Surgery of Cervical Myelopathy: Infantile Hydrocephalus: Long-Term Results by W. GroteSurgery of Cervical Myelopathy: Infantile Hydrocephalus: Long-Term Results by W. Grote

Surgery of Cervical Myelopathy: Infantile Hydrocephalus: Long-Term Results

EditorW. Grote, M. Brock, H.-E. Clar

Paperback | June 1, 1980

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Title:Surgery of Cervical Myelopathy: Infantile Hydrocephalus: Long-Term ResultsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:9.61 × 6.69 × 0 inPublished:June 1, 1980Publisher:Springer Berlin HeidelbergLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Cervical Myelopathy.- Cervical Myelopathy.- Indications, Results, and Adverse Effects of Cervical Myelography with Amipaque (Study on 300 Examinations).- Computed Tomography in Spondylogenic Narrowing of the Cervical Spinal Canal.- Electromyographic (EMG) Investigations in Cervical Myelopathy.- Clinical Experience with the Objective Localization of the Lesion in Cervical Myelopathy.- Measurement of Spinal Elastance in Patients with Spondylogenic Narrowing of the Spinal Canal.- Indication for Decompressive Laminectomy in Cervical Myelopathy.- Neurological Approach to Differential Diagnosis and Indication for Surgery in Chronic Cervical Myelopathy.- Spinal Symptoms Accompanying Cervical Root Compression Syndromes.- Anterior Disc Surgery in Cases of Cervical Myelopathy.- The Ventral Resection of the Cervical Vertebral Body.- Ventral or Dorsal Surgical Approach in Chronic Cervical Myelopathies?.- Operative Results in the Treatment of Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy.- Late Results of Operative Treatment of Cervical Myelopathy.- Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathies: Long-Term Results of Surgical Treatment.- Long-Term Follow-Up After Surgery for Chronic Spondylogenous Myelopathy.- Cervical Myelopathy Due to Spondylosis and Disc Protrusion: Operative Results in 70 Patients.- Long-Term Results After Operative Treatment of Cervical Myelopathy by Laminectomy.- Long-Term Results After Decompressive Laminectomy in Cases of Multisegmental Cervical Spinal Stenosis.- Results of the Treatment of Patients Affected by Chronic Cervical Myelopathy by Surgical Decompression and Ventral Fusion According to Cloward.- Cervical Spondylosis Myelopathy.- Chronic Spondylogenic Myelopathy: Analysis of Data of 62 Patients Operated on by the Anterior Approach.- Classification and Prognosis of Cervical Myelopathy.- Therapeutic Results Following Laminectomy and Dural Enlargement in Cases of Cervical Myelopathy.- Surgery for Vertebrobasilar Ischaemia in Cervical Spondylosis.- Differential Therapy of Cervical Radiculopathy and Myelopathy in Degenerative Changes of the Cervical Vertebral Column.- The Value of Computed Tomography for the Diagnosis of Spinal Lesions.- Anterior Cervical Steel Plate Spondylodesis in Mobile or Unreducible Traumatic and Osteolytic Cervical Dislocations.- Hydrocephalus in Childhood.- Long-Term Results in the Operative Treatment of Hydrocephalus in Children.- CT Follow-Up of Hydrocephalus in Children.- CT Images of Periventricular Lucency (PVL) in Various Forms of Hydrocephalus.- Clinical Observations and CSF Absorption Studies in the Slit Ventricle Syndrome.- Cooperative Study: Long-Term Results of the Operative Treatment of Hydrocephalus in Children.- Investigations of Factors Influencing the Development of Hydrocephalic Children.- Long-Term Results of Shunt Operations over a Period of 10 Years.- Complications Following Shunt Operations in Children.- Surgical Treatment and Long-Term Results in Children with Hydrocephalus.- Behavior of Hydrocephalus after Shunt Procedures.- Early and Late Mortality Following Shunt Procedures in Early Infancy.- Long-Term Follow-Up Studies in Hydrocephalus Patients with Spina Bifida or Encephalocele.- Unusual Long-Term Complications Due to Ventriculo-Cardiac Shunt Material.- Neurological Impairment Caused by Ventricular Shunt Insertion.- Immune Complex Disease Associated with Chronic Infection of Ventriculoatrial Shunts.- Histological Investigations and Clinical Considerations on Shunt Dysfunctions.- Free Topics.- Transoral-Transpalatine-Transclival Approach to Aneurysms of the Vertebral and Basilar Artery.- Investigations on the Pathogenesis of Syringomyelia.- Technique and Results of the Cervical Discectomy.- Contribution to Ventral Microsurgical Foraminotomy in Case of Cervical Nerve Root Compression.- The Influence of the Cloward Fusion Operation on the Motility of the Cervical Spine.- Discitis After Discography.- Considerations on 100 Anterior Cervical Discectomies Without Fusion.- Posterior Selective Spinal Thermorhizotomy for Control of Intractable Pain Syndroms.- Intramedullary Ependymomas: Long-Term Results of Surgical Treatment.- Diagnostic Problems of Neurosurgical Interest in Tick-Borne Encephalitis.- Experimental Investigation on the Development of Brain Abscess in Cats.- Study of Various Types of Experimental Brain Edema Using the Electrical Impedance Technique and the Electron Microscope.- Osmoregulation, Brain Damage and Prognosis.- Brain Ischemic Disorders: Role of the Perfusional Brain Scanning in the Neurosurgical Diagnosis.- Intracranial Pressure Time Course in Massive Ischemic Brain Infarction.- Non-Invasive rCBF Measurement for Pre- and Postoperative Evaluation of Patients with EC/IC Anastomoses.- Testing of Collateral Circulation of the Brain Before Surgical Treatment of Internal Carotid Artery Lesions.- Treatment of Vascular Malformations of the Head with Detachable Balloon Catheters.- Treatment of Intracerebral Hemorrhage Related to Anticoagulation Therapy Since Advent of Computer-Tomography: Report of Eight Cases.- Evaluation of Sleep-EEG-Alterations During Posttraumatic Coma in Order to Predict Cognitive Defects.- Changes of Lactate in Blood and Cerebro-Spinal Fluid After Osmotherapy with Sorbitol in Neurosurgical Patients.- Significance of VF-Lactate Analysis in Lesions with Increased Intracranial Pressure in Respect to the Prognosis.- Longitudinal Investigation on CSF Levels of Cyclic Nucleotides and Adrenergic Metabolites in Non-Neoplastic Hydrocephalus.- Immunoelectrophoretic Studies on Human Intracranial Tumors.- Microsurgery of Brainstem Tumors in Childhood and Adolescence: A Review of Past Experience.- Radiological and Therapeutic Aspects of Glomus Tumours.- Radiofrequency Percutaneous Trigeminal Thermal Rhizotomy Without General Anaesthesia.- Stereotaxic Procedures Within the CT-Scanner with a New Targeting Device.- Pathogenesis and Pathophysiology of Chronic Subdural Haematoma.- Restitution of Skeletal Muscle After Experimental Denervation and Microsurgical Secondary Suture of the Peroneal Nerve in the Rabbit.- Results After Anterior Transposition of the Ulnar Nerve for Tardy Ulnar Palsy.- Hemodynamic Changes During Controlled Hypotension with Sodium-nitrousprusside in Thiopental-Anesthesia.