activity for kids. Sand toys can also go with them in the water, and encourage timid swimmers to get their feet wet. For kids who love the water, pool floats make a splash with cool shapes and characters, and swimming goggles can let them see what’s going on under the water, and open up new possibilities for activities, like diving games.

Picnic in the Park

Packing up for a family picnic or a play date at the park, you want to have everything on hand so you don’t have to press pause on the day. A blanket for dining on, and creating a soft space for smaller attendees is an important item to have packed away. Bringing bubbles and chalk along can mean kids activities like bubble blowing competitions, and hop scotch to get way into, while bigger outdoor toys like ride-ons and group games are perfect for longer days and lots of party goers.

Road Trips or Stay-Away Summer Camp

Road trips and summer camp are two iconic summer destinations, and a right of passage for lots of kids and families. Having them ready for the trip can help calm their nerves, and create excitement and anticipation. Prepping a backpack just for them is a great way to get them set, and have all their gear in one place. Hats for sun safety, books for reading in the car, at their destination, or in their bunk are the best for rainy days. Travel games are great to play in the care, and take up little space when packing for camp. They’re also great for playing with buddies in their bunk! Outdoor games are for sunny days, and packing a second hat to keep them protected from the sun when they’re playing is worth it when you’re not there to remind them where they left their other one!


Setting up camp for a weekend or week with the kids, it’s important to have a few essentials to give your campground a structure you can build on. Bringing camping chairs along for sitting around the fire can create a gathering place for meals, telling stories, or roasting marshmallows while stargazing. Packing kids backpacks full of outdoor games and toys, and protective clothing for sun and bugs like hats and long sleeves are a great way for them to lend a hand. And don’t forget beach towels and pool floats for when you’re lakeside!

Backyard Fun & Gardening

Make your own summer playground at home with outdoor summer activities for kids! Get little hands in the dirt with kids gardening tools. Gardening is a great way to teach kids about the natural world around them, while also teaching them responsibility by giving them their own patch of garden or plant to grow. Outdoor toys for them to ride on or climb can give kids with expendable energy activities that roll with them, or give their imagination something to build off of. Bring home a classic both little kids and big kids will love, like bubbles and chalk.

Find these great summer activities, games, and toys for kids in-store and online at Indigo and!